X-Men vs Avengers

Which Marvel Team Comes Out on Top?

X-Men vs Avengers
Two of Marvel's Greatest Go Head-to-Head, Who Comes Out on Top?

Marvel's two most popular superhero teams are undoubtedly the X-Men and the Avengers, and although they are not compared too much, one might wonder who would win, a gang of Mutants or the Earth's Mightiest Heroes. To find out, we will put each character's counterpart against each other and count the total number of wins to get our answer.

Cyclops vs Captain America

Leader Vs Leader

Both of these heroes take a major leadership role in their teams and both are considered "the boy scout." Although they may seem a little too "goody goody," they are extremely strong heroes who are able to do whatever it takes to save the day. In this battle however, the Captain may just come out on top. His shield being able to deflect Cyclop's lasers along with his many combat skills and fighting experience will work to give Cyclops a hard time, but it could be a close fight.

Winner: Captain America

Iron Man vs Magneto

Metal and Intellect

Although this fight seems like an easy one, Tony Stark, with planning time, is smart enough to not make a suit out of iron. In the comics, he has made countless suits made out of carbon fibre and carbon nanotubes. This makes him a much more difficult challenge for Magneto than expected, and without having control over Iron Man, his plasma weapons or even most of his tech, Iron Man and his army of Iron Man suits may just come out on top.

Winner: Iron Man

Storm vs Thor

Lighting and Thunder

Storm is one of the most crucial members in the X-Men; her leadership skills, ability to control weather and fighting experience make her a threat to almost anyone she faces. The problem is Thor is the Asguardian god of Thunder. Therefore, Thor will have to take this one due to being a god rather than a mutant human.

Winner: Thor

Hulk vs Wolverine


This is a fight that has been debated by comic and superhero fans for years. Both have anger issues, both are extremely destructive and both are practically indestructible, so who wins? The Wolverine's Adamantium bones, and literally centuries of fighting experience and knowledge, may prove to be a major problem for Hulk, especially because if Hulk somehow manages to transform back to Banner, he is potentially done for. Although this fight may not end with a definitive winner and could last days or weeks, the winner would have to be the Canadian.

Winner: Wolverine

Beast vs Black Panther

Beast Vs Beast

Black Panther's Adamantium suit and combat skills make him a major threat for many of the villains the Avengers have to face, but Beast is superhuman and does not get tired, is super strong, fast and extremely intelligent. He is just simply out of Black Panther's league.

Winner: Beast

Dr.Strange vs Night Crawler

Mystic and Mysterious

Dr. Strange and Night Crawler are both amazing at moving through portals and dimensions, thus making them an excellent match-up for each other. Although Night Crawler has proven his worth many times, it is important to remember that he is not that experienced with his powers, while Dr. Strange is literally a master of his craft. Due to experience...

Winner: Dr. Strange

Jean Grey vs Captain Marvel


Jean Grey and Captain Marvel are arguably both the two most powerful members of their respected teams. As a result, this fight is a very close one, but there is one defining factor... power sources. Captain Marvel gains power from the White Hole, which is finite, while Jean Grey can get power through a mythical universe source as Dark Phoenix, therefore making her powers infinite. All in all, this one will have to go to Jean Grey.

Winner: Jean Grey

In Conclusion...

Our winner is the Avengers by one point. The Avengers are the Earth's Mightiest Heroes for a reason in the Marvel Universe. Not only do they go head-to-head with some of the universe's greatest threats, but they are also constituted by many heroes more than superhumans, while the X-Men are merely humans with mutations that make them superheroes. Therefore, the X-Men are not meant to be the Mightiest on Earth, they are meant to be relatable in their struggle with humans and other mutants.

(By the way Spider-Man is considered both, that is why he is not on this list).

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