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Why We Should Forgive Logan Paul

by Nancy D 4 years ago in celebrities
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‘Group Think’ is real.

It’s been a little while since the world decided to hate Logan Paul, and he seems to be making his way back onto YouTube by making his daily vlogs again. You can even comment on his channel again. It must take a lot of bravery in Logan to go back to his career after he was able to see how quickly his fans can turn on him and how quickly A-List celebrities can start tweeting hate at him.

I saw the original YouTube video, and besides the shot of the recently deceased, it actually wasn’t that bad. Logan suggested checking for a pulse. He wanted to save him. I just want to say this again: Logan wanted to try and save this man. I don't think monsters suggest checking for a pulse. Logan's dog also clearly loves him. Sssniperwolf's dogs don't seem to like her...and one just went missing out of nowhere. Pewdiepie's dog doesn't seem overly affectionate towards him. Maybe Logan Paul is actually a decent person in real life. I know taking a camera into a well known suicide forest was a bad idea, but I strongly believe that Logan did not understand the serious realities of suicide prior to this video.

In Logan’s defence, Logan took down the original suicide forest video. It was not YouTube that took the video down. YouTube did, however, take down one of his apology videos trying to raise money towards suicide awareness. YouTube let this outbreak in anger go as far as it did. There are a lot of employees who did not intervene until it was too late.

Instead of learning about the dark truth of suicide together, the majority of humanity has decided to blame it all on Logan Paul. Why should he take all the blame?

This sad truth is called “Group Think.” For the sake of having a brief explanation, group think is the explanation of why people in groups are more likely to make less moral choices. In other words, if I go up to an individual, I could relate and rationalize with them. If I go up to a group, I am more likely to get hurt, either physically or emotionally.

Since Logan Paul is a YouTube celebrity, what a better way to explain group think than with a youtube video:

This video explains that most people go with the more common belief, despite what common sense might tell them. We feel the inherent need to belong. Unfortunately, it's actually a bit more complicated than that.

If you really want to understand what group think is, I have added this painful video below:

It's hard to avoid the fact that people developed a strong hatred towards Logan Paul. To further prove the point that the more popular belief was to hate Logan Paul, I have added another youtube video below.

Just to clarify, the "catch me outside" girl only hates Logan Paul for personal reasons...her tweets are simply an act for revenge.

Pewdiepie also made a petty video that starts off looking like he may have sympathy for Logan—you know, since a very similar thing happened to him. You know the video that caused the internet to call Pewdiepie a "neo-nazi."

So, Pewdiepie turns around and shows a huge amount of hatred to not just Logan, but his brothers as well. I strongly believe that Pewdiepie is just doing this to try and re-direct the internet's hate from himself and onto another Youtuber.

Shame on you, Pewdiepie...Shame!!

If you still feel angry or upset about Logan Paul's video, please feel comfort in knowing that he has already done the time for his crime. He has lost an intense amount of subscribers, which includes his once loyal viewers. He got a warning from YouTube, that could potentially lead to losing his channel if he gets two more strikes. Please keep in mind that YouTube is his career. It is no longer just a hobby.

More importantly, Logan Paul has feared for his safety because of the hatred he received. There was a cop car parked in front of his house to protect after Logan received several threats. Just to clarify, the police protected him because he is a person and deserves to be protected as a person.

Logan has made a sincere apology. He has even asked people to not defend him, which is ironic, because I am defending him right now. Please check out his apology video if you haven't seen it yet. He really looks upset and overall like he has bad health in this video.

I know some people disagree, but this seems like a sincere apology to me. If this isn't enough to make you realize he went through a hard time, just take a look at this next video. Logan couldn't even go through the airport without someone trying to interview him.

In this video, Logan says that he thinks the public treated him fairly.

I can't help but completely disagree. The public went into complete savage mode. Most of which never saw the original video or even tried to make an opinion by themselves.

I'm not saying that Logan doesn't post offensive content. I'm not saying that his trip to Japan wasn't disrespectful and I'm not saying that filing a recently deceased was a good idea. I'm saying that Logan Paul is a person with thought and feelings like the rest of us, and we as people have failed him. Logan is still growing as a person emotionally and I'm sure this backlash has given him a wake-up call.

People make mistakes. We need to forgive and forget. The world's response to Logan's video is significantly worse than Logan's original video.

If you still haven't seen the original video, here is glimpse at what actually happened. Please click the link below to see more:


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