Why It's Time to Stop Labelling Harry Styles

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It's high time we actually start listening to Harry.

Why It's Time to Stop Labelling Harry Styles

The fact that Harry Styles has been labelled a womanizer and frankly, has been objectified in every possible way since he was just seventeen years old, is not something that's gone amiss with the vast majority of the One Direction fandom.

From ogling interviewers to the media pairing him with every woman he comes in contact with plus, going as far as giving him a “lothario” title—It’s a narrative that has been continuous and non-stop. One that sadly, doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.

Throughout all this, one has to wonder what Harry thinks of all this attention on his love life and constantly being linked to woman-after-woman. Well, in a nutshell, he’s “bored with it.” These are actual words he has said in an interview. Also this:

Source: Tumblr

For seven years (!!), Harry has had to defend himself against untrue stories. Stories conjured up to paint some over-the-top image to paint him in a light that isn’t true, just to create headlines. And make no mistake, Harry isn't the first, nor will he be the last, celebrity to have this happen to them.

Now you may be asking, "Why do you think this is Harry's case?" Well for starters, he has always been nothing but respectful towards women, spoken out for gender equality, has taken part in the #HeForShe Campaign, always made it clear that objectifying women is not something he plays around with... These are just some of the more notable things he's done that truly makes me question all these "womanizing" stories being thrown around and, quite frankly, why?

What I really want to hit on in this piece is what he said in his May interview with The Sun (UK), when he was asked about his sexuality and clearly stated this about labelling himself, “No, I’ve never felt the need to really. No. I don’t feel like it’s something I’ve ever felt like I have to explain about myself." A pretty bold statement for one of music's hottest acts and "lothario," is it not? So why is this something still happening? Why are (some) fans and media still not listening to what Harry says and, continuing to do the very thing Harry refuses to do?

We need to not just hear Harry but, actually listen to the words he uses. Additionally, if you're someone who says they are just "defending his heterosexuality" by perpetuating his womanizing image, just stop. What are you even defending it from? Not to mention it makes Harry seem homophobic, which we all know not to be the case if his infinite love of rainbows and public support for the community is anything to go by. Example:


Source: Harry Styles on Twitter

There was also the "scared of the dark and the dentist" lyric from Mary Lambert's "Secrets" he tweeted.


The book, written by Andrews McMeel, and features quotes about love, is featured in Harry's debut solo album booklet.


Source: Tumblr

During One Direction's 2015 On the Road Again tour, seeing Harry draped and dancing around with a pride flag became a nightly occurrence for those in attendance.


He was also seen wearing a rainbow pin during his weekend in New York following his appearance on Saturday Night Live. There are even the rainbow Gucci loafers he and his band continuously wear on stage.


Source: Drag Me Down music video

This mug became very prominent in the music video for "Drag Me Down."


Source: irinagudronchik on Tumblr


Oops! That’s Kermit the Frog... The point is, he loves rainbows and clearly has no issues in using them to show public support for the LGBTQ+ community.

So, if we know all of the above-mentioned, and we know he's not putting labels on himself, it's wrong to completely dismiss that there is a chance he could identify as anything other than straight.

I'll be honest, as a hetero fan, there was a time when I believed the stories about Styles. Like how he liked older women or was turning into the typical model dating, gallivanting rock star. It wasn't until I completely immersed myself in watching interviews, began following his social media, and talking to other fans that I realized I was wrong to believe it.

I am going to end with this: This piece is not to speculate about Harry's sexuality. NOT AT ALL! This is about how we have a young artist who blatantly said he doesn't want to label himself. Who has stated countless times that he's not what is written about him and yet, his words are constantly being dismissed as "just being jokes." Not to mention how his talent usually becomes overshadowed by his "personal life" which is annoying as hell. But that's another story.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what he identifies as because the only thing Harry should be labelled as being is, the lovely, kind-hearted and giving individual he is—whose main goal is to spread as much love and positivity as he can. If large publications refuse to listen, it’s up to us, his fans, to do so and not perpetuate the messages and image the media wants to sell. The image of Harry, we know not to be true.

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