Why I Adore: Christian Bale

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A Filmmaker's Guide to Appreciation (Pt. 11)

Why I Adore: Christian Bale

In this chapter of ‘the filmmaker’s guide’ we’re going to look at people that I absolutely adore and why I adore them. They can be anyone who is famous for being in film such as: actors and actresses, directors and producers, composers etc. We’re going to be looking at my childhood heroes, people I have discovered recently and people that I have yet to look entirely into. We’ll take a bit of a look at how I discovered them, what I think of them and why I think this way about them. Hopefully, we can gain a common ground, you can discover some new people or, via the email address in my bio, you can email me with any new people I don’t know about that you think I would like based on what you’ve seen. These are supposed to be positive articles and made to brighten your day and mine. So, let’s take a wild ride into my childhood, my teen years and what I absolutely adore about the film industry because it is alive and kicking (and if it isn’t, hell I might be out of a job…). Let’s go!

Christian Bale

When I was young, maybe about nine years' old, I first watched "Batman Begins" when it came out. It was amazing and naturally, I went on to try and watch as many Christian Bale films as I could. "Empire of the Sun" and "Little Women" were amongst the first and then there was "The Machinist" and honestly, I didn't watch "American Psycho" until I was fourteen. Not because nobody let me, but because I'd seen the trailer and I was frankly terrified. One thing I realised about Christian Bale from very early on was that I wasn't sure what he naturally looked like. He was ever-changing. From "The Machinist" the "Batman Begins" it looked like that man evolved like a Pokemon.

When I grew up a little, I watched “The Prestige” and for some reason it took me a long time for me to find that film in order to watch it. But I do remember when “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises” came out. I remember seeing the huge billboards everywhere and it was amazing. Such a hype and build up was definitely followed on with a brilliant film. “The Dark Knight Rises” actually came out on the day of my prom, I wanted to watch it but someone dragged me to my prom. I stayed for half an hour then went to McDonald’s with my cousins. You know me, I’m a agoraphobe, I don’t like crowds and parties and it makes me feel queasy and ill - sometimes sending me to hospital through panic induced blackouts.

But, my favourite film with Christian Bale in it will always be “The Prestige” (yes, apart from "I'm Not There" because that's the obvious one). A brilliantly acted film in which Bale portrays many people. One of which is Borden, the other is Fallon and the final one is Borden’s stage persona. It is an amazing film where I actually think that Christian Bale did better than Hugh Jackman ever so slightly. From Hugh Jackman, I got major David Copperfield vibes, and we all know how much everyone loves David Copperfield. But I felt Christian Bale’s character was a bit more original and a bit more based in the reality of working class England.

In the future of his career, I hope Christian Bale calms down on the body evolution and changing his form shit because not only is he a father of two kids who need him healthy, but he is also losing his being as you can tell. His body is going to start giving up and I don’t want to see him get sick. I don’t think his wife and kids want to see him get sick and I hope he starts taking on easier roles because we all know that he’s spent about twenty or so years pushing himself to the limit. He’s a brilliant actor and possibly one of the greatest actors of his generation. He’s done many great movies and I don’t think I would be able to take it if he got sick. So, to Christian Bale, from your fans: please be careful and please ease up on the body moulding and limit-pushing acting, for the sake of your health.

Join me next time for "Why I Adore: Johnny Depp"

Annie Kapur
Annie Kapur
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