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Why 'Game of Thrones' Ended Well

by Francis Y. Algonkin 3 years ago in tv

Despite what they told you.

I believe I might be one of the rare people that liked the ending of the Game of Thrones TV show. And... I'll explain why. I won't debate the "con" reasons, only the "pro" ones.

First of all, majority of characters got decent closure! The ones we saw a long time ago like Daario Naharis aren't important enough to cry for. Anyway, who's to say that they won't do another TV show in a couple of years. The one that will serve as a sequel to this one. And then we might see likes of Daario. That way we could also see a further development of characters, and their destinies after, let's say, ten years.

Tyrion Lannister said something in the series finale when he talked to Jon. It was something about his service as a new Hand of the King for Bran. He mentioned that ten years in politics can bring about a lot of change to a person.

Just look at the real politicians worldwide, and you'll see that that's the truth. Right or left wing guys that acted like sworn enemies ten years ago, now make coalitions to protect their political positions against attempts of new parties.

The Game of Thrones TV show is essentially one enormous parable that explains today's politics, and generally the behaviours of people that hold power, or aspire to do so. (I'd like to be quoted on this one day!)

Going back to the point, yes, I believe that makers of this TV show might decide in five to ten years to make a sequel, and employ the same crew of actors (little older by now), and go little deeper into their stories, and everything they've been through. And, of course, cross their paths again in a new song of ice and fire.

Maybe George R.R. Martin will finish his last two books The Winds of Winter, and Dream of Spring in the next five to ten years (that is, if he lives long enough to do so, he's 70 years old now), and Benioff and Weiss might get inspiration for a new TV show.

Secondly, a majority of characters got a decent chance to create a new stories for themselves.

Just imagine what new discoveries Arya Stark might bring from the lands west of Westeros. Her character has the greatest potential, in my belief, for a quick spin off show. In that case, she would be a female version of Christopher Columbus, discovering a GoT version of America, maybe learning new skills from great civilizations, trading with them, and probably killing them gruesomely, as well.

Jon Snow can easily become the King Beyond the Wall, leading wildlings into a better and prosperous future. I believe that was the intention behind Bran The Broken's move. He knew that Grey Worm, and his allies might seek revenge for Danny's death, and that's why he didn't grant him the pardon, but solitary life in the Night's Watch. In the last scene, we saw Jon crossing the Wall, and heading towards the wilderness with the Free Folk. In my belief, that's a message of hope for him; a chance to create a new and better world far from corrupt ways of southern lords. It literally couldn't end better for him, mark my words! And it's another great opportunity for a spin off show: Jon Snow, and the Free Folk creating eight kingdom of Westeros!

I was secretly hoping that Brienne of Tarth might be pregnant with Jamie Lannister's child. It can also be a possibility for a sequel TV show. It would be interesting to see her raising a future best swordsman or swordswoman in the whole of Westeros. My God, those great fighting genes in one person, just imagine!

On the other hand, Sansa Stark's future story doesn't seem to spark a lot of interest in me. She might develop North in such capacity that rivals the economy of six southern kingdoms. It remains to be seen. I'm sure Benioff and Weiss will think something up.

Bran the Broken will definitely have a rocky rule. Having the Unsullied and Dothraki as possible enemies, dedicated to revenge the Death of Mother of Dragons. Also having the Iron Bank dedicated to get their money back at some point!

Also, one crucial thought crossed my mind. What if Daenerys comes back from the dead like Jon did. That would serve as the ultimate proof that she's meant to rule the whole world, and "break the wheel." Maybe Jon secretly hoped that she'll resurrect the same way he did, when he pierced her heart with a knife. Maybe Drogon took her body to Volantis so that red priests there might revive her. It's a smart dragon, that one, I'll tell ya!

Third and final reason why I think Game of Thrones ended well is hope. Hope that good can survive in the presence of evil everywhere. If we observe Jon Snow as the ultimate hero/avatar of good, we'll notice that he didn't end up victorious in the end. He actually battled evil around him, and inside him, and at the end survived with the possibility to create a new path for himself, and the people around him. And that, in itself, carries an important message. That, no matter how badly we screw up in our lives, we can always get a new chance to create a better world.


Francis Y. Algonkin

Writer, interested in many themes, very creative and outspoken.

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