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Why did I like the movie "Ad Astra"?

"Ad Astra" at first seems like a movie a little fake and disappointing. The decades of the existence of space cinema science fiction have accustomed us to a certain format: explosions, fires, disasters, chases, exotic aliens, interstellar jumps, and wars with the help of superweapons. Even if all this does not happen at once, then something must be.

By Alexander ChernovPublished 26 days ago 8 min read

Why did I like the movie "Ad Astra"?

"Ad Astra" at first seems like a movie a little fake and disappointing. The decades of the existence of space cinema science fiction have accustomed us to a certain format: explosions, fires, disasters, chases, exotic aliens, interstellar jumps, wars with the help of superweapons. Even if all this does not happen at once, then something must be.

James Gray's movie is different from most science fiction films in that it doesn't look like science fiction. Indeed, the suffering about Interstellar was largely due to the fact that there was confidence that no one would ever remove such a movie anymore, but it turns out that the genre lives on completely, avoiding the “mutation”. Despite the fact that it is very believable (the operator is the same as in Interstellar, the other departments also worked well) travel to the Moon, Mars, Neptune and Jupiter. But on the Moon, as the film suggests, they sell subway sandwiches, DHL works, and in the midst of a war for natural resources - in general, everything is like people have.

Roy McBride (Brad Pitt), whose pulse even when falling to Earth from orbit barely exceeds 80 points, to the delight of the spirit of his father, who threw them with his mother for the sake of science and great accomplishments, follows in his footsteps: reliable, like flint, but also as much -humanly uninhabited; somewhere on the sidelines of his vision and memories, the figure of his ex-wife (Liv Tyler) blinks, which he failed, did not feel, lost.

And now, on the ship with the speaking name “Cepheus”, it flies through the years, through the distances to meet a person who does not care about him, whose figure he also seemed to have supplanted, successfully forgot, and hid his wonderful beliefs. But it is precisely from the news that McBride Sr. is alive that his pulse begins to beat hysterically worse than during a moon shoot-out with pirates or a truly gladiatorial duel with a baboon on an abandoned ship.

Gray, directed his most ambitious and visually powerful film that speaks directly to the impact of the book Conrad's "Heart of darkness" and Coppola's film "Apocalypse now." What pitt is looking for in space, not strangers, not aliens, not even his own memories, and sent him not only into space father - is a fresh and humane drama course. Fucking Colonel Kurtz, who is going to destroy hero "Apocalypse..." was the nearest relative, a distant planet, as follows from the movie, "in the near future" will be achievable with commercial kosoresow. "And scary," the singing group "Shortparis".

In "To the stars" formally, there is everything to please the fan of such fiction: the fall of the ionosphere, racing Rovers, horror, lying in wait on a signaled SOS and deserted space station, landing, lost control of spacecraft and entry to the ship during the flight, jump with a jetpack through the asteroid belt, Neptune, finally, the acceleration at the blast wave of a powerful nuclear explosion. However, all this was taken as something cold and without a spark, just a fake Christmas toys: they look real, but no joy. Exactly Director James gray tells us: Yes, I know that the movement of the story without incident is impossible, so get...

Once hieromonk Seraphim (rose) in his great book "Orthodoxy and the religion of the future" gave a comprehensive description of this world of fantasy, almost completely substituting for the modern man picture of the world as a whole.

"The universe in science fiction – a totally secular one, although often with mystical overtones of an occult or Eastern kind. If God is mentioned at all, only as a vague and impersonal force, not a personal being (for example the Force in Star wars – a cosmic energy that has both good and evil side).

The center of science fiction universe (in place of the missing God) is "the man" – usually not as it is now, and what he will become in the future according to the modern mythology of evolution. The idea "highly developed" intelligent life on other planets, and so became part of modern consciousness that even respected scientists (and polunochnyy) arguments presented it for granted... Serious scientists in the West believe so much in the existence of "extraterrestrial", at least eighteen years of trying to establish contact with them with radio telescopes, and is currently the world's astronomers not less than six places are searching for intelligent radio signals from space...

Future "evoljutsionirovanii" creatures in science fiction literature are invariably seen as "overgrown," the restrictions of modern humanity, and especially of borders "personality"... Among the properties possessed by the "developed" creatures of the future, we see the following: communicating through telepathy, the ability to levitate, materialize and dematerialize, transform the visible form of things or create illusionary scenes and creatures by the power of "pure thought", to move at speeds far exceeding the capabilities of modern equipment, to take possession of bodies of Earthmen; and the development of a "spiritual" philosophy, which is "beyond all religions" and promises a state where "advanced intelligent beings" no longer will depend on matter. All these are the standard practices and claims of sorcerers and of devils."

Orthodox monk, asceticising in the forested mountains of California, in 1980-e years, has criticized this "fantastic" picture of the world, showing that its adoption does not lead to anything, except that the demons now prefer to seem in the image of a UFO.

Sometimes there is a feeling that James gray has read this book, because it creates the image of the cosmic future, is strictly perpendicular to that of the globalist, atheistic and based on deliberate fabrications of the model.

"To the stars" – a film about the fact that there are no aliens. This is the main message, the main "secret" (but still I will give it to you immediately). We are alone, at least in the us visible part of the Universe where there are many beautiful and amazing worlds, but, apparently, they are empty and distant from life, and certainly from the mind. Hope to meet somewhere "brothers" and use them to solve all the issues – learn new technologies, understand new truth, at last to meet the enemy that will force humanity to unite and to answer an outside call is vain. Nobody but us in this world, apparently because no other God has not created, creating all these worlds only self-discovery and actualization of a person.

God in the ribbon, on the contrary, is mentioned surprisingly often, moreover, pray to the Creator for the dead, and even turn to the saints:

Saint Christopher, protect me today, as in all my travels.

Offer in the film, the picture of the universe therefore allows gray and is playing the main character brad pitt not only to go beyond the genre, but cruelly over them to adslate. In one scene, the Norwegian space biology lab test subject kills rabid monkey. This is an obvious mockery of the "Space Odyssey" by Stanley Kubrick, starting with the revival of the monkey irradiated by a mysterious alien monolith, under the Nietzschean Strauss music. Monkey in space, of course, can "Wake up" under the influence of some gamma radiation, but nothing but carnage, it will not.

Even a global threat that puts on the brink of death mankind – and that has completely rational origins, and it is possible to eliminate the old-fashioned nuclear explosion. However, this passion of Americans to resolve issues in space nuclear explosions, expressed in the legendary blockbuster "Armageddon," one day will lead to no good – all they would have to blow up...

Another striking feature of the "To the stars" is consistently carried anti-globalism. Usually space fiction were a powerful globalist tool used for image construction are United under a single authority, of mankind, which is opposed only by alien races. On the contrary, in the film, gray is not only the Land remained divided into the States, but the Moon colony is divided into sectors of different countries, between which there is a fierce struggle for resources, and in the intermediate space dart the pirates attacking the Rovers, like their predecessors-the freebooters in the Caribbean sea, plundered Spanish Galleons. Some States, as of old, and even give the pirates an orphanage and exploited.

Even in salonom space may be detected lurking dangers of the Norwegian space base. And somewhere, probably, there are also Swedish, which produces clones Greta Thunberg to conquer the Universe. In fact, in the tolerated space of the European colonial race for the New world. And not to mention, this is one of the most realistic scenarios of the coming future, and we should be ready for it.

Most reviewers said that this film is a real benefit brad pitt, who played a brave American astronaut Roy McBride, looking for his father. Pitt this year has played two really great roles – cliff booth in "Once in Hollywood" and now astronaut McBride in "To the stars" – and thus ascended up on almost inaccessible peaks as an actor.

No doubt, "To the stars" – this true story about the attempt to restore communication with his father, a deeply Patriarchal and "masculina". And then, of course, liberal critics that, for example, in the "guardian" writing that "the film toxic masculine" are certainly right.

However, a complicated and largely tragic journey of major John McBride to the father is only part of a more General philosophical story about finding and, more importantly, awareness about human your Home. The great Gilbert Keith Chesterton once wrote that in order to truly have a home, people should leave him very far, to travel the world, overcome thousands of obstacles – and to find fabulous new country, where you will be... the good old homeland.

Hero Pitt will face many dangerous challenges to eventually realize that the House is most important, even the father, so if he's gone for good. And that love is not to leave to wander after his father. But to at least try to return home. It is the insensitivity of the idea of Home is a trait McBride, Sr., played by Tommy Lee Jones. He is totally immersed in his mission in search of alien ghosts, he's possessed of the same fishing alien signals pointed to rose as one of the symptoms of insanity of modern science. But this search leads to the main opening – one but us, not here, and not have to seek as far as possible outside of the universe, and to save your Home.

And here, perhaps, the most striking turn of James gray. The support of conservative philosophy and worldview is it not a generation of fathers who are passionate about phantom ghosts search of extraterrestrial life, but a generation of children that learned the value of the House and his savings. Conservatism is not the obscurantism of the past, and the sobriety of the future, aware of the metaphysical and physical boundaries and have not succumbed to demonic temptations of worship "aliens".

As a rule, kinofantastike "buys" by consumers because of their godless Universe for all sorts of stunt. In "To the stars" all strictly on the contrary. To "fake Christmas toys" space adventure adds extremely genuine philosophy. And then we realize why these adventures are filmed like something is wrong – it's not for lack of talent or budget for special effects, but in opposite goals. The purpose of this film is not to excite the imagination of man, to make it easier to burrow in the cracks all sorts of demons.

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