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Why am I Team Iron Man?

by Donovan Barlow about a month ago in superheroes

I thought I'd never ask!

So many articles... I can hardly take it!

Wait... Did you hear that? The faint whisper of a fan asking, "Is this finally happening?!?"

I know, I know, I've been away for quite some time, so I think so...?

Before we get into this, I must say, breaking into the Avenger's HQ really has me paranoid, I haven't eaten or slept in days and I'll need ten likes before I'm able to calm my nerves because this is a lot of pressure! (Don't worry, that's a bit of an exaggeration... The break-in really happened, trust me)

Another faint whisper asks, "Why have I summoned this meeting today?..."

...Did the title not give it away?

I'm just asking for a friend.

Look, I get it, you want to know what I borrowed from HQ right? Of course you do, another reason why you decided to make the trip over here, so why don't you just sit back, grab some popcorn, keep liquid items away from your computer, and enjoy today's Superhero Showcase, starring the MCU's MVP, Iron Man!

Ton's of people will say, well duh! He did that one thing against Thanos in Endgame... Yeahyeahyeah, but he was the MVP long before that final snap, it's okay if some people weren't paying attention, allow me to let you in on a little secret: Iron Man is the most badass character in the MCU (Don't @ me) What proof do I have to back up this claim? First off, the man has never backed down from a fight and it's been about time that the proper respect is shown, to the man who started it all, in this Superhero Showcase, where I highlight some of Iron Man's most badass fights.



This is the first major battle of the one known as "Iron Man" and while it may not be his greatest battle, it's obviously one of Iron Man's most important fights because it's what started him on the journey toward heroism. It was a battle that was about more than just suits of armor, this was a fight between his Past and Future... What path would Stark Industries take? Find out tonight during Rock Em, Sock Em Deathmatch! Even with a newly upgraded and flawlessly painted suit, Iron Man found out quickly that the jugguarnant, known as the Iron Monger, wasn't going to be some pushover. Monger's suit was clearly on the robotic roids with its massive build, in a showcase of power and dominance, but with drawbacks on speed, it was clear who was the most fashionable. The Mark III suit appeared more balanced, in terms of attributes go but Iron Man still got his ass kicked, it was Brains versus Brawn because in the end, Iron Man prevailed...

Thanks to the built in heating system.


This fight is significant for two reasons, it's a fight with a God and there's Shakespeare, those two things accompanied with the invincible mentality of the man behind the gold/hot-rod red suit makes for an unforgettable bout. One might not consider this a true fight but isn’t it? Throwing the ol’ fisticuffs, well, put em up, put em up! And that’s exactly what happen, The God of Thunder treated like fonder by a man in a metal suit... Obviously, had Captain America not stepped in, this would have gone South... quickly... Regardless, I'll count this as another Iron Man victory and another notch in his belt, on his journey to be greater than his past.

Round Three - Iron Man (Hulkbuster) vs Hulk

A mighty HEAVYWEIGHT showdown between two colossal competitors, in the RED corner, sporting the two ton, Stark/Banner collaboration, the one, the ONLY.... Reason we’re even in the mess we’re in... Mr. “I see a suit of armor all over the world.” His opponent, currently delusional and extremely pissed off, The Incredible “Puny Banner” Hulk. Iron Man understood what needed to be done, after the Avengers were put into mental distress, by the soon to be, strongest Avenger yet! Hulkbuster incoming and it’s one hell of a fight, that provides more insight into the superhero nature that has consumed Iron Man, needing to protect, needing to defend and he does just that... even after his metal arm his ripped off (quite violently)... Iron Man is once again able to barely hang on for the victory, it only costed him a newly purchased building and a Hulk tooth...

Round Four - Iron Man vs Thanos

That was one hell of a premonition in Avengers: AOU after Stark has his mind clouded by Wanda, it setup the next chapter of the story, one that teased Tony's greatest defeat yet, that said, we knew it would be bad...


A titan over eight feet tall against the mere man in the iron mask... And he did ALL THAT for a DROP of blood...?

YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT HE DID and he took that ass whooping like a man... It’s the reason it made the list, it’s the endurance, the durability, the MARVEL... There isn’t much to say, other than KUDOS to Iron Man for at least trying and giving it every ounce of strength he had, but this fight was over before it started.

Round Five - Iron Man vs Nuke

This may come as a shock to most of you but this is without a shadow of a doubt, Iron Man's greatest feat!

How can you say that when he gave us this?!?!

You mean this, right???

Listen, I get it, I do but let's all understand this together... There are two reasons Thanos came to Earth... First, the stones (Who would have guessed that?) but more importantly, he came because of the nuclear F YOU that Iron Man personally delivered to Loki, the Chitauri, and their boss...

Remember what that Earth Worm said to Thanos at the end of The Avengers? No...? No one? Okay, here and disregard the plum look from the Mad Titan, he was still a WIP (Work in Progress).

From a logical standpoint, Iron Man's the only one capable of carrying a live warhead on his shoulders, but that doesn’t take away from the fact, he’s ready to make the ultimate sacrifice. Someone once said “You're not the guy to make the sacrifice play, to lay down on a wire and let the other guy crawl over you” and the survey says...


Iron Man has shown time and time again, he’s ready to put his life on the line, to protect that which he loves. Strength welcomes challenge and Iron Man said, here hold this nuke.

This list isn't written in concrete, so don't go getting upset, if your fight didn't make the lineup. It's only meant to be a reminder for when you sit down for your next MCU Binge, you'll remember this article and your appreciation for the man, the myth, the legend will be that much greater...


You'll attempt to prove me wrong with the "Big man in a suit of armor, take that away what is he?"


Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist.

Oh! And did someone whisper, nuclear deterrent?

See you next time!

Donovan Barlow
Donovan Barlow
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