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Who Would Win? John Wick or Neo?

by Rand Einfeldt 2 years ago in superheroes

There can only be one! But is it Neo?

With the new release dates for both The Matrix 4, and John Wick 4 being on the same day, May 21, 2021; it got me wondering. Who would win in a fight? The one and only, Neo from The Matrix, or the dog loving Boogieman, John Wick from the John Wick franchise?

Much like what I did in my other post, I'll be covering kill counts, weaponry, weaknesses, deaths, and drives.

Kill counts will include the character killing their enemies. It doesn't count if the enemy takes their own life, and making other enemies kill other enemies does not count either.

The weaponry must be used by the character calling the shots. No pun intended. It can be based on either quantity or quality. How painful the weapon can be, and even creativity on how they use their weapons.

I'll be covering the character's weaknesses. I'll check if it's pathetic, creative, or ironic.

I'll count how many times the character gets killed. They can come back either by surviving the ending of the first movie, coming back from the dead, coming back via the supernatural, or maybe they're simply immortal.

As for how the drive goes, I will be grading it on what drives their purpose in killing their enemies.

We'll start off with Neo from The Matrix Franchise.


Movie: The Matrix

Kill Count: 16

Deadliest Weapons: machine guns, shotguns, subway train, sword, pole, a golf club, and guns lots of guns.

Skills: Kungfu, dodging bullets, flying, and walking on walls.

Weaknesses: Trinity, not believing in himself.

Drive: The survival of mankind.

Number of Deaths: 1

Movie: The Matrix Reloaded

Kill Count: 9

Number of Deaths: 0

Movie: The Matrix Revolutions

Kill Count: 65

Number of Deaths: 1

Total: 90

Movie: John Wick

Kill Count: 72

Deadliest Weapons: a car, katana, machine guns, horses hooves, a book, knives, axe, number 2 pencil, and guns lots of guns.

Weaknesses: His dogs getting killed.

Skills: shooting and stabbing accuracy.

Drive: a dog.

Number of Deaths: 0

Movie: John Wick Chapter 2

Kill Count: 133

Number of Deaths: 0

Movie: John Wick Chapter 3- Parabellum

Kill Count: 89

Number of Deaths: 0

Total: 294

After taking a look at that stats, it would appear that John Wick has the most kills than Neo does. In fact John Wick has 204 more kills than Neo did.

So far Neo has died twice in the movies, and John Wick is still kicking. Apparently since Keanu Reeves is coming back as Neo in the fourth one, he either gets resurrected, or we'll be seeing flashback scenes. I'm leaning towards the former. Granted they can do some deaging, but do they really need to with Keanu Reeves?

As far as skills go with both John Wick and Neo, I would say that they're both equally matched. Now John Wick does make sure that his enemies are dead by shooting them multiple times in the head(I wasn't trying to rhyme), but Neo can dodge the bullets faster than Patches O'Houlihan throwing a wrench. I think in order for John Wick to defeat Neo, is to enter into the Matrix and learn how to accurately kill a really fast moving Neo.

However, if the rumors of Neo still being part of a simulation inside a simulation, then if he were to be brought into the real world; Neo would have a hard time adjusting to John Wick's world. It would be a fish out of water scenario.

Sure Neo would be the one mastering the wave of knowledge found on the internet, but John Wick would have the high ground with his firm grasp of reality. Unless of course John Wick is stuck in a simulation much like Neo is in the Matrix.

Let's think about that for a moment. If both Neo and John Wick switched settings and fought each other, who would survive?

If John Wick was in the Matrix fighting Neo, Neo would have the upper hand. Neo would be dodging bullets and flying all over the place tossing John Wick around like a ragdoll.

Now if Neo was in the real real world(I'm adding another 'real' in there because I don't think Neo really left the Matrix), then John Wick would beat Neo to a bloody pulp. It's like taking a gamer who has played NBA Live Two-Thousand-Whatever for years, and have that gamer play a live basketball game with the best NBA player in the world. It's no contest. The NBA player would win. The only way the gamer would win, is if the gamer also played in the NBA.

Now let's talk about their drives. John Wick takes the cake in this one. Granted Neo had Zion on his shoulders while battling Agent Smith's and machines, but Wick's drive is avenging the death of his dog, of which was a gift to him from his beloved wife. That to me is more personable for a drive.

In conclusion, John Wick won in both kill counts and drive. Wick and Neo tied in their personal skills depending on the settings.

So unless Neo boosts up his kill counts in the fourth movie, he is only second best.

Rand Einfeldt
Rand Einfeldt
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