Westworld Season 3 Has A New Teaser and Release Date

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And it's just as confusing as you'd expect

Westworld Season 3 Has A New Teaser and Release Date

It’s been a few months since we’ve received any new content for season three of HBO’s Westworld. And then, out of the blue, a teaser trailer was dropped out of the blue along with a release date for the season premiere.

Mark your calendars for March 15th, 2020. Things are about to get a lot more bizarre than they already have been. And it’s time to start getting our theories down on paper in case we’re right and we can hold it over our friends forever, or to see how wildly different they are.

The teaser is nothing more than a stark white background, black text, images, and audio. This diverges greatly from the other trailers that have been released for season 3 along with the trailers for the first two seasons. The trailer is labelled as the Date Announcement trailer, which I feel makes the dates listed in the trailer all the more important.

I’m going to look at this like a puzzle. We’ll separate the visuals from the audio first. We start with the date of the Hong Kong protests and then follow that up with another real life date, the date of the Impeachment of the 45th President of the United States. Those are the only two dates that humanity has seen, so I find it interesting that the trailer starts with them. These two events are first in chronological order, so perhaps, the Nolan-Joy team is using something very real and very fresh in order to make the rest even more relatable.

As we go down the line,(which will eventually form into a circle) we see more plausible future events labelled as Divergence’s. The last event we see is the beginning of the 2nd Russian Civil War, before the camera pans out to show us the completed circle and the Solomon Build, while the circle goes still. Another large ripple, and this is where the narration is most clear in terms of audio clarity and in meaning:

There was a system built to control history, but there was something that wasn’t counted on. The audience.

The audio narrative tells the story of how humanity has always been chaotic, that it has always come around in the same way as the circle does. There’s something off about the audio itself though. Are these different voices, piecing together a story? Are these audio files even meant to be together? Is each sound bite meant to represent one of the locations or events placed on the map?

Combined with the previous few teasers, I believe that this season will be about rebellions, or at the very least, inciting them. One of the recent teasers was a bizarre ad for a company called Incite and the trailer with Aaron Paul’s character showed him going about what appears to be a monotonous life, until Dolores enters his life. And is that Dolores, or someone else riding in her body?

This is Westworld. It’s hard to tell. But, I think that taking a look at a recent Nolan project is beneficial here. Tenent’s trailers and logos have a lot of similar imagery that can be seen in the Westworld trailer. I do think it’s fair to say that we should expect to see a lot of time skips, flash forwards, or flash backs over the course of this season, as we have in this previous season. There seems to be a theme of history repeating itself. I’d say that theme was already strong, but it’s certainly amplified.

And then, lastly, what about the call to the audience? Westworld has always relied slightly on audience participation with the Delos website. (If you haven’t taken a look at it, please do, it’s great.) This “You” aligns with the last divergence, the Solomon build, which directly connects the audience with the mystery system named after the Biblical figure.

I’ll be honest. Another season of Westworld, more content that I honestly do not know what to think of.

Other than this: March 15th is going to be wild.

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