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Welcome To Derry: everything that is known so far

Welcome To Derry is the prequel series to the hit horror movie It, which will focus on the origin of Pennywise

By Ninfa BiPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Welcome To Derry will be released in 2024

The epic horror movie It expands its influence: it will now have its own prequel series, Welcome To Derry. HBO Max and Warner Bros. plan to premiere this series in 2024, which will be produced by the brothers Andy Muschietti and Barbara Muschietti, who were most responsible for It. The series will narrate the beginnings of the story of Pennywise, the evil clown, during the 1960s. As is well known, It is based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King published in 1986. Andy Muschietti's intention is to explore in depth the universe of the novel, both the good and the horrific.

Welcome To Derry will begin by revealing the mysterious 27-year-old curse that afflicts this Maine town. In King's novel, an evil cosmic being arrives on Earth and lies dormant for millions of years. When Derry is settled in 1715, IT awakens and begins a cycle that feeds on the fears of the townspeople every 27 years. Once the monster is satiated it goes back into hibernation. The lives of those who saw It are forever negatively transformed, leaving lasting trauma.

Discovering the essence of Pennywise

Pennywise's origin has been briefly mentioned in It and It 2, but never fully delved into. King's novel details the Deathlights and other aspects of IT's existence, including the reasons why he takes the form of a clown. The origin story can be confusing if only the movies are taken into account. The prequel series Welcome to Derry explores far more than a movie could.

IT is a multifaceted monster that can take on infinite manifestations depending on the fears its victim suffers from. The arachnid creature in It 2 is the closest thing to IT's identity. Welcome to Derry will focus on the original essence of this complex monster.

It should be remembered that Pennywise manipulates the minds of his victims, the forms he takes will reflect the imagination of the people of the era where the series is set, the "60's". However, the series will also reflect universal fears that are present at any time. Another interesting aspect that will be explored is why Pennywise never leaves Derry, it will try to explain if there is any reason that prevents him from doing so.


IT chose Derry to develop his extreme evil, the series Welcome To Derry will try to reveal the reasons that led this demon to choose this town. Derry suffered several misfortunes since the arrival of Pennywise and the series could explain what is behind each of them. Every time this monster kills a victim, the town simply forgets. That shows that IT manipulates the minds of the locals into believing that nothing ever happens. However, the relatives of the victims who live outside of Derry should be probed, as they are in a position to question the disappearances.

Pennywise only had to face The Losers' Club, who were the only ones who dared to try to take him down. Welcome to Derry sets out to find new courageous people to take down this evil monster.

Stephen King, creator of the incredible and thrilling universe of "It" and so many other terrifying stories, emphasized the confirmation of Welcome to Derry and was very pleased with Andy Muschietti's participation as director of the production: "I am delighted that Andy Muschietti will be overseeing the terrifying festivities along with a group of geniuses that includes his talented sister Barbara. Red balloons everywhere!" said the acclaimed writer.

Horror fans are happy that all the mysteries involving the IT universe will be revealed, so the premiere of Welcome to Derry is awaited with great anticipation.

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