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We Want To Share Our Shorts With You
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It can be a chore, in today's world, to get people's attention. It's even harder if you want to involve something as inconsequential as facts or truth.

People just don't have time for that. At least not here in the good old land of the free time. There are those of us who have just far too many off time activities to balance. As my teenagers often inform me, it is indeed a chore to balance our places on the many social media platforms. So many! Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook, and countless others many of us who are "old"; ergo, over 40... have never heard of.

Especially in a world where everyone is angry! Angry at COVID, at the Chinese for letting it loose, at the administration for managing it so unimaginably poorly, angry at police or angry at minorities, depending on party. Angry at lost jobs or failing economies or protesters or protesters who protest protesters.... Oh yes. We're all pissed off about something. And what do we do? We bitch about it online. We do our little tour... drop a Tweet, making sure we use the currently applicable hashtags, them make a video expressing our indignation on Tik Tok (if Trump still lets us). and through the cycle.

And then.... well, that's pretty much it. We find the next thing to be pissed off about and start the cycle again. It's an expected side effect of the world of 2020, really. The news cycle that used to run days or even weeks now cycles in minutes. Good luck making it an hour without Wolf Blitzer dropping "breaking news" onto your head twice, because we all need to know every time the President breaks wind and that it smelled like Russia. Within moments MSNBC will have a panel telling us Trump did this because he is the Anti Christ, and Fox will launch 3 specials explaining why it's Obama's and Hillary's fault. Wait 30 minutes. Wash, rinse, repeat. The world has an attention span of about 6 minutes.

So how, if you want to reach the disenfranchised millions, do you do so? You could write an article. But for that to work, it would have to be short enough to read in a minute and a half. Because come on.... no one reads anymore. That's just so 2000's, from what I've heard.

Videos are the next logical conclusion. People still like videos, right? We, as a whole, watch the hell out of some YouTube.

And then we found the answer. "Shorts". The aren't here in The U.S. yet, if you can imagine. Essentially a Short is a 30-90 second video. Usually set to music. Lots of bright colors. Not a whole lot of words, if you can possibly help it. The culmination of all of mankind's technological advancements.... a pretty bright loud splash of color to trigger in someone the urge to dig deeper than the 6 minute news cycle on something.

It sounds easy, doesn't it? It's not. But we've been experimenting, and we think we may be on to something here. All less than 2 minutes... short spurts of information meant not to teach or even make a real point... but to trigger in those who see it the desire to do three things... one, verify. Instead of just assuming something you find online is true, look it up! Learn.... see what's really happening around us and what we can do about it. And three... share. Spread these little nuggets of truth.

I'll warn you ahead of time... if you're a ride or die Trumper, don't bother looking. We're realists, and proximity to truth may actually make you nauseous at this point. So far we've covered innocuous topics... COVID, Black Lives Matter, Trump's assassination of the Post Office... and Americans. And tried to give people just a nudge. We're not a stupid nation... at least not yet. But some of us have stopped thinking for ourselves. Take a look... you will find a link to our Twitter page below. If you share in our message, help us spread it. Share our "Shorts" any and everywhere. You can link to our page, or just post them on your own. We're not worried about credit or views; just the message.



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