Victor takes a secret trip on ‘The Young and the Restless’

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Adam and Chelsea have opened a Pandora’s box in Kansas.

Victor takes a secret trip on ‘The Young and the Restless’
Victor is hiding secrets

Soaps She Knows is reporting ths next week on The Young and the Restless, Victor Newman will be front and center again. At the beginning of this year, the most powerful man in Genoa City seemed to have been sidelined. Some viewers expressed on social media that they thought his portrayer Eric Braeden might have been ill. Now the mustache is being shown more and the spoiler says he will soo. revisit his past. He is going n a trip and most likely it will be to Kansas. Last week Chelsea and her once and future spouse took Conner to the farm where Adam grew up. After talking to his childhood friend Alyssa, Chaddam came up with a theory. They believe that Hank, Adam’s step dad was murdered by Alyssa’s father AJ.

The duo further concluded that because Victor was in town for Hank’s funeral, that he had something to do with AJ falling from the barn loft to his death. It had been reported that Alyssa’s dad had an unfortunate accident but Adam believes there is more to what happened. Spoilers say his digging will open a Pandora’s box which will cause him much regret: When Adam returned to Genoa and mentioned Alyssa’s name, Victor was clearly shaken and later began going through a box of old momentous. He pulled out a newspaper article about AJ’s death and read it, so clearly he knows something. He is probably heading to Kansas on his trip to try to keep his secret buried. In his usual manner, he most likely will not tell anyone what he is up to, not even Nikki.

Whenever Victor has secrets, they eventually come to light and his family is always hurt that he kept them in the dark. Nicholas and his father know that Adam is up to something but don’t have any clue what that something is. The Young and the Restless has not yet revealed whether Victor is on to his youngest son’s latest plot or simply trying to keep his misdeeds in the past. Spoilers don’t say where Victor is going, what he finds out or who he speaks to but viewers believe all roads lead to Kansas and Hope’s dilapidated farmhouse. Adam told his father that the home he grew up in was in need of repair and Victor promised to take care of it. This could be the motive for his trip but Y&R fans know there is so much more to the story.

Adam told Chelsea that his dad would do anything to protect his family and believes Victor was trying to protect Hope. Chaddam sunrises that Hanks car accident was actually murder because of what he knew about AJ’s busin as dealings. They feel certain that Victor had some sort of confrontation with AJ who might have been attempting to take Hope’s farm. Those who watch The Young and the Restless don’t believe Victor actually killed AJ but feel certain he had something to do with his death. Chrlsea tried to bait Alyssa by telling her what she and Adam thought caused the deaths of AJ and Hank, but she balked at the idea of foul play. The fact that the Newman patriarch is taking a trip inficstesvthere is something that he needs to deal with.

Last week Sosps She Knows spoilers said that Adam’s snooping would prove disastrous, and he would need to lean on Chelsea after the fallout. Since Chaddam’s goal is to bring Victor down, this suggests that something comes out of the snooping that Adam did not bargain on. It could be that some facts come to light that indicate Victor was protecting Hope. If the prodigal son finds out that his mother’s hands are dirty this would truly tear him apart. With Hope, Hank, and AJ all deceased, there must be someone still living that knows Victor’s secret, like perhaps Alyssa’s mother. Eric Braeden fans are delighted the actor is back in the thick of things after basically just sitting at the ranch with Nikki since the New Year.

The Young and the Restlesd began a four week hiatus from filming new episodes on March 17. The CBS daytime drama tapes programming four to six weeks in advance, so viewers should not experience any interruptions. Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts to update what’s happening with Victor, Adam and all your other favorite Genoa City characters. It’s looking like this father and son may never bury the hatchet and will always have some type of discord between them. Adam and Chelsea may find that in attempting to set a trap for Victor, that they themselves are caught in it. Continue watching The Young and the Restless weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST. Be mindful that there could be local interruptions as state officials give breaking news regarding the coronavirus.

Cheryl E Preston
Cheryl E Preston
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