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Tyler Christopher Receives Support from the Soap World After 'TMZ' Reports He Was Drunk in Public

Former General Hospital costar says he is dealing with a deadly disease

By Cheryl E PrestonPublished 5 years ago 3 min read
Tyler Christopher needs support and not jugment

Soap Hub is reporting that TMZ recently announced that Soap Opera veteran Tyler Christopher had been arrested for being drunk in public. The information that was reported indicated that the actor had been doing too much partying for his birthday, but obviously this was a cover story. Christopher's former General Hospital cast mate Nancy Lee Grahn is speaking out with a different reason for what transpired. The actress who portrays Alexis Davis on the ABC daytime drama reveals that the man who was her TV cousin Nikolas Cassadine has a terrible disease and is at risk of losing his life. This sounds like the actress has serious concerns regarding Christopher.

Nancy Lee Grahn said she was speaking out in love for her television relative. The actress emphasized that situations like this should not be sensationalized and neither should they be sugar coated. She is obviously indicating that Tyler Christopher has a problem with alcohol. Soap Hub, along with some of the actor's former co-workers are all offering their support and hoping he gets the help he needs. TMZ is being slammed for reporting the story and Nancy Lee Grahn says the soap vet needs treatment and a work program instead of exposure.

Tyler Christopher wrapped up his run on Days of Our Lives a few months back where he portrayed Stefan Dimera, the actor rose to fame when he began playing Nikolas the Cassadine prince on General Hospital in 1996. He left the role in 2016 when contract negotiations fell through. Since that time his loyal fans have been hoping he would reprise his award winning role. For the past three years spoiler alerts and the rumor mill have been announcing that Nikolas was returning to Port Charles on a regular basis.

After wrapping up his stint on DOOL, Tyler Christopher was interviewed and said he would be open to returning to General Hospital. The next news that was reported regaring the role he originated was that Nikolas Cassadine had been recast with Marcus Coloma who made his debut on Halloween. There has been no recent news of how Chistopher felt about the recast or what his next project may be. If Nancy Lee Grahn is correct and the soap vet is dealing with alcoholism, then her words of wisdom should be heeded.

Tyler Christopher needs love, support, well wishes, prayer, and the proper treatment. What he does not need is criticism and judgment. Those who have dealt with addiction personally or have loved ones trying to recover understand how serious this matter is. Nancy Lee Grahn is correct that the disease of alcoholism can be a matter of life and death. Here's to hoping the award winning daytime drama actor receives everything he needs to come out on top of his current situation and once again be in a role that his many fans can enjoy.

It is unfortunate that those who entertain for a living may have their worst private moments put on blast but this is the day and time we live in. The Internet age has us living in an era where sensationalism sells and everything a famous person does can go viral in a matter of minutes. Tyler Christopher may decide to set the record straight by addressing the rumors. He might also want to keep his private business to himself. Whichever manner he chooses to handle this unfortunate situation should be respected by the press as well as his fans.

Nikolas Casssdine is prince and a force to be reckoned with. He is rich and powerful and has the legacy of a family dynasty. He has cheated death many times and fans love his dark yet gentle nature. The General Hospital persona however is but a character. Tyler Christopher is a flesh and blood real life human being and as such must deal with his personal demons as we all do. It’s important not to confuse actors with their roles.


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