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Triumph: the late night talk show star

by Michael Chua 3 years ago in celebrities
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The inside story of Conan O’Brien

Conan’s monologue post 9/11

In 2015, at Comic-Con, Conan O’Brien taped the first of four of his TBS late night talk show broadcasts in San Diego. I have been a fan of late night television since 2005, and ten years later, I was very honored at last to meet with only one Conan, who without excuse, is a true tv institution. The one thing that tells us a perfect story about Conan the most, through his enduring career, is that he helped everyone reach common ground between ourselves and defeat cynicism that affects the many, and find the warmest sense of humor, of which Conan is one true master with his strengths of creativity. In nearly three decades, we have never taken Conan for granted, and he holds a special place in our future, as we grow to keep our passions in check. This is true about aspiration in every sense.

After mr. Letterman left the midnight time slot at NBC in June of 1993, to clash with Jay Leno at 11:35, over at CBS, many of us can remember the rise of a future late night host that defines his generation, hailing from Boston. Conan at first struggled to man his late night desk, but in several years he evolved into a true master with the height of his success that left a great mark at NBC, especially developing fictional characters such as Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and the Masturbating Bear. Also, we wouldn’t forget how Conan’s true companions of his time on tv including Andy Richter, Max Weinberg, Jimmy Vivino, Amy Poehler, Jordan Schlansky, and Deon Cole, all emerged as tv thespians in their own right. Thanks for passing the torch, Conan. We learn from our masters.

After some several days, post 9/11, Conan came back on the air, expressing his sympathy for a healing America, sharing our stories of self-recovery, especially his own ordeals. As with Conan, the one true sentiment he has expressed to all of us, as we all evolve to learn in life, is that cynicism hits hard on all people, and we will never drift into the hallow of national tragedy in times of healing. These lessons in life helped Conan grow into an empowering role model, to help us grow in strength, and topple all our doubts.

But just ten years ago, tragedy struck with late night tv, at the height of its pinnacle when Conan abruptly departed from NBC, after they immediately gave back The Tonight Show to Jay Leno, after only several months of its new success with Conan. In his final NBC broadcast, he reminisced about his great talents with the network, how it meant a great reflection of perfect memories that never last on tv itself, and he once again reminded us to never emerge into cynicism, which hurt a great portion of Conan’s success that many of us believe to be very significant.

As several months pass by, Conan went on to regrow his talk show career over at TBS, making a great tv comeback with his eponymous cable talk show which has been on the air now for almost ten years. His immersive success, with decades of his comedic field of experience of the old network days behind Conan, saw the dawn of the successful cable television business we know today, that has produced so many stars who etched their names around cable tv after Conan. The comedy that Conan created has wonderfully evolved, which is already now a wave of YouTube archives. But his image, including his significant height and Conan’s own signature hairstyle, has never faded in the age of television.

Conan’s ten years of cable tv success, plus his nearly three decades of his pivotal role in the true late night fairy tales in broadcasting, has taught us all about bravery, when everything that stands still keeps us seeking a whole lot more today. And with every shared achievement that graces us with his profession, Conan O’Brien is truly all that we have left in the grand league of modern late night landscape of television.


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