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Top 13 Best Anime on Funimation 2020

by Rich Burton about a year ago in list

Looking for some updated anime in Funimation? Look no further!

Now, I’ve created a couple lists highlighting some of the best anime Funimation has to offer, but here are some new ones that are making the list of ones you need to watch today! Also to note these are all dubbed. There are definitely really interesting ones that are new and in Japanese, but I don’t watch those because I get caught up in the subtitles and don’t even watch the show! Ha!


Radiant is a recent addition to Funimation and it has been a fun and adventurous watch. It follows a boy named Seth who can conjure fantastia (magic) without a glove/wand, etc. Sorcerers are all over the world, but are only good for one thing, killing nemesis. They are hated because they are considered infected with magic. And because they are infected they have certain quirks about them. Seth has horns and his friend Melie has a double personality. Seth’s main goal is to find Radiant, the source of Magic and the nemesis’, and to start spreading the good name of sorcerers showing that everyone can live together in harmony.

It’s been a very fun watch and I think season two just finished, so you have two seasons to watch!

Black Clover

This one has been on Funimation for awhile so most of you are probably familiar with it, but I haven’t written a lot about it. For me, this is filling the void of Fairy Tail being finished. It’s definitely not the same, but it has the same atmosphere where we get to see a group of like-minded people work together to become stronger and great family unit. We are able to see the growth of the characters, see what they want to become, be there when they fall and get back up, and how happy they are when they are enjoying others triumph.

This is a very good watch and there are a lot of episodes to keep you pre-occupied.

Fire Force

A world that is plagued by fires set by those who have become fire demons, the fire force is there to take them down and solve the mysteries of why people are turning this way. We follow a certain squad and learn of their struggles and pasts when it comes to fire and how it affects their lives and each other. Shinra is our main character and he might be the key as to why people are turning and the intriguing group who is creating them.

I really enjoyed this series thus far. The main characters are very compelling and like most anime, we are seeing the backstory slowly come into play. A commonality we see in most anime is the main character insights change in other for the good and tries to get others to see the right way of thinking. Shinra is like this character. It’s done very good and I am excited for the next season.

Dr. Stone

When the Earth mysteriously turns almost every living thing into stone, how will the human race save themselves? In this series we meet a science genius and how he breaks out his stone shell to bring science back to the Earth after being stuck for over 3,000 years. It has action, mystery, thrills, survival, and science. It is half educational and half action-packed. If you were one of the first ones to wake up from your stone prison, what would you do? Would you try to restore the planet to its rightful place, or would you make it a better one and kill those who made it worse? Which side would choose?

Fruits Basket

So this anime isn’t new to Funimation, technically, but it is a newer version that has new animation and will tell the version of the anime true to the manga.

The premise of the story is about a young girl who becomes orphaned and finds herself living with the Soma family. They have a family secret that she finds out pretty quickly. When the soma family hugs a member of the opposite sex they turn into a member of the Zodiac. She has to navigate the sensitivity of their family, school, and trying to find her own way in the world.

Blue Exorcist

To be the sons of the devil and not know would be a crazy revelation. How would you react? This is the situation for two boys and they chose to become exorcists and not let the fact that they are the devils sons make them evil. Would you be the same or would you embrace the evil?

This series is a good one because you are able to see the progression and vice versa of the characters and how they come to terms of the devils powers within their midst. It also has great fighting scenes and a bit of romance laced in.

It is also not a new anime to 2020, but it has recently been added to Funimation, so that’s fun!

Lord of Vermillion: The Crimson King

I just recently started this and not quite sure what I think about it, but it has definitely peaked my interest! After a red fog takes over Japan, everyone collapses into a coma and the last one to wake up is a boy who now has extraordinary powers that have to do with his blood. We watch as a new life is created for this kid and his friends, old and new, and now has to figure out how to harness his new powers and figure out how to control them.

Our protagonist, is an orphan cared by a family friend and his son who own a dojo. Fighting becomes second nature to these two boys and now that this new found power emerges, he must learn how to use his previous skills to master his new found skills.

Blood Blockade Battlefront

This was definitely an interesting series. I took me awhile to understand what was going on. There is a lot of mystery and intrigue attached to it. It is definitely worth the watch though!

It follows a boy who enlists in the Libra organization to uncover the meaning behind the rift of the netherworld that has been created. We watch as these characters are trying to keep things in check for their town and watch the boy become a stronger person and use his powers for good.

Divine Gate

The legend of the Divine Gate is a story told to children that is where the living world, the heavens, and the underworld meet. There are people called Adapters who are born with elemental powers gifted to them by this Divine Gate. The Gate creates chaos and there is a Word Council (who also controls the Adapters) who tries to control that chaos. We follow a group of kids who have extraordinary powers with tragic pasts who try and reach their goals and uncover the real truth behind the Divine Gate.

Fairy Gone

After the war, ex-soldiers have a new responsibility. They battle with creatures called fairy’s. We meet a girl who takes to this responsibility on and we see her adventures and how her past is connected with the fairy’s as she travels along a path with other soldiers who are trying to find there way.


This anime starts out with a girl whose mom looks like she is being sucked into a portal to hell and she tells her daughter to find the Legendary Ace. The next scene we see the girl grown and trying to find the person she is looking for. Then the shows starts to show a lot of comedic humor and perverted main characters! This anime shows a lot of potential and so far it’s been very fun to watch!

Sword Art Online

This isn’t a new series, but a new season came out! It’s about young people who start this virtual reality game and find out that they are stuck and can’t get out until one of them beats the game. So we follow characters within the game and how they sort of adapt to this new life while still trying to get out and get back to their real lives. It’s a sweet story that involves action and fantasy tropes.


I just started watching this series and it reminds me so much of the live action series Stitchers. Someone goes in the mind of a killer/criminal to see the past and their actions to find them and solve the crimes they’ve committed. The anime is starting out way better because the live action uses real life situations along with almost cool technology. Whereas the anime really adapts in the mind of the killer and shows the way the killer’s mind thinks.

If you want more suggestions on anime, visit my other pages!

Rich Burton
Rich Burton
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