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Things Are About to Get DARHK for The Flash Season 2 and Legends of Tomorrow!

When it comes to villains, Arrow does the best it can...

By Jashan BoparaiPublished 7 years ago 2 min read

When it comes to villains, Arrow does the best it can. Seasons 1 and 2 had wonderfully complex villains, fueled by love and revenge and everything in between. Season 3 had a strong villain too, dominating the screen but lacking a certain flair that Ra's al Ghul typically has. Nonetheless, Season 4 seems to be back on track with a new villain: Damien Darhk.

First mentioned in Season 3 as an old friend of Ra's, he was disappointed and bitter at losing the title of Ra's al Ghul to his former friend. He took the waters of the Lazarus Pit and the bodies of his most loyal followers and went on with his life, founding HIVE and taking part in all sorts of nefarious deeds.

But here's something you (probably) didn't anticipate: Damien Darhk isn't restricted to Arrow.

Damien Darhk Will Be on The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow

Speaking with, Neil McDonough revealed that he would actually be appearing on the CW's other DC shows as well, something that the CW shortly confirmed. But of course, with Legends of Tomorrow being a time-travel show (and The Flash dabbling in that area), how will the character's role in the two shows affect Arrow? In short, it won't. At least not directly:

"You go back to the League -- I did an episode of Legends last week -- and I look exactly the same in 1975 but you see he's not as confident and doesn't have such an agenda forty years ago as he does now."

Interesting, huh? According to McDonough, his role on Legends of Tomorrow will be set in the past, when he was in contention with Ra's al Ghul to become, well, Ra's al Ghul. It's an interesting dynamic to see play out, especially considering it could bring Matt Nable back, even if for just a little while. He went on, saying:

"It's fun to play the different times, you know? Going back in time with Legends, and The Flash, with The Flash, I'm just this crazy, fun, enjoy everything while I kill everybody type of character. It's just nuts."

"Kill everybody type of character"? You know who that reminds me of? Vandal Savage! Damien Darhk has lived for centuries, as has Vandal Savage. Is it really that hard to believe that they've crossed paths before? Before accidentally spoiling anything, he went back to talk about his role on Arrow:

"I'm enjoying the power that I have because it's my time," he said of his character. "It's not Savage's time, it's not Ra's al Ghul's time; it's Damien Darhk's time."

There's a Lot That Goes Down Between the Two in the Comics

While I couldn't find a photo online, there's actually a point in the comics where Vandal Savage shoots Damien Darhk. That would be absolutely amazing to see on screen, no? While I'm not sure if it would happen, it'd be an interesting way to end him, especially since the scheduling for the shows seem to match up. Don't understand what I'm saying? Let me walk you through it:

  • Arrow and The Flash both started in October, and end in May
  • Legends of Tomorrow most is likely to begin airing in January or February.
  • 16 episodes for Legends of Tomorrow pits it to end somewhere between May and June.
  • The penultimate episode for Legends of Tomorrow could be the week of Arrow's finale.
  • Vandal Savage kills Darhk in the Arrow finale, showing just how strong he really is, giving us an "Oh no!" feeling about our heroes for the next week.
  • Darhk is dealt with, Savage is shown as tougher, and the stakes are higher for Legends of Tomorrow. The recipe for a perfect finale? Yup.

That's what I think will happen, what do you think?


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