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'The Young and the Restless' Preempted on November 19 and 20

Monday and Thursday's episodes will be epic.

By Cheryl E PrestonPublished 4 years ago 4 min read
The truth about Katherine's will is about to be revealed

This coming week, The Young and the Restless will air new episodes on Monday and Thursday, November 18 and 21. Impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump will preempt the CBS daytime drama on Tuesday and Wednesday. If by chance there is a carry over to Thursday, then that day's episode will air on Friday. The two programs that are scheduled to be seen will be epic Genoa city action according to spoiler alerts. Here is a breakdown of what is supposed to take place on Monday and carry over to Thursday.

Jill who has been searching for her ner do well ex husband will finally locate Colin in the Maldives. She realized this is where he was because of the stamp on the envelope that contained the alleged authenticated pages of Katherine's will. Jill will burst into Colin's hotel room and shout "Come out come out wherever you are." Her former spouse will be seated in a chair with one drink in each hand and ask her what took her so long. She will be taken aback by the fact that he was expecting her. Colin then inquires as to whether or not Devon signed his inheritance over to Cane. When Jill says yes, Colin will be delighted. He will then tell her a story that leaves her confused and needing more answers to questions.

Meanwhile Phyllis is on the prowl, causing trouble at every turn. She is not certain who she wants to sink her claws into so she strikes at everyone. For months Ms. Summers had been interested in Adam and in his face each and every chance she gets. She now seems to have shifted her focus to Chance and on Monday she will bombard Phillip IV with questions. She is most interested in what he and Adam were up to in Vegas. She will get under Abby's skin by implying she is still interested in Nick even though Ms. Newman told her to back away from her sibling. Previews show Phyllis saying to Abby, in regard to Nick, that she might need to "hit that" again.

Later, Phyllis will point out to her ex husband that they are both consenting adults and can do anything they choose. Spoilers suggest that she may be more interested in aggravating Abby than hooking up with Summer's dad. Nicholas may find himself vulnerable to his former wife because he can sense Chelsea slipping away towards Adam. In fact Ms. Lawson will decide to move into the penthouse with Conner and his dad, which will no doubt ignite their feelings once again. Adam will call on Sharon on Monday to help with a traumatized Conner but the therapy session will not work. The aftermath of Simon holding them hostage has taken a toll on the child but it looks like it will bring his parents back together.

Chance will catch up with Abby and make her an offer but spoilers don't reveal whether this will be business, pleasure or both. Last week he seemed to be looking at her with interest but has not made his intentions clear. Also this week on The Young and the Restless, (Monday or Thursday) Chance will tell Devon that he has been tricked out of his inheritance, so obviously he finds evidence that the "legit" pages of the will are fake. He promised last week to get to the bottom of things and it looks as if he did. When Devon hears this news, he will become furious and immediately seek out Cane who will continue to declare his innocence in this mess.

If these Y&R spoilers are accurate, then Monday and Thursday will more than make up for the preemption. Fans of The Young and the Restless are anxious to find out the details of the who, how, and why regarding Devon's situation with the money his grandmother left him. This will also bring to light the truth about Amanda Sinclair. It sounds like answers are closer than ever so stay tuned. Check your local listings regarding air time and be sure to tune in Monday and Thursday. Information regarding Friday will be announced as soon as it becomes available. Be sure to check your local listings as dates and times of episodes may differ until the CBS daytime drama is back on schedule.


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