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'The Young and the Restless' Cast Changes: Simon Is Out, Faith and Colin Return

Alyvia Lind and Tristan Rogers are back and Jeffrey Vincent Parise is gone.

By Cheryl E PrestonPublished 5 years ago 3 min read
Alyvia Lind returns as Faith Newman

Soaps She Knows at is announcing that three actors will have their status change in Genoa City. Alyvia Lind will be soon be reprising her role as Faith Newman on The Young and the Restless. Nick and Sharon's daughter is continually caught in the middle of her parents drama and this time will be no different. Since the last time the young girl has been on screen, her grandfather Victor has faked his death, her uncle Adam returned from the dead. Her dad has bounced back and forth between, Sharon, Phyllis, and Chelsea and now is running for city council. Sharon chose to date Rey, but slept with Adam, then made up with detective Rosales.

Faith's half sister Summer married Kyle who divorced her and is now dating Theo, Aunt Victoria was framed by uncle Adam for Victor's death and spent time in jail. Her cousin/stepbrother Conner was involved in a hostage crisis with former stepmoms Phyllis and Chelsea, aunt Abby and uncle Adam. Basically Faith Newman will return to the same chaos and dysfunction that her family has always been dealing with. There are no details yet on what storyline Nick and Sharon's daughter will be involved in, but simply being in the midst of the adults in her life will keep her busy.

Jill and Cane need answers from Colin.

Celeb Dirty Laundry is stating that Tristan Rogers will reprise his role as Colin Atkinson around November 21. That date is likely to change due to The Young and the Restless being preempted by the impeachment hearings. Jill left town to search for her ex-husband because she believes he is behind the scam that changed Katherine Chancellor's will so that the main beneficiary is Cane and not Devon. If Colin is the mastermind, he probably believed that if his son got a hold of Katherine's billions, then he, himself, would be set for life financially. Mr. Atkinson probably hired Amanda because she is Hilary's doppelganger and would keep Devon confused.

Spoiler alerts indicate that Jill will soon call Cane, insisting she is in trouble and this is probably when Colin will reappear. During the hostage crisis, Amanda had a meltdown when the hotel locked the guests in their rooms. Cane picked up on this and asked her where she had been imprisoned and who did it. This could possibly indicate that Colin may have done something to force the lawyer's hand. Hopefully once Mr. Atkinson arrives in Genoa City, everyone can get some answers and this bizarre storyline can be concluded. Unfortunately as the saga of Katherine's will comes to a close, the last days of Cane Ashby in Genoa City will soon follow.

Jeffrey Vincent Parise has wrapped up his stint as Simon

Talented actor Jeffrey Vincent Parise had a short stint on The Young and the Restless portraying Simon Black. He was tormenting Chelsea and demanding money that her deceased husband owed him. Simon was last seen when Chance Chancellor jumped from the Grand Phoenix ceiling and knocked him to the ground. Adam Newman took his gun, and Paul and Rey came in and led him away. Parise is best known for his role as Carlos Rivera on General Hospital where he had a baby with Sabrina and was a nemesis of Sonny Corinthos. There is no new regarding what is next for the soap veteran but spoiler alerts will announce it when updated information becomes available.

Colin will be on hand for only a couple of episodes and it is not known how long Faith will be on screen this time. Please keep in mind, that dates and times for comings and goings upcoming episodes of The Young and the Restless may be slightly altered due to the impeachment hearings. Be on the lookout for spoilers that detail what will happen with Faith and Colin and to reveal the next project for Jeffrey Vincent Parise. Stay tuned to the number one CBS daytime drama by watching each weekday afternoon at 12:30 PM EST.


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