The Promised Neverland

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The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland. I originally stumbled upon the manga and got the chance to watch the anime later. Thank you, Hulu! Sadly there is only one season of The Promised Neverland out so far. The manga goes way farther than the anime. I really hope there will be more anime soon. Having read the manga and seen what is available of the anime, I feel that getting to enjoy both has given me a further inside into this fantastic story.

Welcome to Grace Fields, a home for orphans. Life in Grace Fields is terrific. All the children are one big family raised by one adult the children lovingly call Mother. None of the children are related, and the woman they call mother isn’t their real mover. There are a total of thirty-seven children at Grace Fields. Emma is one of the many orphans in Grace Fields. Every day the children have to go through a series of tests, and those tests are graded. Everything sounds perfect, right? That is precisely where you’re wrong, so very wrong.

The gruesome truth comes out when little Conny is sent away. You’re lead to believe that all the children who are sent away because they were adopted, that includes Conny. When this happens, all the children are happy because they assume that their family member has been adopted.

Truth is, Conny was plucked early because she wasn’t all that smart. How long the children remain at Grace Fields heavily depends on how smart they are. Since Emma and a couple of other children are the smartest ones there, they’re the oldest. However, there are no children there that are older than the age of twelve.

So what really happens when children are sent away? Well, in Conny’s case, she’s found dead with a vampire plant sticking out of her chest. The plant sucks up all of the blood. You see, the children are being raised as food without them even realizing it.

How the demons set up the Grace Field farm and many others is actually pretty brilliant. The children have almost absolute freedom to do whatever they please. On top of that, they get to eat the best quality food possible. However, they’re not allowed to go near the gate, and there are certain items that you wouldn’t think are locked away that are.

Besides Emma, there’s Norman and Ray. I’m going to start with Ray first. Ray is a spy for the woman the children call mama. Her name is Isabella. He found out her dirty little secret way before Emma, and it impressed Isabella. I will say Ray and Isabella have an extraordinary bond with one another. You’ll have to read the manga or watch the anime to find out what it is.

Out of all three of them, I think Norman is the more brilliant one of the three. I will say he does get shipped out early. I won’t say what happens to him. Believe me, you’re going to want to know what happens.

Isabella is the Mother of Grace Fields. You find out that she did everything she possibly could to survive. That’s just it. Every human is just trying to survive under the monsters known as demons who eat humans. I will go ahead and mention Krone as well. She’s an aspiring Mother to be. Krone wants Isabella’s position.

Krone isn’t in the anime or manga for real long. After watching the anime, it became undeniable that Krone has more than a few screws loose. The woman is a complete head case. Who wouldn’t be when you spend every waking moment trying to avoid being eaten.

Since there is only one season in the anime, I will try and not say what happens in the story after season one. When I first read the manga, all the books kind of blended together until what happens after season one of the anime. After watching the anime, everything that happened is a lot clearer to me.

Whether you read the manga or watch the anime. I recommend both. Both are amazing, to put it simply. It has been a very long time since I have a manga or anime catch my attention so well.

If you want more on the manga, simply click on this link.

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