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The movie "Operation Bernard"

by shangyang 2 months ago in movie
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He was a talented painter. When he had no money, he would draw fake money and spend it. The pounds he painted were vivid and the dollars he painted were real.

He was a talented painter. When he had no money, he would draw fake money and spend it. The pounds he painted were vivid and the dollars he painted were real. He took it to the bank and said it was fake, but the bank said it was more real than real. During World War II, as a Jew, he was caught by the German military, who put him in charge of making counterfeit money, packing boxes and sending hundreds of millions of them out every day. You know, war is about spending money, and the side with more money has a better chance of winning. But seeing his countrymen being persecuted by the Germans every day, he decided to print money with a small hand. The movie is based on a true story about a man named Sully who spends his days gambling in fancy places without blinking an eye. Just when he spent all his time on the hog, he finally got into trouble. One morning, a few policemen broke down his money-printing house and sent him to a concentration camp where he was collecting ore. Within half a month, after working day and night, his hands were so scarred that he decided he had to be noticed by the officers. So he drew a picture of the soldier. When the officer saw that it was very good, Sally said it would have been better if he had paint. The officer then took him to his office, and the result was a portrait worthy of a propaganda poster. In this way he became the king's painter in the army. Suddenly one day, behind him, the officer said that someone was looking for him, but who could find him in this tightly guarded prison? He was placed in a warehouse with several Jews, and when he saw who was coming in, he realized that it was the policeman who had arrested him, now a lieutenant colonel in charge of printing and manufacturing. He gave each of them a piece of rice, saying that if they were willing to work with him, they could eat big fish and meat, and have two days off every week.

So everyone followed the colonel to the printing room. It turns out that the German army is carrying out a top secret plan to produce a large number of counterfeit sterling and dollar bills, and put them into the market, suspected of disrupting the British and American economies. Because he was so experienced in building supermachines, Sally was appointed chief designer and took him to see the painting group, the carving group, and most importantly the printing board group. He then told him to deliver the goods in two months or all the Jews would die. The next day, his staff told him that they had studied for a month in the early stage, but no matter how to manufacture it could not succeed. Sally went to the finance team to touch the finished product, picked up the paper and listened to the sound of the paper, and immediately found the reason. Then he put the printing paper under a bright light, and through the sound identification, immediately knew that the printing material was wrong.

In order to create a large number of counterfeit banknotes, not only must the drawing be exactly the same, the material is also very important, but how to find the material suitable for printing money? Then he wiped his hands on a worker's apron and found the answer in an instant. He asked his men, What is this material? This is Turkish linen. Sally at once called them to a halt and asked them to submit all the linen they had, for this was the material from which the pound was made. Sally then went over every detail of the pound, revising, printing, and engraving it herself. After the linen was turned into money paper, he tried to print a few sheets, but it really worked. The colonel came to check, and although he thought it was all right, he would not send his agents to deposit money in English banks. If the money failed, they would still die. Borg finds Sully as the group languishes and waits, and even if the money is made, it won't be long before we're all killed. Either way, it's better to rush out and fight like hell. Sally said: What do you spell with? A rock against a bullet? One more day, one more day. Late the next night, the colonel ordered everyone to get up and assemble. He walked slowly up from behind them, telling them a story as he walked. A businessman goes to two banks in the UK to deposit money separately, and has the bank experts carefully check the authenticity of the notes. The final result is that your notes are genuine. The big guys breathed a sigh of relief and as a reward the colonel gave them a ping-pong table.

Then he went over to Sully and told him not to be happy, but to make dollar bills. All of them thanked Sully for saving their lives, but Borg asked to be serious: The German fraudulent tickets show their financial problems, you do this will only make the war longer, I do this so as to save people in the camp, not let everyone die.

Next they made dollar bills, which was easy for Borg, who had been making dollar bills for years, and the results impressed the colonel. But when it came to the quality inspection, there was a problem. All the dollar bills were not qualified. At this time small fat suspect gel is out of the question, but when Sally check found that someone destroyed the floor, he found Borg, Borg generously admitted that he was tampering, he said he would not yield to the immediate interests of the Nazis, or denounced him, or he will fight to the end. Sully and Chubby didn't blow the whistle, but the printing of the dollar was delayed. Soon, as the news of the German retreat spreads through the cell, Sully loses control of his expression on the radio and is caught by an officer, who stabs him intentionally while he cleans the toilet and insults him and his people. He dare not speak angrily. After the officer left, Sully couldn't stop himself from yelling and smashing the sink, but then he chose not to. That day there was gunfire next door, and a fellow Jew had been murdered. As Sully looked at the bullets on the ground, he realized that even if he made a lot of money for the German army, he could not protect his countrymen. He decided to slow down, waiting for a long time to lose the patience of the lieutenant colonel, also suspected Sally is deliberately delay time, he warned Sally a month can not make dollar bills, he will choose ten people from the concentration camp shot. Sully went to Berger, hoping he wouldn't destroy the floor again. Borg, on the other hand, received a message that his wife had escaped from another packing camp, and was in dire danger. The angry Borg kept finding anger in his heart, and Sally knew that communication was useless and had to turn away. When it came time to deliver, the colonel made his point. He had to either pull out the dollar bills or pick ten men.

Someone tries to give him up, but Sally pulls out a bunch of bills. The colonel checks them over and over to make sure they're intact. Everyone survives and decides to throw a party. The atmosphere of the party is active, but the boy around him is constantly coughing, the officer knows that he is infectious disease, secretly shot him dead in the middle of the night, but this scene is secretly seen by the night Sally, he can only curl up in the corner secretly crying, he continues to perform the passive work. Before long, the German army began to lose ground. The officers ordered the soldiers to dismantle the machines and take them all away. All the Jews were locked in their rooms and not allowed to go out. All they could hear was the sound of shells ringing around them until the colonel sneaked into the camp late at night to take the dollar bills he had hidden, only to have Sully stop him behind him. Alone in the camp, the colonel was afraid to fire. Sally stabbed the colonel with a pocket knife and quickly grabbed the pistol. He aimed at the colonel, but thinking that killing him would make no difference to the outcome, he finally chose to let go. In the early hours of the next morning, the Jews outside came with guns to save the prisoners. A few years after the war ended, he went to the casino and lost the money he took from the lieutenant colonel, symbolizing a break with the past. It's a German secret from World War II, codenamed Operation Bernard and it's been recorded as the largest counterfeiting operation in history. They produced four times as much sterling as Britain's foreign reserves between 1936 and 1945, and as their efforts dragged on, only a tiny amount of counterfeit money made it onto the market, helping to hasten the Nazis' defeat.


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