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OVERVIEW - A MAP OF HYRULE Over the map appears aPrologue.

TITANIA (narrating):Greetings traveller, Titania, Queen of the fairies, as well as keeper of many of Hyrule’s secrets. Hyrule is a world of magic, monsters and other extraordinary creatures. It is a land that has many chapters throughout its history. This chapter tells of 3 characters whose path will come full circle, the heroic exploits of Link, the treachery and deception of Ganon and of course...THE LEGEND OF ZELDA.

Title appears, music plays. Cast introduced.


Crowds of people hustle and bustle throughout the marketplace, buying this, inspecting that, children playing, etc. Salespeople are barking, in an attempt to sell their wares, a burly, bearded man with candles strung out like clothes on hanging out to dry yells to attract customers attention “Magic candles, come and get ‘em while they’re hot! Magic Candles – blue for 20 rupees, reds for 30, two for 40!”

Over in another corner of the market a woman calls out "Fresh fruits and pies, take some home today."

In another corner of the marketplace, a middle aged man in a monk’s cloak calls out "Magic Elixir, only 40 rupees, sure to cure what ails ya."

Despite all the hustle and bustle occuring in the busy Marketplace, the focus is directed to another corner of the Marketplace as we see Princess Zelda, although she is wearing a hood and cape as not to be recognized by any of the people in the market. Following close behind her is Impa, wearing a cape and hood as well.

Link approaches Zelda who is admiring the prizes at the bow & arrow booth.

The owner turns to Zelda, who is admiring his wares.

OWNER (to Zelda) Good morning young lady. Care to try your luck?

ZELDA (modest, to Owner) No, thank you, I was just admiring your prizes.

Just then, Link walks up, addressing the owner of bow & arrow game.

LINK (to Owner) Good morning sir.

Link turns to Zelda and in a courteous manner, removes his green cap. As Link puts his cap back on, the owner refers to him.

OWNER (to Link) Morning son. Care to try your luck? Maybe win the little lady here a prize?

LINK (to Owner) Maybe? How much to play?

OWNER (to Link) 3 shots for 10 rupees.

Link looks at Zelda, he is romantically drawn.

As Link puts his cap back on, he directs his attention back to the game booth owner.

LINK: It...sounds tempting, but….I've only got 5 rupees. And I’m supposed to be getting supplies for my Uncle Talon’s farm.

OWNER :Gee, that’s too bad.

Inconspicuously, Zelda takes the silk purse hanging from her side and looks in it. The purse is gleaming with assorted colored rubies – red, blue, purple, gold and green. She decides to generously pay for Link, pulling out a purple rupee, worth 50.

ZELDA (to Owner): If it’s all the same, I’ll pay for him.

LINK (to Zelda): Are you sure?

ZELDA (to Link): It’s no problem, I’ve got plenty, I’m sure I can part with 10 rupees, besides those prizes are too tempting to resist. Here.

Zelda gives Link 10 rupees and Link gives the 10 rupees to the Owner, the owner in turn gives Link the bow & arrow. Link sets up his shot, aiming for the bulls-eye, he takes a deep breath and releases the arrow. Link misses the bulls-eye. Link sets up his second shot, again he misses. The last arrow, Link is hopeful this time, he tries to concentrate and focus on the target. Finally, he lets go of the arrow, letting it soar through the air, Link is dripping with perspiration. The arrow hits the target, unfortunately, it did not hit the center. The owner turns to Link.

OWNER (to Link) :Sorry kid, better luck next time.

Link slams the bow onto the counter and let's out a heavy, frustrated groan. Link feels a hand on his right shoulder. Zelda speaks up.

ZELDA (to Link) :Don't feel bad, you did your best. I appreciate it….if it’s any consolation?

LINK to Zelda, dissapointed): Yeah…thanks. Just don’t know how I’m gonna explain to my Unclespending the rupees he gave me.

Link kicks the ground in embarrassment, then he looks up at Zelda, attracted to her as if they were destined to be together.

LINK (to Zelda, shyly): And, you seem like such a pretty girl. I would’ve liked to give you something to remember me by.

ZELDA (to Link): I guess you could start by giving me your name.

LINK (to Zelda): Oh, it's Link.

ZELDA (to Link, she extends a handshake): Link. Nice to meet you.

LINK (to Zelda, accepting Zelda’s handshake) :You too…and, what’s your name?

Desperate to remain inconspicuous, Zelda rather then tell Link her name she changes the subject.

ZELDA (to Link): Well Link, since you didn't win anything at the archery game, how about a consolation prize?

LINK (to Zelda): What did you have in mind?

ZELDA (to Link): A kiss?

LINK (to Zelda): Sure, if you really want to.

Link and Zelda begin to slowly lean into each other and lock lips. Impa is still watching from a distance, she can stand by no more, she runs up and grabs Link's right arm and locks it behind his back before Link can proceed to receive his consolation prize.

Zelda backs away. The people in the crowd begin to gather at the sight.

ZELDA (Impa, in a commanding and angry voice):
Impa! What are you doing? Release him at once!

IMPA (to Zelda): Forgive me Princess Zelda, but I can not stand by and watch this go on anymore.

LINK (surprised, to Impa and Zelda): Excuse me? Princess?

Link looks at Princess Zelda in surprise and awe. Just then, Impa notices the strange birthmark on Link’s right hand, she is shocked to see it resembles the Triforce. Impa’s focus is momentarilly drawn away from the spectacle she has caused, as well as the voice of Princess Zelda.

ZELDA (to Impa) :Enough of this Impa, I said "Release him!".

Just then, Impa snaps back to reality, she hears Princess Zelda call out to her, but she still holds Link in a full nelson.

ZELDA (CONT'D) (to Impa, sternly): Did you not hear me Impa? As your Princess and future Queen, I am not asking you, I am telling you!

In a desperate attempt, she pulls back the hood on her cloak revealing her face, she is a vision of youth and beauty, with flowing blonde hair, gorgeous lips, eyes, etc. and a top her head sits her royal crown.

ZELDA (yelling, to Impa): Release him!

Link, Impa and all the people in the marketplace are immediately drawn to the sight of Princess Zelda. They murmur in disbelief, and then begin to bow.

ZELDA (yelling to Impa again): ....That is an order!

IMPA (to Zelda): Yes your highness.

Impa releases Link from her grip, throwing him to the side. After which, she kneels showing her loyalty and respect to Princess Zelda.

Now the only one not kneeling and/or bowing, still in shock, standing next to Zelda. Of course, Link’s Uncle Talon and his daughter Romani come over to see what all the excitement is about.

IMPA (sternly, to Zelda): Come along Princess Zelda. Your father will want to hear about this.

Zelda takes one last look at Link as she walks off.

ZELDA (sternly, to Impa): Yes Impa. I'm sure he will.

Zelda quickly turns around away from the crowd and storms back off to the direction of the castle. Impa continues to look at the crowd and then follows after Zelda. Link is left, rubbing his arm and licking his wounds, mentally.

LINK (to himself): She’s a Princess? I should have known. At least I’m consistent, my love life is just as bad as my home one.

Link looks at the ruby in his hand.

LINK (CONT'D) (to himself): On the other hand, at least I’ve got the rubies to pay for that bread.

Suddenly, Link hears the bells of the huge clock tower in the market square bong. He looks up and sees that it is now PM., The market is closing and when Link turns to the booth he sees that the merchant selling bread is put up a “SOLD OUT” sign.

LINK (CONT'D) (to himself): Great, the market’s closing and they’re all sold out of the bread Uncle Talon wants.

Link walks over to the fountain in the center of town and sits down, slouching in despair.

LINK (CONT'D) (to himself): My life can’t get any worse.

Just then, Link's Uncle Talon, and Talon's daughter Romani walk up to him.

TALON (to Link): Well Link, looks like you had quite an adventure. I trust in your attempt to woo Princess Zelda, you managed to purchase the bread?

LINK (to himself): Oh boy, I think I might have spoken too soon.

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