The Boys: Ruining your Childhood Wish That Superheros Were Real

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When your Childhood Superheros Become a Reality

The Boys: Ruining your Childhood Wish That Superheros Were Real

It seems like it was only yesterday that season two of The Boys finally came out. In the blink of an eye, eight more episodes have come and gone. Season two seemed like it was just one episode to me. I can't believe it is already over, but given what happened in season two, it makes sense that it is over… for now. The great news is season three has already been approved. I'm so excited!

Before I get any further. I hope you have watched all of season one and two, for potential spoiler purposes. If you don't care about them, okay, awesome. If you do, now would be the time to possibly go back.

The Boys gives you an insight into what it would be like if your childhood superheroes became a reality. Sounds freaking fantastic... right? I wish that was the case because it isn't. Superheros are people in this world, and they're just as shitty terrible people as those without superpowers. Yes, you read that right, but that is what makes this show both fantastic and incredibly disturbing.

Let's get started. It's time to meet the superheroes that drive or drove The Boys. I feel that it is fitting to start with A-Train. He's obviously The Flash. If The Flash was a drug addict. Being that A-Train is part of The Seven, he's expected to be the best with his superpower. Being crazy fast isn't so great when you're hopped up on some drug that's a mix between cocaine or steroids. This drug is called compound V, and A-Train is addicted to it.

Now we have The Deep. He's defiantly Aqua Man if Aqua Man was accused of sexual assault. Thanks to Starlight, he gets what he's had coming to him for a very long time. It is still cool how The Deep can breathe underwater and communicate with aquatic life. By far, my favorite part with The Deep is when he's tripping on shrooms, and his freaking gills are talking to him. Then they start singing to him. Talk about weird, but I think he really did bond with his gills and finally accepts them.

I can't leave out Queen Maeve. She's defiantly Wonder Woman. Maeve's secret about being gay is brought out by Homelander (I'll get to him next). I'm not going to debate whether or not that Wonder Woman is or isn't strait. More power to Maeve. She seems to be one of the less shitty superheroes in The Boys. The vibe I got off of Maeve was that she's thoroughly sick of all the drama and crap pulled by her fellow sups.

Then there's Homelander, the personification of Superman. Out of all the superheroes, he's the most messed up. Homelander is a complete sociopath. I have nothing positive to say about him. He is the main antagonist in The Boys. Considering he grew up in a lab and didn't really have any parents or someone to really love him. I can kinda see where some of his insanity comes from.

If you have seen season two, then you know Stormfront. I can't quite pinpoint what superheroes Stormfront is most like other than maybe Storm from X-Men. Their superpowers are very similar. Stormfront is the oldest and apparently the first superhero. Cool right? That's what I initially thought until she bowed down to freaking Homelander looking for a strong male to guide her through her mission. It's like grow a pair woman and be the leader of your own mission. Be like Maeve and have some girl power!

The Boys is great as the show is. It really makes me happy that superheroes don't actually exist. In today's world, I felt that what's going on in The Boys is a small-scale thing compared to what would really happen if superheroes were real. I highly recommend The Boys. Just a heads up, though. It can get very TMI at times.

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