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The Bold and The Beautiful on hiatus again after only one day of taping

by Cheryl E Preston 2 years ago in tv
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The CBS daytime drama will resume filming new episodes on Tuesday June 23

Don Diamont was back on the first day of taping.

Taping is halted again

Trial and error seems to be the name of the game as daytime drama programs deal with life going forward after the pandemic. The Bold and the Beautiful resumed taping on Wednesday June 17, according to Soaps She Knows after a hiatus since the middle of March. Everything was halted, however, after that one day and the CBS soap will begin taping again on Tuesday June 23. This is uncharted territory and a lot of new rules have now come into play. The powers that be want to get everything in order so that their cast can be tested for COVI-19 and the show can go on. No date has been given as to when viewers can expect to see new episodes on the air, but last week executive producer Brad Bell teased it may only be a few weeks.

Changes going forth

Prior to COVID-19 it took six weeks for an episode to appear on screen, from the time it was taped. Brad Bell did not say why things could now be expedited but with this been this additional delay, new episodes could take a little longer. No specifics were given as to the nature of the problem that halted taping again. All that was revealed is that it was related to testing. For those who do not know, The Bold and the Beautiful will be using long range camera shots, blow up dolls, and real life partners of the actors for romantic scenes. Social distancing will be enforced for everyone and a COVID-19 expert must be on hand during taping. Cast members will be tested at least once a week, perhaps more and must have hand sanitizer with them at all times.

The crew will be required to social distance, wear masks and work from behind plexiglass. Older actors over 65 may not be able to return to work right away and children will not be seen on the show for a while. The Bold and the Beautiful is the only soap that has given any detail about future episodes at this writing. Since they all film in California the rules for the other three daytime drama shows will probably be the same. Look for The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives, and General Hospital to give updates when available,

Storyline Rumors

One B&B actor has shared on social media how elated he is to be back at work. Don Diamont who portrays Dollar Bill Spencer posted a photo recently on Instagram where he was beside Jacqueline Woods who plays Steffy. Diamont said that he was grateful to be one of the first actors back on the set for taping and his image has tongues wagging. Some viewers are reading into this photo as indicating that Steffy and Bill will hook up romantically. A few viewers are still holding out that somehow Kelly will end up being Bill Spencer’s daughter rather than his grandchild.

Spoilers have been wrong where Steffy's love life is concerned on several occasions. They predicted Kelly would be revealed as Bill’s daughter from the beginning, but Liam turned out to be Steffy’s baby daddy. Everyone moved on from this except for a few zealous fans. It was also rumored last year that Steffy would have a new man in her life and get away from the love triangle with Liam and Hope. When Daniel Goddard was let go by The Young and the Restless, there were several spoilers indicating he would be hired by The Bold and the Beautiful as a new love interest for Ms. Forrester. Goddard was not hired and Steffy still has no man in her life.

Viewers will have to wait until new episodes appear or for reliable spoiler alerts to reveal what is going on with Dollar Bill and his son’s former wife. It took a little over a year for Phoebe to revealed as Beth. Would The Bold and the Beautiful allow Kelly who is going on two years old to be revealed as Bill’s son at this point? Brooke has made it clear she believes she and Ridge will reunite, and Liam is currently devoted to Hope. Both Bill Spencer and Steffy are unattached, so it’s plausible they might get together again. Katy is hurt the her husband kissed her sister so if she walks away, Bill will be free. Be on the lookout for breaking news and updates related to the LA fashion crew and when the first new episodes will air.


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