The Best 5 Rick and Morty Theories to Date

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Pickle Rick, [burp] Evil Morty [burp], and Pregnant Summer?

The Best 5 Rick and Morty Theories to Date
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With the end of Season Three, Rick and Morty fans are still buzzing with the season’s epic twists and plotting story line. With the introduction of Evil Morty and the remaining unanswered questions of Rick’s wife, Mrs. Sanchez, and Beth’s havering and untold childhood, Rick and Morty has so much more to offer us.

Here are the best Reddit theories on all three seasons of Rick and Morty:

1. Beth didn't leave, but Rick is the clone?

I mean, it doesn’t really matter if Beth left or stayed — that being whether or not she took Rick up on his offer to clone her so she could dip out of her family obligations for a while.

But this begs the question of how many Rick clones are around and whether or not our Rick, C-137 Rick, is a clone or in fact the original Rick. And either way, would it matter or is that just the point of this intensely nihilistic TV show?

Reddit user No_Meaning_Here sums this up fantastically:

“I believe Beth stayed too. Even if Rick tried to pull of the same plan he proposed to Beth I think even Rick pulled out of it fast. People keep saying "everything is meaningless so she would just leave" but they fail to realise that leaving is just as meaningless as staying.I don't know, nihilism gets weird. I think this was Rick and Morty's way of posing the popular question to nihilism of "if life is meaningless why do you choose to live?" (Choosing to live is staying and killing yourself is leaving in this scenario.)”

2. Evil Morty is the first Morty, Rick’s Mortyest Morty.

This doesn’t come as a surprise for many. It has been speculated by thousands of fans that Evil Morty AKA Eye Patch Morty AKA the best new character introduction in the series is in fact a vengeful first Morty.

Reddit user tossawayed321 provides two strong points of reference to support this claim:

  • While strapped to a machine intended to destroy his memories, Evil Rick (AKA Evil Morty) shows him memories of him interacting with a baby Morty, we understand this isn’t possible in the timeline we know of our Morty because Rick wasn’t around for this part of Morty’s life. This would only be possible if Rick had another timeline he originates from, one where his Morty is still alive? Possibly also very angry.
  • At Birdman’s home there is another picture of Rick with a baby Morty, supporting the theory further that Rick had a Morty before the Morty we know. One he possibly abandoned in a different universe and left for dead (as we see in the opening scenes of the show, every week).

3. Multiverse Personalities Theories, AKA I can’t properly explain this.

OK, this is a complicated one. So I will emphasize that summarizing this theory in the limits of this article is nearly impossible, to read the entire thing you can go here.

But to recap, Reddit user calimattress sums up that in fact Rick is the same C-137 Rick we see and know in every season and every episode. However, that there are two different multiverse stories playing out at the same time. They theorize that the 5126 universe is a past story in which our current Morty eventually becomes Evil Morty and secondly the C137 universe (happening currently).

It sounds pretty far fetched, but to be honest, it’s worth the read from the original post and has some ground to stand on.

4. Summer is pregnant.

Mad Max episode for the win: “One Man Entered, One Man Comes Out in 9 Months,” Edb21395 started this shit storm of a theory. And again, does it really matter… But we’ll entertain.

There are a lot of theories circulating this and a ton of easter eggs from previous episodes that foreshadow the possibility. Mainly, questions on how the show’s creators will grapple with an issue of abortion and how this will play into the much anticipated storyline of teenage Beth (remember, she had Summer at only 17 years old, a pregnancy that has been a plot tool for Beth and Jerry’s failed relationship).

...and the best theory to date:

5. Rick is a self-aware cartoon character and szechuan sauce is a metaphor for nothingness.

First appearing on the internet a few months ago, scottydog771 posited that szechuan sauce in fact has absolutely no meaning to Rick’s motivation. This will be a hard blow for the thousands of fans who lined up and nearly rioted outside McDonald’s across the United States with their momentarily and ultimate failure to launch the dipping sauce in remembrance of the infamous Rick and Morty episode.

It is further speculated that the death of his loved ones, the death of his possible wife, and his ultimate lust for szechuan sauce is meaningless if he can simply hop to a new timeline where all these things exist. Instead, the writer theorizes Rick’s ultimate motivation ought be to remain on the air.

Due to several fourth wall breaks, it isn’t too far fetched that Rick is a self-aware cartoon character with a desire to continue existing and keep the show moving.

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