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The 5 reality shows that caused the most controversy

by Ninfa Bi about a month ago in tv
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Some reality shows were as successful as they were controversial, and generated discussion in the mass media

Reality shows have caused controversy since their inception

The reality show is a television genre that focuses on the protagonism of people outside the world of show business, which was very new at the time it was born, in the early 2000s. However, this genre was so successful that television producers began to apply more and more risky ideas in order to gain more money, media transcendence and audience.

Here are the 5 most controversial reality shows of recent times

Kid Nation

Kid Nation

Kid Nation was a reality show that premiered in 2007 on CBS. The proposal was to gather a group of children between 8 and 15 years old to create and govern a new country in an abandoned city in New Mexico. The reality show lasted 40 days and the children worked 14 hours a day. Each week the "star child" was chosen and awarded $20,000. During the broadcasting of the reality show, the children suffered several accidents such as burning themselves with boiling oil or drinking bleach without realizing it. Several authorities denounced the program for promoting child labor and that is why it lasted only one season.

The Swan

The Swan

The Swan was a reality show that premiered in 2004 on the Fox television network and caused enormous controversy at the time and is still criticized to this day. The proposal was to bring together nine ordinary women who did not belong to the world of show business to transform them radically in the aesthetic sense. The woman who achieved the most extreme change won the contest. The contestants were forbidden to look at themselves in the mirror during the transformation process and if they did, they were eliminated. The women were assisted by a team of physicians, plastic surgeons, psychologists, dentists, nutritionists, stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers and personal trainers. The Swan was very successful but had only two seasons due to the criticism and controversy it generated

Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight is a reality show that premiered in 2014 and continues to air on the Lifetime network. The show has several international versions across the globe. The reality show has an altruistic proposition: to help people find their perfect match and marry him/her. Several people signed up for the show to marry the right person by submitting an exhaustive description of themselves and their love experience. These people claim to have been very unlucky in love and therefore leave the choice of their future husband or wife in the hands of professionals. This information is analyzed by a group of psychologists and psychiatrists. They build a profile and determine who each of the applicants should marry. Obviously the applicant agrees with the process and is happy that he/she will finally find the perfect partner and marry him/her. During the reality show the applicant meets his/her partner on the day he/she marries him/her. They get married at that moment and then decide whether to stay together or get divorced. So far, most of the couples are still married, while others have chosen to divorce.

Are You The One?

Are You The One?

Are you the one? is an MTV reality show premiered in 2014, with several international versions. The proposal is to bring together a group of 20 men and women to find their perfect match. If they succeed, they also win a significant sum of money: approximately $50,000 dollars per participant. The question was that first they had to find the perfect partner and as a prize they would win the money. The original idea of the program was that you could have it all: love and money. The key is that each participant already had his or her ideal partner within the reality show, since each participant was studied by a group of psychologists and psychiatrists. These mental health professionals came to the conclusion that each participant was matched with another participant as their perfect partner, as determined by the various psychological studies they had done.

Each participant had the job of finding their perfect match, which was within the program. In addition to the psychologists and psychiatrists, the producers of the program knew which partner was right for each participant. Each participant had to interact with everyone until they knew for sure who their ideal partner was.

Are You The One? LGBT version

Are You The One? Fluid Gender Version

Are you the one? Fluid Genre Version premiered in 2019 on MTV. This reality show is the LGBT version of Are you the one? The show is exactly the same as always, but what differs is that all the contestants are bisexual and gender fluid. That means that each contestant can fall in love with either a man or a woman. If the contestant managed to find his or her perfect match, he or she would win a higher sum than the traditional version of the program: around $65,000 per contestant. The show was controversial but incredibly funny because the audience had no idea who would be the perfect partner for each contestant, as they were all gender-fluid bisexuals.


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