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Taylor loses her mind over Ridge and Brooke

Dr. Hayes starts a physical fight with her rival and eventually loses the love her of life to his ex.

By Cheryl E PrestonPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Taylor is desperate for Ridge

Spoiler alerts and previews for The Bold and the Beautiful indicate that Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) is about to lose her mind over Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) and Brooke Forrester ( Katherine Kelly Lang). Last week Taylor practically begged Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) to go after Brooke again by declaring his love. While he was talking to Brooke Taylor was shamelessly putting the moves on Ridge.

Spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry quote Brad Bell the executive producer of B&B as saying that "Bridge" will reunite in Rome which fans already had predicted. Between now and then Taylor will begin acting psycho and her true feelings for her "bestie" will come to the surface.

Deacon pointed out to Taylor last week that Brooke and Ridge are each other's "Destiny" just before she went to Forester Creations and emphasized to her former spouse how much she would like to go to Italy. Deep down Taylor knows that Ridge prefers Brooke and he was only going to marry her because Thoms Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) tricked everyone into thinking Brooke called CPS. On the surface.

Taylor has a break from reality

Dr. Hayes believes she has a chance at happiness and resents Brooke for always interfering with her relationship with Ridge. Now her fury will come to the surface and there will be no holding back. The two women will be in the Forrester office where Taylor will tell Brooke that she has repeatedly created chaos in Ridge’s life and add that he deserves better than that.

Brooke will attempt to walk out of the office but Taylor is on a rampage now and stops her by roughly grabbing her arm and spinning her back around. Taylor shouts “Grow up,” as she violently shoves Brooke across the room. As Brooke tries to steady herself Ridge steps in to make sure she doesn’t fall. Taylor is so enraged that she doesn't care that Ridge is watching the spectacle and lunges at Brooke again and the two women begin fighting with Ridge caught in between them.

Will Ridge have an epiphany

It's possible that in that moment Ridge realizes the chaos he has brought into the lives of the two women and decides to put an end to it all. Spoilers don't say what happens next but fans know that destiny will call in Italy. Surely Taylor knows that she cannot force Ridge to love her and choose her over Brooke. Her fury against her rial is so strong that she is not seeing straight.

It doesn't help that Steffy and Thomas continue to wish their parents were together and won't allow Taylor to get over Ridge. Whatever happens in Rome there will be a point where everyone has to return to LA and then the real drama will begin. How can Forrester Creations survive with all the drama between Ridge, Taylor, and Brooke as well as what may happen between Steffy Forrester (Jackie Wood)) and Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) as well as Hope Spencer (Anikka Noelle) and Thomas.

How will these individuals be able to focus on work with so much personal drama taking place between them? Spoilers, as well as Eric Forrester (John McCook), have emphasized Brooke and Ridge should be together and Thorsten Kaye said in an interview that he prefers his character with Brooke. Brad Bell has referred to "Bridge" as having an eternal love but will he ever allow them to enjoy each other without all the problems and Taylor in the midst? Some fans have even said that Taylor and Deadcon should get together so stay tuned to The Bold and the Beautiful to find out how all of this plays out.


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