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Star Wars is Gay!

by Evelyn Zissou 6 months ago in entertainment · updated 4 months ago
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10 Characters and Couples I Think are Queer

I recently compiled a list of what I think are queer Star Wars characters. What follows is a list of 12 characters and couples that strike me as queer. It's 2022, and Star Wars has yet to give us an out and proud mc. Yes, we have Dr. Aphra and other comic books, but the movies have taken great lengths to avoid gay relationships, no matter how much the fans have begged for them. However, there are still queer-coded characters, and some that the actors have even confirmed are queer from their perspective. And there are some characters that just seem so obviously not-straight, it's hard for me to imagine them otherwise. Have fun reading this list!

Disclaimer: this list is merely for fun. I'm not big on labels personally, and these characters may align with different labels or none at all. I'm basing my decisions solely on the vibes I get from them.

Solo: A Star Wars Story, 2018

12. Lando Calrissian- Pansexual

According to Solo: A Star Wars Story co-creator Jonathan Kasden, Lando is pansexual. Although it was never actually mentioned in the film, he is obviously queer, even in the Billy Dee Williams portrayal. Although Han Solo is as straight as they come (no hate, I love Han Solo), I love the playful flirting between him and Lando in Solo. See, this is why I don't really want to assign labels... Han might have been straight except for liking Lando, who knows. I'm just picking the category that seems to best describe the character, and for Lando that's pansexual, and Han that's straight-ish.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

11. Commander Larma D'Acy and pilot Wrobie Tyce- Lesbians

The Rise of Skywalker's kiss between a commander and her wife was a huge step, even though it was somewhat in the background and between two minor characters. Like Lando, the characters are confirmed queer.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

10. Poe Dameron and Finn- Gay and Bisexual

To me, this one is official. The actors have said so! Oscar Issac said he was playing his scenes with John Boyega with "romantic intention." Disney just doesn't have the guts to feature a major gay relationship, and so gave them two really poorly written girlfriends (Zorii and Rose). Poe and Finn had the best rapport and a very convincing dynamic. I just can't imagine them not being gay. Specifically, I see Poe as gay, but Finn as bi, as I think he was definitely a little attracted to Rey in the beginning.

So many fans ship this pair, and maybe when the world is a little bit more progressive, we'll get a canon book or comic in which they get married and live a peaceful life after the war or something.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

9. Rafa and Trace Martez- Lesbians

I think it's clear that Rafa and Trace were queer-coded. I mean... just look at them. They're the coolest lesbian sister duo since Tegan and Sara!

Some people think there is a case for Ahsoka and Trace as a couple, but I just don't see it. Ahsoka was a lot more mature than Trace, and Trace had a lot to learn before she could even begin to understand Ahsoka. More on Ahsoka next, though.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

8. Ahsoka Tano- Lesbian

Ahsoka's relationship with Barriss was so deep that she disobeyed her master to save Barriss's life, and actually followed her when she left the Jedi Order. Her relationship with Barriss was so different than any of her other connections, and I think they could have been in the beginning of a blossoming romance.

Additionally, her relationship with Lux is so shallow and boring. He's super nice, there's nothing wrong with him, and they're great friends. She just doesn't feel romantically attracted to him, and we especially see that when they kiss. Ahsoka was just a teenager, and still figuring herself out. I think she might have come to the conclusion that she was a lesbian, and was in love with Barriss. Whether Barriss would have returned her affection or not, I can't say, but I would certainly like to say so.

There is nothing sexual whatsoever implied in her close relationships with men like Rex and Anakin, even though many fans ship those relationships. I just have to disagree with them. I can't imagine Ahsoka dating a man.

Star Wars: Attack of the Clones

7. Zam Wesell- Non-binary

The idea of Zam Wesell being a "changling" who could alter their form at will always implied to me that they were non-binary or maybe intersex. Wesell even looks a little androgynous in female form, and I just think that if there's a genderfluid character out there, it's Zam Wesell.

The Mandalorian

6. Din Djarin- Gay or maybe asexual

Ok, bear with me. He may not look gay. You may not have ever thought of him as gay. But just ask yourself, can you seriously see Din Djarin in an average, straight relationship with a woman? Oh you can't? Then I rest my case.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

5. Baze Malbus and Chirrut Imwe

These guys are husbands, and no one can argue with me. Their commitment to each other and their delightful opposites-attract dynamic makes it so clear that they are together.

Star Wars: A New Hope

4. Grand Moff Tarkin

He's the neighbor down the street that's had a partner for 40 years and everybody was just cool with it. Am I right? He just seems like a gay old man. Apparently he was actually confirmed gay in a canon novel, called From A Certain Point of View.

Star Wars: A New Hope

3. Luke Skywalker- Asexual and aromantic

Luke just strikes me as ace. He never married or dated anyone as far as I know, and he seems like someone who would just be very comfortable living a single life.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

2. Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor- Asexual

Rogue One just might be my favorite Star Wars movie, and there's no doubt that Jyn and Cassian's deep connection is something special. Some think they are just friends, some that they would have been a couple. But I think they're actually an asexual couple. It just makes sense to me, and the label seems to fit them.

The Phantom Menace

1. Qui-Gon- Gay or Bisexual

My last pick is either the gayest person on this list, or not gay at all. I have no idea what it is with Qui-Gon, there's just something I can't pin down about him. Maybe it's because he's such a nontraditional Jedi, but he just seems a little LGBT to me.


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