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Spider-Woman: With a great new costume comes a great new origin … right?

by Julia Valentina 2 years ago in comics

What can we expect to find out in “Spider-Woman”, the all new in her new solo comic series?

!!! Warning: This article contains SPOILERS about Issue #1 of the new Spider-Woman comic series!!!

Finally after years Spider-Woman aka Jessica Drew has her own solo comic series again, written by Karla Pacheco. The first issue came out on March 18th and gave us the first taste of our beloved badass heroine with a brand-new costume!

What we already know that her a new badass costume comes with a dark price because someone is tracking Jessica with it … what? Wait! Who?

Well, my nerds, we can’t tell yet. Maybe it’s Octavia Vermis? Because Karla Pacheco announced her to be her new nemesis in an interview with Marvel.

If you’re a Marvel nerd (like me), you might say: Oh wait! This name sounds familiar!

Yes, it does. It has something to do with her past aka origin.

Talking about Jessica’s origin, her character’s journey in the comics since she first appeared in Marvel Spotlight #32 (43 years ago) was quite eventful and she had a few adaptations in her origin.

So, it wouldn’t surprising if again she gets a new origin.

“What I love about Jessica is that she always reinvents herself.” - Karla Pacheco.

From Agent of Hydra, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent of S.W.O.R.D., Bounty hunter, Private eye, Avenger to Private Security, Jessica Drews has an impressive resume and a web-load of experience.

But who was she before all that? And how did she start out as an Hydra agent? And where did her abilities comes from?

Buckle up, nerds, as we go back to the past and find out more about Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman.


FIRST ORIGIN: A sick girl gets cured but has a tragic price to pay

Jessica’s father, Jonathan Drew, researched genetics in his private laboratory far away from the big city life of London where Jessica was born. As you do …

At seven years old, Jessica got incredibly sick due to the poisoning uranium radiation from her father’s work.

Who would have thought that playing with uranium might be poisoning, right?

Through a spider-derived serum that wasn’t tested yet (always a good idea) and years of hibernation in a genetic accelerator, her father was able to save his darling girl.

But the question was: To what price?

When Jessica was finally released from the accelerator, she was not only cured but also possessed superhuman abilities like superstrength, durability, speed, reflexes and also venom blasts.

That’s pretty cool but being stuck in an accelarotor for years? Not so much. And I’m not sure if I would do that for these powers … would you?


After being trapped in this accelerator for years, Jessica seeked a new life for herself and left home. That’s when she found her first love whom she accidentally killed with her powers. Yikes!

I guess, similar to Peter Parker’s Spider-Man, she had to learn the hard way that “ with great powers come with great responsibilities” and that your loved ones may suffer from it.

This tragic accident didn’t stay unnoticed and soon Jessica found herself chased by furious people who thought she was a murderer. To her rescue came Count Otto Vermis, a high-ranking member of Hydra, who helps her not only with her powers but also trains her to be an agent for Hydra.

Yes, Octavia Vermis, the new nemesis of Jessica Drew, is indeed Count Otto’s daughter.

Otto’s manipulation and brainwashing on Jessica (because that’s what Hydra does best) went so far that he hired Jared Kurtz, another agent of Hydra, to become her love interest to keep her under his control and made her believe that she really is a spider that turned into a human.

And yes, you read that correctly. She actually thought she was a real spider!

Fun Fact: Originally when Stan Lee created Spider-Woman, he wanted her to be an actual spider that was turned into a woman … comics, am I right?

When Jessica was assigned to kill Nick Fury, she finds out the truth and is able to break free from Hydra. After that she is hired by Fury as a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent and the rest is comic history.


SECOND ORIGIN: A young girl was born to be someone special

After releasing the comic series “Spider-Woman Origins” written by Brian Michael Bendis in 2005, Jessica Drew was “re-born”. Even though it first was intended to retell her origin story from her first appearance, there were a few changes made.

Her father still was a researcher in genetics and did experiments to mix human’s and spider’s genetics to increase human abilities. His studies and experiments didn’t include uranium like in the prior version, but he still used other toxic radiations.

Well, yeah, at least not uranium anymore. But apparently his research was funded by Hydra. So still … not the best conditions. Especially when your wife is pregnant …

When her mother was pregnant with Jessica, she was hit in her belly by a laser beam containing the DNA traits of several different species of spiders. Yikes!

So, Jessica got her superhuman powers in her mother’s womb and was born with these abilities. Which is cooler, I guess? Because this didn’t mean to be trapped in an accelerator for years.

After her parents mysteriously went missing Count Otto Vermis took her in to become an Hydra agent and again there was a web-load of brainwashing and manipulation. In this version, Jessica was also trained by the famous Taskmaster who we will soon (hopefully!) see in the MCU movie “Black Widow” fighting against Black Widow.

Fun Fact: For the adapted, newer origin story of Jessica they also changed her mother’s name from Merriam to Miriam.


Will there be a new origin now?

So far, we can’t tell where Spider-Woman’s future will lead us. Will her father’s name be still Jonathan or just John? Was she born with these abilities or did that happen later?

Karla Pacheco replied the following, when asked about Spider-Woman’s origin:

“You’re gonna get some very cool flashbacks to Jessica’s past.”

Also during an episode on Women of Marvel-Podcast, on February 27th, the writer said that there might be some new adaptations on her origins but most of what we know as canon stays the same.

Until the new issues of the current Spider-Woman comic series will be released, we keep wondering what these few changes might be. But no matter what happens or happened to Jessica Drew, we can agree with Karla that it’s going to be cool and that we’re ready to go with her on an adventurous ride!


4 Interesting Facts about Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman

… that I found during my reasearch

1. She once had a relationship with Clint Barton aka Hawkeye … I mean, who hasn’t, right?

2. She’s Captain Marvel’s super best friend and I LOVE THEM SOOO MUCH! #fangirling

3. She’s the only superheroine who had a comic series with her being pregnant and what it meant as a superhero. I don’t think before that we’ve seen a pregnant heroine kick some ass?

4. One of her powers is that she can spread pheromones and she used these ones to control Hulk. I mean, HULK!? How cool is that?


He actually made her a sandwich! Pretty impressive … I know.


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