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So this happened at the Oscars.

Controversy at the Oscars 2022

By Monika ZalewskiPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

In recent days when I turn on my computer, I see the faces of Will Smith and Chris Rock. All the other news was pushed to a back burner, and everyone is concentrating on what happened during the Oscars. It is starting to get on my nerves that I decided to write something about it.

We have two actors who did not behave like proper adults.

Let’s face it. Chris Rock should have educated himself better before using someone’s name and medical condition in his jokes. You have no idea how she, as a woman, felt. Any woman on this planet is being judged by her appearance. It doesn’t matter how much you are willing to quarrel that it is not valid. Still, most people are being considered first by the way they look. To be respected, get a job, and keep it, you must present yourself in proper attire and look polished for the appropriate occasion. Jada Smith is an actress, but she is also a human. You cannot tell me that her medical condition did not affect her, her family members, and the relationships she has. My looks affect the people around me and me. I hate going to family meetings and being told by my aunt that I would look more beautiful if I had lost some weight in front of my whole family, if not in private. So, what do you think might have been going on in Jada’s head, home, and surroundings? How often did Will Smith have to reassure his life partner that she looks gorgeous and doesn’t have to worry a bit that night just to have a fellow artist joke about that sensitive issue? Alopecia, just like any other disease, can change a person’s perception of herself and her worth. Jada wasn’t happy about the joke Chris Rock made. But then Mr. Will Smith forgot what he represents by being an actor and lost his temper. He had a “Karen” moment there with all the slapping and yelling. He didn’t handle it properly. If I was in his shoes and saw my wife’s expression being aware of how the condition affects her, I do not know how I would have reacted. I do not think I would have gone about slapping and throwing swear words. But I am also a woman. I would probably stand and just put my hand up to stop Mr. Rock and say something like: “Not cool, man, not cool at all!” which would follow with conversation after the party to clear the air.

But at this point, the deed was done. Will lost his cool. Chris got slapped. Will apologized. Chris is processing. What next? How about they just have lunch or dinner together and talk it out while planning a charity event for alopecia research. Or do it even better and concentrate on the matter at hand and help the families in Ukraine. Talk about being human and sometimes making mistakes and learning from it and definitely not encouraging others to do it because there are more important things going on in this world than a guy slapping a guy to protect his family. Oh, and maybe Chris Rock should apologize for not being informed and making the joke. What do you think? They both live in a spot lite, and their actions are plastered all over the news. They should get together and show us that some positive things can come out of their mistakes.

For now, the only person who faces consequences is Mr. Will Smith. As of yesterday ( April 1st, 2022), he resigned from the Academy.

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