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Sitting Back From The Ashes Of Time

As laziness or indifference or the habit of avoiding work is the biggest limitation as it takes patience to take a bath with time.

By parth rakangorPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

The year 2021 has become a thing of the past and we entered 2022. At first glance, this might seem like a new calendar event.

However, every new year, be it Christian New Year or Hindu, Islam, Parsi, Jain etc. traditional New Year, our view of time will definitely change.

Leaving behind the happy and sad memories of the past year, we enter the time to come with new resolutions.

Looking back at the New Year's Eve this time, what does it look like?

A wave of melancholy returns to our minds before anything is noticed. Over the last couple of years we have experienced the extreme personal torment, the untimely departure of family and loved ones, the rush for oxygen, constant anxiety and fear, the nasty face of death and much more. Life changed completely.

Even the slightest hint of peace after a terrible storm seems to be fading. Life seemed to be in balance, but the new so-called omikron has come to the fore.

The epidemic has taken on a new form like a monster and has begun to bite. Still to be seated. Survival is a big bet.

To move with the times. Recognize the situation, understand it and change your lifestyle accordingly. To create a new one. We can't put it under arms.

According to the line ‘Tell Parth to shoot arrows’, one has to fight against time in every sphere of life.

This is not just optimism or a positive attitude, it is a reality. It is our destiny to be resurrected like the phoenix from the ashes of the past.

Every passing year and entering new year keeps on saying in our ears that time is your friend but it is also the enemy of those who do not respect time. Someone has said good things, bad news is that time flies and good news is that you are the pilot.

You can control time that way. It is necessary to understand the demands of the time and be prepared to adapt accordingly.

We cannot let time slip out of our hands. Deadlines have to be maintained by proper planning of time at each stage.

The rush to finish work that has been postponed until the last minute leaves much to be desired and a turn of remorse. Just as patience is required to take a bath over time, so too is the habit of avoiding laziness or indifference or work.

The old-new years, the whole past and the unknown future to come explain the same thing: understand the value of time, manage time properly, apply the right things learned from past experiences.

New errors are forgivable, repetition of old errors is not acceptable. In a sense the concept of time is abstract. Time cannot be seen with the naked eye, just as we cannot see the air with the naked eye. Time has to feel like air. When its passing is real in events, it has to be interpreted properly and decide the direction ahead.

Thus the air is not visible, but we can see the frequent extensions of the air ripples in the calm lake water.

The presence of air is also felt in the numerous lines drawn by the wind in the desert sand. In the same way, if we want to look at time, we don't have to look anywhere else, just look at the faces that appear in our own childhood photos and then compare them with the faces that appear in the photos we take at each stage of our growing age.

A six-year-old grandson was sitting with his grandfather looking at an album of old photos of him. The grandson showed the photo of Dadaji's childhood and asked, "Grandpa, who is this?" Dada Bokha laughed and said, "I am." In which photo is the wrinkled face of a child and where are the wrinkles on the face and body of the present grandfather.

With the passage of time, the melodious sound of the horses' hooves turns into a hoarse cough of the elderly.

From the burning cheetahs in every cemetery and the graves in the cemetery, time reminds us of something. A few years ago, a few of us friends went to a village in the hinterland of Kutch for a project. At one point the throbbing villages were shattered.

People migrated to other parts of the country to earn money abroad. They were left behind in the village by their closed houses, mediocrity like the Jahojalali sign of the past.

Every closed house had a history of the past, every Maddie wanted to say something. One house was in ruins, open on all sides, the walls of the courtyard collapsed, yet Anne's chain was chained and locked.

I was wondering, what secret of the house that has been opened from all sides is still trying to keep it locked? If you can hear the rumble of houses that have been closed for years, you can know the secret of the past.

There is a history of every past event, there is a story behind every known and unknown ruin. Time carries nothing with it.

We have to solve the signs that are not visible to the naked eye. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding.

Wishing you a Happy New Year.



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