Short Film Reviews: 'Tangled Ever After' (2012) and 'Piper' (2016)

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Short Film Reviews: 'Tangled Ever After' (2012) and 'Piper' (2016)

1. 'Tangled Ever After'

I can't believe I completely forgot about this short. When I was looking up information for the animated series, I found out that it would be taking place between the original film and said short.

This leads me to believe that Tangled Ever After takes place between the moment Rapunzel meets her parents and the huge castle party at the end of the first film. Here, we see Rapunzel and Flynn (now known by his real name, Eugene) finally getting married "after years of asking and asking," according to Eugene. Things go secretly awry, however, when Maximus and Pascal accidentally lose the rings they're supposed to give the about-to-be newlyweds. Will they get them back in time before anyone notices? (Though the real question is, how didn't anybody notice them step out?)

Not only is it hilarious and incredibly creative in just how far the pair goes in retrieving these rings, but I also like how this short doesn't focus so much on the wedding ceremony for once. Disney decided to do something different — particularly with what could go possibly wrong at a wedding — and it totally pays off. It's just a quick little something for the laughs, suspense, and overall cuteness that is enough to light up whatever soul we have left.

Eugene is back with his witty narration (something I forgot to mention in the other review), although we hear Rapunzel speak up more; it's always nice to hear the couple together.

One neat touch that I especially like is when Maximus stays dressed as a female horse after what would've otherwise been a classic throwaway joke you typically see in old cartoons, where the character will go back to their default look immediately in the following scene. It makes the chase for the rings that much funnier.

I just also love the stark contrast between the calm and intimate ceremony inside and the absolute chaos happening outside.

The art style is exactly the same as the first, and the animation is just as great. The musical cues are on point as always, and the same great (applicable) cast is back. Though speaking of which, I guess the only "drawback" (though more of a nitpick) is, while it's a "what if" situation, the mother's voice doesn't really suit her. While they're at it, I'm surprised the father didn't get any lines himself.

Oh, well. It definitely won't distract you from the epic hilarity of this speedy little number.

2. 'Piper'

When I found out that Piper got released about half a year ago on YouTube, I was so happy that I got to refresh my memory and finally do a review for it.

Piper is a short film that was released with Finding Dory in theatres, and it's seriously the most adorable thing ever.

It's about the sweetest little sandpiper you ever did see learning to fly and gather food on its own, with the encouragement of its equally as sweet mother.

Little things like this remind us how fascinating it is to just sit and watch animals interact in their natural habitat. Okay, I know these animals are personified; but considering how routine our human lives tend to be, it's refreshing to observe other organisms living their lives and how interesting it might actually be to view the world from their perspective.

Something as simple as a small tidal wave coming up to the shore can be so dramatic and scary at first when you're as tiny as Piper, but then curiosity and wonder get the better of you once you actually go through the experience. That's precisely what happens with Piper. I think the short does a great job showing how Piper actually has to get out of the mindset that it will always be fed by its mother, and that it never has to leave the nest.

The other thing that I especially like here is how pleasant the mother is towards her chick. Sure, she doesn't give in to its wishes, but is incredibly patient when encouraging Piper to join the rest of their flock on shore.

The art style and animation are absolutely clean, flawless, and definitely look like that midway point between cartoon and real life. The sound also really helps to give weight to the characters and environment, and the comedic cues are perfect. The animals — especially Piper — are cute beyond belief.

I adore the expressions on Piper. You can always tell how it's feeling, and it all somehow looks so realistic. It's that Disney Pixar magic, man. My favourite moments are when Piper is happy-go-lucky, and when its determined to make it to the shore without incident.

Those who saw Finding Dory in theatres will have seen — and obviously enjoyed — Piper. But if you haven't, fire up YouTube and be prepared for even more overloaded cuteness.

Mimo le Singe
Mimo le Singe
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