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Sally and Tara turn up the heat on Summer on 'The Young and the Restless'

by Cheryl E Preston 2 months ago in entertainment

The duo has formed an alliance and will not stop until they run Kyle's fiance out of town.

Tara and Sally will meet at Chancellor Park on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS and attempt to finalize their plot to get Kyle to fall in love with his baby mama. Sally suggests that when Summer takes the job out of the country it will be her own doing. It sounds like Ms. Spectra believes that she and her accomplice will apply the screws until Summer is so distraught that she runs away. Phyllis will talk to her daughter and advise her to keep her eyes on Tara even saying that Mrs. Locke reminds her of herself and Kyle's mother Diane.

Tara will later talk with Summer and try to push her to say that she will not get in the way of Kyle bonding with his son. SKyle were together long before Tara Locke came to Genoa City and she really has no right to make demands on Summer. Those who watch THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESSa are stunned that Summer seems to have lost her courage and is shrimking each time she has an encounter with Harrison's mom.

This is not the same Summer Newman who took Kyle away from Lola and makes her look like a shell of her former self. It is disturbing to see Summer looking like she is intimidated and will cry at any moment. Tara says she has a proposition for her rival for Kyle's affection and in the meantime, Sally is sealing the deal with Eric Forrester to get Summer that job abroad. It's not clear what Sally and Tara have cooked up but they know they must act prior to the wedding and stop it from taking place.

Viewers of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS desire to see Summer display more of her mother's temperament and deal with Tara Locke head-on. It's understandable that she does not want to do anything to hurt her future stepson or upset his father and Tara is taking full advantage. Spoilers tease that Tara will threaten to keep Harrison away from Kyle unless Summer leaves Genoa City and that soon after she will get the job offer from Miln, The lengths Sally and Tara are willing to go to is unreal and Y&R fans want them busted right away. Sally and Tara feel empowered and Summer feels she is treading on thin ice.

Summer should be able to put two and two together and realize that Spectra and Locke are working together. She should go right to Kyle and warn him but this probably is not how she will handle the situation. Those who watch THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS know that Hunter King has often had primetime projects. They may be wondering if Tara's proposition and the job in Milan are a way to get Summer out of Genoa City while King works on another series.

There are simply too many loose ends to this storyline and no way to tell where it is headed. Ashland is dying of lung cancer and has not mentioned the DNA test he ordered. Some Y&R fans believe the second test will indicate that Locke is the father of Harrison. No one but Victoria knows that a second test was ordered but the results have been sidelined because of Ashland's health. Summer taking off for a new job under these circumstances is certainly possible considering her emotional state at this point but Skyle fans are hoping she will stay in town and fight.

Spoilers have suggested that Tara is hiding some type of secret and viewers want to see her as well as Sally Spectra to be blown out of the water. If Harrison really is Kyle's son he will be staying in the picture. Jack andKyle would not want to see the boy separated from his mother which seems to indicate that Tara will be sticking around. Many who watch THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS are hoping that somehow things work out so that Summer and Kyle can get married and Sally and Tara get what's coming to them so stay tuned.

Cheryl E Preston
Cheryl E Preston
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