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Rumors are flying that Elizabeth Hendrickson is leaving The Young and the Restless

The actress shared that she has a audition coming up which has some fans believing her days in Genoa City are numbered.

By Cheryl E PrestonPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Elizabeth Hendrickson's status is in question again

Elizabeth Hendrickson's first soap role was in 2001 portraying twins Maggie and Frankie Stone on All My Children. She joined the cast of The Young and the Restless in 2008 as Chloe Mitchell and remained until 2017. She was briefly on General Hospital as Margeaux Dawson from 2018-2019 and returned to Y&R that same year.

Since her return Chloe has not been in any front-burner storylines and has been a scene filler and a sidekick to Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) and Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan). This has troubled fans of the talented actress who were hoping to see more of her but now there are rumors that she might be leaving the CBS series.

Y&R put the actress on recurring status

This past summer fans were concerned about the status of the soap vet and she revealed to Michael Fairman in August that she was no longer on contract with The Young and the Restless but still on the show. Now fans are certain the actress is moving on because of a recent Instagram post. Hendrickson only said she has an audition coming up but many Y&R viewers believe she is walking away the CBS soap and say they don't blame her.

Fans love the Baldwin/Fisher family

Y&R viewers were excited to see Chloe, Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc), Gloria Fisher (Judith Chapman), Lauern Baldwin (Tracey E Bregman), and Kevin Fisher (Geg Rikaart) having Thanksgiving dinner together. Some fans believed this meant the Fisher/Baldwin family would be back in action in Genoa City but they were not. Rikaart is in a front-burner storyline on Days of Our Lives as Leo Stark so he will not be leaving anytime soon. There has been no explanation of why Chapman is not a regular on the soap.

Fans should note that Hendrickson did not say she was leaving but only that she had an interview. It could be that since she is not on contract she needs to make some extra money. When celebrities are vague on social media it leads to spoilers and fans drawing their own conclusions. Those who watch The Young and the Restless don't understand why fan favorites are underutilized and the writers don't give them more screen time.

Y&R has gone back to the long past

In addition to not utilizing Chloe and her loved ones The Young and the Restless fired fan favorite Doug Davidson a few years back and fan complaints did not lead to his character Paul Williams returning to Genoa City. Instead of writing storylines for the cast they already have Y&R has been bringing back characters from the long past.

The most recent is J. Eddie Peck (Cloe Howard) who has been gone since 1996. Mamie Johnson (Veronica Red) has also returned to Genoa City after many years away. Danny Romolatti (Michael Damien) and Vail Bloom (Heather Stevens have also returned to Genoa City. The disconnect between the writers and the fans has been evident for the past several years.

When will we see the family gathered again?

Elizabeth Hendrickson's Instagram page still lists her as portraying Chloe Mitchell on The Young and the Restless. Fans should not put too much into the rumors unless the actress says she is no longer with the CBS soap. She was kind enough to update her concerned fans in August so we shoudl trust she will do so again if necessary. Hopefully, we will see Chloe again before the next big family event. Prior to Thanksgiving the last time the Baldwin/Fishers were all together was when Lauren was beign honored during the 40th anniversary of Tracey E, Bregman.


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