Red Moscato and Murder Podcasts

The perfect pairing is cheap wine and listening to graphic entertainment.

Red Moscato and Murder Podcasts
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The Perfect Pairing

Most people pair their fancy wines with some delicious food and take pictures for their twitter accounts or something of that nature. However, us normal people are wearing sweatpants, at home with a huge glass of cheap wine, and tuning into Netflix or in my case podcasts. More specifically, murder podcasts because who doesn't like a good murder story? I know I do, especially the creepy heinous ones. No one can seem to explain why murder documentaries are so addictive but we all know secretly its our guilty pleasure, and wine too. Therefore, the perfect-sweet yet affordable-pairing is undoubtedly Barefoot Red Moscato wine, and a good gruesome murder podcast.

More On Moscato

Moscato is a wine made from the Muscat grape, with a sweet citrus and core-fruit palette. The Muscat grapes that are later made into Moscato are described to have an intense grape and citrus aroma. These grapes are picked for freshness, immediately pressed and frozen to later be made into Moscato wine. Moscato is normally a white wine and sometimes gold in color. In this case red fruit flavors are added to give off that blood red appearance that is crucial to our murder podcast pairing.

Barefoot Red Moscato

The Wine

I can't speak for everyone but I know I have to drink on a budget. I enjoy too much wine throughout the week to buy lavish and expensive wines. There are several affordable options at popular stores, however, I mostly buy the Barefoot brand. I chose this wine because it is incredibly sweet, like most Moscato wines, and contains notes of red fruit flavors. Moscato is relatively low on alcohol content as are Barefoot brand wines. This means you're still able to get up from your chair and whoop the kids for interrupting your podcasts. However, if you are enjoying a couple of bottles of this wine then maybe not so much.

The Best Murder Podcasts on Spotify and Patreon

Murder & Wine Podcasts

Podcasts are truly the best form of entertainment because you can listen in while doing your daily activities. I can listen to any of these while stuffing my face, folding laundry, gaming, and even while writing this article! Murder podcasts specifically, however, are the best podcasts. Listed above are some of my top favorite murder podcasts. Some of these also include some conspiracy theories and paranormal activity. Anything that gives you the chills are going to be in these four podcasts. I also might have naturally ordered them, what in my opinion, are the best.

If you've watched all the murder documentaries on Netflix these podcasts cover a wide range of brutal cases. Most of which are not as popular and some well known cases, all of them not sparing any details! Just because you can't see it doesn't mean you're not getting the picture, however, most of these podcasts also have Patreon so you're able to get a view some of these gruesome cases too!

Not only are these podcasts graphic but they are truly entertaining. You will find them to be humorous, informational and maybe sometimes political which is just fine with me. The wonderful people that hosts these podcasts have an amazing sense of humor but also have that strange addiction to murder and horror just like we do. They do all this while enjoying different types of wine each episode and the drunker they get, the funnier the episode!


If you fancy lounging around the house while drinking cheap wine and tuning into murder documentaries, this is the answer. There is nothing better than crawling into bed, smothered by blankets, a large bottle of red Moscato and a chilling murder podcast to sweeten your night. Podcasts are the future and if you've binged through all there is to watch on tv, then start with these four podcasts. You will not be disappointed, not with this perfect pair. Enjoy!

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