Overbites, movies and the Doom patrol

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Amazing shows to binge and why I chose to love them.

Overbites, movies and the Doom patrol
Credits: Garnet Fraser

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, and we were all told to stay in, so that nice, old ladies don't become ill and die a horrible death, a lot of people started whining. What about our haircuts? My bunny needs a trim. Their animal pet rabbit they meant. My stomach is getting flabby, some said. Nancy, you were already fat, the lockdown just gave you an excuse. If you hadn't gone to the gym for months before the pandemic, now is not the time to protest about being unable to. Hence, I shall give you some nice recommendations to binge watch, that I'm sure you all will adore. So you guys can sit that beautiful ass down, and relax instead of worrying about the outside. Shall we dive in?

We will, don't worry, but first I shall tell you all, why I started watching them in the first place. I bet you are all excited to know. Right... Right? No? Fine.

Growing up, me and my brother played a game. If we could run from the top of the balcony stairs to the basement before the other counted to 15, and stayed in for exactly 10 mins alone in the dark, we would win. My brother always was the one to crumble first, haunted by shadows, and seeing faces that didn't exist. He would cry out, calling for mother and always lose.

''It's all in your head, dumbo!''. I say, thumping him on the shoulder for his troubles.

''Ouch, it's not. Salma said a woman lives there. Her husband had done killed her, right in our basement, for running off with her lover. Now her soul is trapped, so she cries for her beloved in the night.'' He says in a forlorn voice. Talk about creepy.

''There is no such thing as a ghost.'' I say determinedly, but deep inside, I wasn't so sure. That shivery feeling you get when you wake up suddenly in your bed in the night, not knowing what woke you up? That must be Saif's ghost. I went off towards Salma's room, the first room from the balcony, to confront her about the story. She inhabited it like all maids that worked at our house did before her. It always smelt of cinnamon and Agar batti. She said it was to ward off the smell, I however suspected she wanted to ward off evil spirits, or particularly this ghost woman she had been talking about, to Saif. I stood in front of her door, and stared at the peeling paint on it, debating whether I should knock or not, when I hear something.

Somebody was crying. I open the door a peak and see only darkness. I gather my courage, and try opening it further, heart in my throat, when suddenly a voice screams in my ear.


I scream. My hands go over my eyes shutting the sight of a woman with long hair coming at me. When a lot of time passes without any ghost attacking me, I become suspicious and look up. It's Salma, snickering in her hand, while Saif stands behind her, roaring in laughter.

There is a smell, I sniff... a very bad smell indeed. I turn to my brother.

He got so scared by my scream, he went in his pants. The way he's laughing at me, you would have never known, he was such a brave 7 year older. However, like all respectable older sisters, I let him have his moment. For 10 whole seconds, anyway.

That incident didn't exactly make me stop believing in ghosts, I actually started going after them more. Determined to unveil if there was such a thing as a paranormal incident. Horror movies and shows were my favourite growing up. I could simply unwind in them, and forget reality. The adrenaline rush, when I will them to turn those damned eyes around, and not go outside alone, swathed only in their nighties? Impressive.

GHOUL (Season 1)

Heavenhorror article image from Ghoul show

The dentist in me was quaking. Look at that overbite. Imagine this crawling from beneath your bed at night, when you're so tired you could just doze off. The thought of going back to sleep is tempting, while this guy chomps on your leg, because your boss is worse. Isn't that right, Nancy?

I don't know about Nancy, but I'll be skedaddling out of my room so fast, I would have whiplash. This image was imprinted on my mind for days, after watching this show.

Image may be subjected to copyright.

A sectarian government is in place, and Nida Rahim is trying to survive in this world, with all the ambition of a young, brilliant soldier. A new prisoner arrives at a military detention centre. Nida Rahim, who is still struggling with grief, has her work cut out for her. The new prisoner is displaying eery behaviour and she's been tasked to interrogate him. Her pursuance of truth, reveals dark secrets, as she wades through her guilt as well, as her fellows'. It's a must-watch for horror fans.

Ghoul is described as an evil spirit or demon. Nadia, not only has to battle outside forces but also inner ones. Somebody has betrayed her trust, but who?

This was the first horror show aired by netflix in India. I was excited to have more brown representation, I admit. The actress played the role very convincingly, hence I was sold. It is available on Netflix.

Coming down to Doom Patrol, may I start it's review by this gem?

''Ready for a story about superheroes? Ugh. More TV superheroes, just what the world needs. Be honest, have you hung yourself yet? Or, what if I told you this was actually a story about super-zeroes? Losers, achingly pathetic meta-human goose eggs. How about it? Ready to feel better about your own miserable lives for the next hour or so? Follow me.'' (Mr. Nobody from Doom Patrol.)

The Doom Patrol (2019)

Image by DC universe

We all grew up going all gooey, when 'The mummy' actor Brendon Fraser swooped in to save the day, but then he seemed to simply disappear? He was in School Ties in 1992, and in Encino Man, Airheads in 1994, George of the Jungle in 1997, and finally in The Mummy in 1999.

''Once upon a time, my world was big and filled with monsters. But now the world is small… And I am the monster.'' (Dr. Harrison, Doom patrol)

Brendon Fraser says the HFPA's Philip Berk assaulted him at the Beverly Hills Hotel in the summer of 2003. He retreated from public life after this incident, and also blames it for derailing his career. In his words, ''The phone does stop ringing in your career, and you start asking yourself why. There’s many reasons, but was this one of them? I think it was.”

To be ostracized as such, when you're a victim, must have been terribly hard for him, but now he's back with Doom Patrol, as Robotman.

Set in 1989, Doom patrol follows a team of superheroes whose life have been traumatised by incidents, that have left them scarred and disfigured. Each of them have superhuman abilities, that ostracizes them from normal humans. They come together to investigate the world's strange occurrences, and that's where it picks up. An entity known as Cyborg, comes to them with a mission that will change their lives forever.

I loved the show, it was nicely put together. Brenden Fraser does his character justice, and I loved watching him on screen again. It is available on DC universe and HBO.

Honorable hidden gem mention:

Kids In The Hall.

The first episode aired in 1988, while the final did in 1994. It was a hilarious show about a group of guys who play both male and female characters themselves. My favourite scene was the head crusher (Hospital scene).A definite watch for all things hilarious.

Credits: Jack Giroux

They were hilarious and they need to make a comeback!

TYRANT (3 seasons)

Credits: IMDB

Shot in a high paced environment, and based loosely on the president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, 'Tyrant' is a great show to watch. It follows, Bassam (played by actor Adam Rayner), who is the son of a middle-eastern dictator. He is a paediatrician in Los angeles, and returns to his country Baladi, for his nephews wedding. We see a lot of tension between Barry and his dictator father, who is famously feared by all.

His sudden death causes pandemonium. Barry is forced to stay in his country, as his brother comes into power. We see the subtle change, as Barry a gentle person tries to appeal to his brother volatile nature. I loved the picturesque setting, and the subtlety of the director in drawing the audience towards the series. I was sucked in from the start, because I loved the theme. However, season 4 of the show was cancelled. It is the general hope that it will be picked up by Netflix or Hulu so that it can reach the potential it deserves.

"The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress." Let us show those who oppress us that there is no limit to our endurance. They cannot break us. They cannot break us. They cannot break us!'' -Daliah, from the show Tyrant.

It was a great show. I loved and cried with the characters, and cheered for them when they won. Daliah was my favourite character. She was the perfect blend of kind, brave and beautiful. I feel like this show didn't get the credit it deserved, in terms of storytelling abilities, and creativity. Picking a hard topic like the Syria war, and putting a spin on it by making a series, so that we can have an in depth view was extraordinary. I loved the representation the Syrian culture got in Tyrant, and it made me understand a lot of things that I missed while following the senseless violence happening in Syria through media.

So these are my favourite shows. What are yours?


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