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Oscar Awards 2023: Learn more about the 5 movies nominated for Best International Film

Moviegoers love all kinds of movies and international cinema is an opportunity to broaden the mind in terms of aesthetic taste

By Ninfa BiPublished about a month ago ā€¢ 3 min read
Oscar Awards 2023

On March 12, the Academy Award delivers the Oscars where the best of cinema is honored, in this case the films released in 2022.

Below, learn more about the 5 films nominated for Best International Film.

The Quiet Girl, Colm Baired, Ireland

The Quiet Girl is an Irish film in Gaelic language, which tells the story of the changes experienced by a girl who comes from a dysfunctional family. Maria is sent to a foster home where she learns about other forms of emotional expression. She comes from a family where the father is an alcoholic and compulsive gambler. The mother does not care for her daughter properly, preferring to focus on her own internal conflicts. The story is well narrated, the tensions and secrets surrounding the plot leave open channels creating an unexpected ending.

EO, Jerzy Skolimowsky, Poland

EO is a Polish film that centers its plot around a donkey, who narrates various conflicts that Europe is currently going through. The donkey is confiscated from a circus by health authorities due to an animal protection ordinance. The donkey undergoes various experiences such as escapes from places of confinement, an imprisonment to be sold to a slaughterer and a final pious rescue from which the donkey also flees because he longs for his past. EO is considered a metaphor for the refugees and displaced people who arrive in Europe and never end up finding a place to settle and never manage to control their destiny.

Close, Lukas Dhont, Belgium

Close is a Belgian film about the friendship of two young boys in a rural setting. The film deals with difficult issues such as bullying, the fear of being singled out as a different person and the disciplining power of the group. All these factors generate actions that trigger irreparable tragedy. The story reveals how seemingly insignificant events can become terrifying if one does not have a good critical sense to analyze what is happening.

All Quiet On The Western Front, Edward Berger, Germany

All Quiet on the Western Front is a German film that tells the story of Paul Baumer, a 17-year-old boy who decides to join the German army to fight in World War I. His parents are against their son's decision, but he goes ahead with his determination. His parents are against their son's decision, but he goes ahead with his determination. Once Paul is in combat he realizes how atrocious war is and questions his own decision. He and his friends must deal with despair, chaos, poor relationships with their superiors and the violent deaths of their comrades. This terrible circumstance generates profound changes in Paul's way of being.

All Quiet on the Front Line has eight Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best International Film. This film is the second adaptation of the novel of the same name, written by Erich Maria Remarke. The first adaptation in 1930 won the Oscar for Best Picture.

Argentina, 1985, Santiago Mitre, Argentina

Argentina, 1985 is an Argentine film that tells the story of the prosecutors Luis Moreno Ocampo and Juan Strassera in the Trial of the Military Juntas of the last civil-military dictatorship that took place in the country. The film has to deal with hard issues such as the forced disappearance of 30,000 people, torture, kidnappings, baby theft, among other atrocities. These events took place during the last Argentinean dictatorship, which occurred between 1974 and 1983.

Argentina, 1985 narrates the strategy of two brave prosecutors to carry out the trial that put the commanders of the last military dictatorship in the dock for crimes against humanity. The film focuses on the relationship between the two prosecutors and will also show stories that are not so well known of different people who were involved in this unprecedented judicial process in the world.

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  • Martha Ball25 days ago

    This was a great overview of the contenders this year - now I know what to add to my watch list!

  • Satheesh Potti26 days ago

    Nice write up on the Oscar's. I have written a small article in the International films on Oscar, this time around. Please do read through and provide your comments.

  • It's so inspiring seeing movies from all over the world having an opportunity for glory. Don't forget to check out my newest article about flying an airplane!

  • Laura29 days ago

    It is great to see such a diverse range of international films being recognized at the Academy Awards. Each film seems to have a unique and important message that it portrays, ranging from issues such as emotional expression, animal rights, bullying, war, and human rights abuses. It is also interesting to see how these films explore different themes and approaches, from personal stories to historical events, and through different narrative styles. It is important to recognize the role of cinema in bringing attention to important social and political issues, and how films can create empathy and understanding across different cultures and perspectives. The Academy Awards provides a platform for these important stories to be shared and celebrated, and for filmmakers to be recognized for their artistic achievements. I am excited to see the impact that these films will have, both in terms of raising awareness of important issues and inspiring future filmmakers to continue exploring important topics through their art.

  • suman mohan30 days ago

    Very nice and interesting!

  • Moraabout a month ago

    I want to watch Close, it has an interesting plot.

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