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Should we celebrate, question, or be worried?


UPDATE: Oli London has uploaded a video to his YouTube & Instagram. Some Twitter reactions to the video are down below.

March 22, 2020, Oli London decided to deactivate his Twitter account.

Now…WHO exactly is Oli London?

Oli London on the Dr. Phil Show

To sum it up, he is a man who paid thousands of dollars to get plastic surgery in order to look like Jimin from BTS *more Asian* and was allegedly stalking him for some time. He even went as far as going to Vegas and marrying his cardboard cutout of Jimin! Honestly, that’s a little weird. Getting these surgeries and attempting to become a Kpop Idol himself allowed him to gain some fame after appearing on TV shows like Dr. Phil & YouTube Channels. He then began to show interest in Idols from other groups. This was greatly upsetting for many fans as some genuinely feared for their idols’ safety while others trolled Oli and didn’t take him too seriously.

The hashtag, #OliLondonDeactivatedParty, started trending on Twitter.

No one was sure why he deleted his Twitter account but Kpop stans from several groups immediately celebrated. Within the hashtag, thousands of Kpop fans united and partied together with no fan wars to be seen, which rarely happens. Let's be honest here...That's probably not going to last very long.

Some tweeted fancams, followed other accounts, and cheered about Oli’s disappearance stating things like “our idols are safe now! Or “It’s about time!”

Then you had some people being really extra about it by posting things like this:

Someone even jumped at the opportunity to take Oli’s old Twitter username! They just snatched up the name and everything! (@OliLondonTV) That was quick! No hesitation at all...

Oli is mostly known for his plastic surgery story or obsessing over idols. Supposedly, that’s not the only thing he’s done. According to some Kpop fan accounts, he’s had some moments of toxic behavior as well:

Instead of handling this situation maturely, Oli decided that it’s okay to “put someone in their place” by making ignorant Islamophobic comments. Then when a fan asked him about it, he contradicted himself by stating he respects people’s beliefs: Which is proven to be false due to the first tweet.

How do ya'll feel about the person calling him "Oppa"? ....

He has previously shown that he’s quite arrogant about his music career. He seems to enjoy pointing out the same “two Top 40 Hits” constantly. He even started throwing little amounts of shade to put down newcomer Kpop artist, Lana:

Wow...I'm not the only one who feels the shade there, right?

I'm a bit new to this whole "Idol" thing but doesn't it take more than two hits to be one?

Not paying artists for their work: (Hope they figured this out)

Other Strange Comments: (I pray this is sarcasm.)

Despite this, some didn’t seem as willing to cheer about Oli’s disappearance. A few of these people were hoping he’s getting the help he needs or didn't see him as a huge threat. Some weren’t satisfied with his Twitter being gone. They wanted Oli to leave Instagram and YouTube as well.

Later that day, Oli finally made a post on his Instagram stating he left Twitter due to toxic fandoms and bullying.

Update: A few days after deleting his Twitter, Oli London uploaded a video to his Instagram and YouTube.

Here are some of the Twitter responses to Oli’s video. These responses were calling him out for being a hypocrite and stating all the wrongs he has done. But some have admitted that the hate and death threats went too far.

What do you think of this whole situation? Should fans really be THIS happy about him deactivating? Does Oli London deserve to be treated like this? Or do you feel bad for him and worry about his mental health?

You can answer these questions be leaving comments on my twitter (@sharvaSM) and Instagram (@sharva.sm). I want to hear your opinions about this.

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