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Netflix’s Work It Barely Makes it Worth it to Watch

by sephone 6 months ago in movie

Contains some spoilers!

I’m not professionally qualified to rate movies, however I can spot a bad movie 10 miles away - Work It is one of them. I have made at least three different pieces about the movie industry and all have gotten some pretty good views and feedback from readers; so I must be onto something here.

First off, I will begin with what I liked about the movie: the fashion, the comedy, and diversity. Work It features different ethnic backgrounds that got decent amount of screen time. Additionally, these characters did not have cheesy, stereotypical scripts. Nor were they the butt of a micro-aggression joke. I’m sure we can all think of a teenage/young adult movie that harbor these qualities: Mean Girls is one that comes in mind for me.

Work It actually embraces these different ethic backgrounds by not addressing it at all. The characters are humans going to high school learning how to dance. That’s it. That is what I love about it and that is what works.

And a brief mention of the fashion — it’s killer. The comedy works well in this movie as well. In fact, it is what really carried the movie through to the end, in my opinion.

Here is what I did not like about the movie: the script, the predictability, the “romance”; basically everything else besides the fashion, comedy, and diversity. Allow me to expand on this:

1. The Script: if you are a long time reader of mine, specifically for my movie pieces, you know that I have an Achille’s heel over scripts. If the script is trash, the movie is trash — it is law of mine that has not failed me in my assessments of movie quality. The script was extremely predictable. The plot of the movie is essentially “underdogs”, which is understood, however why not explore and dig deeper into these plots? I no longer wish to see movies where I know the outcome already within the first five minutes. Seriously. With Work It, you can disgustingly tell the outcome right off the bat.

2. The “Romance”: As soon as Jake Taylor lays eyes on Quinn, you can instantly tell that the two would end up in a relationship. Maybe the obviousness was on purpose, but again, I do not like predictability. It is incredibly boring and that is the exact feeling I had towards the Quinn and Jake relationship. It felt inorganic, forced, and quick (notable mention: this has nothing to do with the actor and actress, they played their roles lovely!). As their romance budded, the forced, inorganic feeling grew more (spoiler alert) after Jake had ghosted on Quinn after he lost his job. And how he came back into her life made me lose my mind: he watched Priya’s live stream. What?!

3. The “Basically Everything Else”: The movie is meant to be light-hearted, funny, and modern; which is done well. The opening of the movie is creative and draws you in: you have the nerdy girl with a perfect 4.0 GPA with a best friend that is pretty much the exact opposite, but they work. It was the moment where Jas challenged Isaiah aka Julliard to a dance battle out of nowhere that made me feel awkward; as if I was there in person. Even in the end, (spoiler alert) after all of the tries Isaiah and his team attempted to drag down TBD, he had a complete 360 change of heart out of nowhere. What occurred for him to change literally so suddenly? Was it his acceptance into the same school as Jas is what made him change? Perhaps in post there were scenes that explained this that just did not make the cut, but it did because what did make the cut was very fake and sudden, it threw me off. 

I can continue, but I prefer to keep my pieces short and digestible. Work It, in general, is not worth it to watch from my perspective. However, if you find yourself with nothing to do, then absolutely watch it for the comedy (and the fashion). It is a cute movie that makes you chuckle, a bit corny sometimes, but hey, we all like a little corny sometimes, right? The dance scenes are also enjoyable to watch. I looked forward to the dance scenes more than anything; just don’t compare it to the Step Up franchise!

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