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NBC’s 'Manifest'

by Logan M. Snyder 4 years ago in review
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Theory and Episode 7 & 8 Recap

NBC’s Manifest is a show that focuses on a flight that disappeared mid-flight for five and a half years and how the passengers move on with their lives.

The seventh episode was about the character Ben taking an entry-level job he was over qualified for to investigate the Unified Dynamic Systems, through their accounting, in an attempt to locate the missing passengers. This works as he’s able to download the information he needs, but the USB he downloaded it onto is taken by NSA director Vance. Ben finds one of the passengers was Fiona Clarke, a scientist who believes and experimented with the idea that the human mind could connect with others.

The rest of the episode mostly consisted of Ben’s daughter Olive going rock climbing with Ben’s wife's ex-boyfriend Danny. Michaela is investigating a robbery-murder. The teen whose uncle was killed in the robbery claims he can’t identify the killer and couldn’t find the gun. Michaela sees through this and helps capture the killer. She then learns that the teen had an accident where he needed a heart transplant and received Michaela’s best friend's heart after the accident.

The episode ends with Ben and Michaela talking and they see a picture that Ben’s son Cal had drawn, days before, of the boy with a large heart on him. NSA director Vance telling the rest of his team that he didn’t get anything off of Ben.

The eighth episode focused on Ben working with NSA director Vance to solve the mystery of the missing passengers after Vance admits to believing Ben. They're able to get Fiona Clarke to plant a listening device in the office at Unified Dynamic Systems. With the listening device and his new job, Ben and Vance are able to figure out which one building in Brooklyn the rest of the passengers were moved to.

Michaela’s story focuses on her learning that Jared and her best friend Lourdes (Jared’s wife) are going to be trying to have a baby, and Michaela decides she has to move on with her life too. At the police station she is sent to deal with a man standing on a roof because they are both passengers from the flight, so she might be able to convince him not to jump. The man ends up jumping. When Michaela and Jared go looking for reasons why in his apartment, they find “I am the angel of death” written with red paint on his wall. They find out that days before he was at a bar and telling people of the “calling” he could hear. Two of the people he told had died from being hit by a bus and the other had a heart attack. The bartender who Michaela and Jared asked about the night he was at the bar, also later in the episode died from an electric wire touching a metal dumpster that she touched when throwing away the trash and died. So Michaela thinks that everyone who finds out about the passengers hearing callings is dying so Jared and Ben’s wife will die soon too.

The rest of the cast didn’t have a lot in the episode with Cal going back to school for the first time and Olive making sure it went smoothly. The episode ended with the Vance and Ben finding the location of the missing passengers and the experiment is getting ready to begin again.

The show is moving further away from it being an alien abduction like I was thinking and more into it being a private company experiment. But if that’s the case, I can’t figure out how they managed to get the plane out of the sky—and then put it back into flight, without being noticed by anyone or radar.

Thanks for following along. Let me know on Twitter @theLoganMSnyder if you’re watching the show and what you think is going on.


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