My Wish List for 'Legacies' Season 2

by Michanda Jackson 4 months ago in tv

What I want to see in 'Legacies' season 2

My Wish List for 'Legacies' Season 2

MG Backstory

In season 1 we learned that MG’s mother was the leader of the triad, and his father has very strict religious beliefs. With his mother aware of the supernatural world one of the main questions a lot of fans have is: how did MG end up becoming a vampire in the first place? Considering his family legacy you’d think his mom would’ve done everything in her power to keep such a thing from happening. His father made it clear that MG’s death happened somewhere public. So with no way to hide his true nature from the world his mother sent to the Salvatore school. A backstory on how he got into contact with a vampire and got blood in his system would be interesting to see. After all he is one of the main characters, and I think fans would love to see how it all started.

Landon Phoenix Powers

It took 13 episodes for us to find out exactly what Landon was, and the big reveal didn’t disappoint at all. Landon is a Phoenix, one of the most powerful myths in folklore. So far the only power we’ve seen him capable of is resurrection, and while that is a very cool power, that can’t be the only thing that he is capable of—we’ve seen a lady turn into an actual dragon. So it would be cool to see if Landon could do the same while it's going to take time for him to discover and learn how to control his new powers. It’d be cool to see if he had any progress over the time jump. While no one expects him to be in full control he should at least have discovered some new ability. In season 1 they didn’t have much time to elaborate on his supernatural nature, or jump into a training simulation. That’s one of the main topics that should be tackled in season 2.

A Visit From Uncle Kai

In the final episode of season one it was discovered that Josie nabbed the ascendant from Alaric’s office. Now the twins don’t know what it does but it won’t take too much research before they find out. With that said the creator of the show has been hinting at Kai’s return for the longest, and the twins stealing the ascendant just sets up it perfectly. The only question remains is that do we see Kai escape from the prison world, or do the twins travel there themselves to see if their psychopathic uncle can help them with the merge? While the latter might be a lot more dangerous and kind of crazy for the twins to attempt, it would make a cool episode plus it’d make sense that the twins wouldn’t want to release uncle Kai from the prison. So why not travel there themselves? Either way Kai making an appearance needs to happen.

What Became of Malivore

Hope sacrificed herself to destroy Malivore but it’s already been revealed that she isn’t dead and neither is Clarke. So it makes fans wonder did she succeed in successfully killing Malivore, and if she did what happen to all the monsters and humans inside of him? My theory is that everyone was released but the writers have revealed that while Hope and Clark aren’t dead. Both of them are stuck inside like another dimension, so does that mean the same thing happened to the other monsters? Will Landon’s mother make a dramatic comeback?

New Monsters

The monster of the week trend worked really well in season 1 and it should be continued in season two. It is the main thing that sets the show apart from its predecessors Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Obviously the Malivore pit is gone but that doesn’t mean the monsters should be gone to. The number one theory I have is that with Malivore being destroyed is that maybe every monster and human inside it was released. Not to mention it was revealed that not every monster was sucked inside in the pit when they introduced the Gorgon, and that leads to another topic. Will Alaric, or the new headmaster be willing to let new and unknown supernatural creatures in school?

The Return of Penelope Park

I think this goes without saying but Penelope Park needs to come back to the show because who didn’t fall in love with her character? Not to mention it would be interesting to see if a fan’s theory about her teaming up with Caroline to finding a way to stop the merge come true. This would be great considering it could open the door for Caroline to make her return even if it’s not at school. Caroline and Penelope teaming up to hunt down some artifact or book that could potentially prevent the merge from needing to happen. Would make a great episode and open the door for Penelope to go back to the Salvatore school. Revealing that even when a thousand miles apart, she was still thinking of and helping Josie because this is just a love fans don’t want to die yet. Penelope Park was the perfect combination of Damon and Katherine and we need her back.

New Teachers

In season one the school only had three known teachers and only one was part of the supernatural world, and Emma took a vacation. While I get that you don’t want to add to many characters it wouldn’t hurt to see the vampires have an actual vampire to look up to. Or the pack of werewolves have a real adult leader who could teach them to how to control their angry outbursts. Emma made a good point with Alaric not being able to control the students, and with him possibly stepping down as headmaster. This would be the perfect opportunity to introduce a new teacher

Michanda Jackson
Michanda Jackson
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