My Review of Episode 6 of the series HELLO STRANGER

The episode title is heartbreak but there are scenes which saved us from feeling that heartbreak.

My Review of Episode 6 of the series HELLO STRANGER

Love is a trap in which even if we know that if we fall in it, we will get hurt but still, we get attracted to it. Sometimes the pain is too much to bear. The same is shown the 6th episode of the series ‘Hello Strangers’. This episode begins with a cover song performed by Xavier known as ’KHAHIT NA ANONG SABIHIN NG IBA ’; it is a Philippines love song. After the song ends, Xavier says that this song was dedicated to someone special and he talks to his conscience that what is happening to him? Without his knowledge how much Mico has affected him?

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In the flashback, it can be seen that when Xavier and Mico decided to meet up, actually it was because of Xavier’s birthday but they couldn’t celebrate. So Mico surprised him by sending a cake and a note wishing him happy birthday. This scene was cute and surprising in the same way because I always thought that Mico is the only one who is in love with Xavier while Xavier is just being friendly with Mico but this scene came to me as a great surprise. I was so happy when Xavier said ‘it is you’ (the song is dedicated to you). I screamed out because things were going unexpectedly well but all my moments turned into dust after that.


Mico asked Xavier whether he is kidding due to which Xavier got second thoughts about whether it is correct time to confess or not so he backed out by saying that he was kidding. The worst thing was when Xavier said it is for Crystal and Mico advised that he should upload it online so that he can repair his relationship with Crystal. This scene broke my heart and it made me angry also. Really! After all these times they spent together and now it is the time to show some courage but I know that it is easy to say in words rather than implementing in actions. I became satisfied at the scene where Mico reconciles with his friends and accepts that he is in love with Xavier but I felt that he should have confessed his love to Xavier first then should have informed his friends but still what Mico could have done when his friends cornered him like that. One after another, scenes were getting more depressed of Mico and Xavier. To add more to depression, Mico started distancing himself from Xavier. In another scene, it can be seen that Xavier and Crystal are together again after she texts him. In that scene, the disappointment of Xavier is worth noting where we can clearly see that Xavier is not happy getting back with Crystal but I am getting a feeling that sooner or later Crystal’s is going to break because of Xavier. Honestly, the first few minutes at the beginning of episode messed up the whole plot. If I have to find silver linings in between darkest clouds then I would say that it was nice to ‘The Young Padawans’ reuniting again and of course KaiSeph scene.


I found that Seph and Kookai scene was little funnier but it was a cute moment because the way Seph confessed was unconventional but realistic because it is difficult for anyone to confess anyone with eye contact moreover if are on a video call individually face to face. Well, I thought we may get some emotional response from Kookai because of her feelings for Mico but her reaction was priceless (maybe she got over it). Actually, after a long time, I got to see such a cute couple. They are too sweet to watch. If I have to choose the cutest couple then I would choose Seph-Kookai as the cutest couple of the series rather than Xavier-Mico. As the series title stated, the series was full of heartbreaking scenes especially a scene where Mico went to purchase grocery but saw that Xavier is going on a date with Crystal, he feels disappointed. After that, Mico understood that know he lost all his chance to confess and regrets falling in love. If I have to blame someone specifically then I would say it is Mico’s fault because if Mico would have shown some courage then the situations might have been different. Though the final scenes of the episode were sad but I liked one scene where Mico compares love with the virus because I often hear these statements in many series like ‘love is a virus’ or ‘love is like a hurricane’, it means we never know when and where it may come and infect us. But I am sure that this series not going to have a sad ending because both Xavier and Mico love each other but are facing some difficulty for express their love. I feel that it’s okay for time being because it better to take time for confession and I believe in the next few episodes truth will come out and both Xavier and Mico will under each other feelings. I am also looking forward to Seph and Kookai officially declare that they are a couple. I am eagerly waiting to watch episode 7.

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