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My Opinion: The 10 Worst Actors of All Time

by Annie Kapur 3 years ago in celebrities
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There are many actors that you'd consider to be bad at their job or with a terrible filmography, though they've been acting for years and years. The problem I have with some actors is exactly this. One of the main issues is that some actors really don't get the concept and difficulty of actually acting and so, don't do a very good job at any given time. There are legendary actors like Daniel Day-Lewis and Leonardo DiCaprio; there are iconic actors like Robert Downey Jr. and Joaquin Phoenix; and there are action heroes like Keanu Reeves and Harrison Ford. Then, there are actors that just don't really do anything special. They either overact or they don't get it right at all.

For this list, we will only be including MALE actors, since I have already made a list of females. We will also only be including men that have acting as their primary job, so even though he wouldn't be on the damn list anyway, Eminem's role in 8 Mile does not count (though it is a very, very good acting piece).

10. Ryan Gosling

I don't dislike him as a human being but as an actor, he's pretty damn useless. His filmography isn't very impressive since he keeps playing the same character over and over again. To be honest, after La La Land, I think he would've done A Star is Born but he really doesn't have the same presence as Bradley Cooper on screen. The main problem I have with Ryan Gosling is that he isn't a serious actor—he's an actor who has pretty much got to where he is by doing the same boring thing over and over again. He's going to run out of steam someday.

9. Alec Baldwin

No matter how funny I think this guy is, and he is very funny, I will never be able to deny the fact that after years of acting, living in an acting-orientated family, and having such a push from his upbringing, he still hasn't managed to break the mould of anything. I'm pretty upset that I had to put him on the list because, if you were to look at his filmography—it includes the villain from The Cat in the Hat—this means he's going on the damn list.

8. Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens is one of the most boring actors out there at the moment for reasons only his filmography and range (or lack of) could explain. Most of what he does is the typical English roles like in Downton Abbey even though he was playing the typical rich English character, he was also perfectly forgettable as he was overshadowed by better actors. He was in Apostle most recently and basically tried to copy method for method, expression for expression, Daniel Radcliffe's performance in The Woman in Black—but it didn't work because unfortunately enough, Radcliffe is an okay actor and won't feature on this list. All in all, Stevens is boring—but this in no way means he's a totally useless person. His reading of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley was actually pretty alright.

7. Henry Cavill

Purely a personal addition. I do not think that Cavill is a bad person, my opinions have no reflection on his actual being—just his bad acting. Please do not get me mixed up. The reason I do not like Cavill's Superman is that it seems far too wooden and detached to actually be Superman. There's nothing "Super" about Superman anymore—I initially thought this was because of DC, but then I saw him in Mission Impossible and my fears were confirmed. He was bloody awful. His acting again was wooden and detached from the character, a lot of stuff was overacted, and it seemed like he didn't fit the role properly at all. From his range of acting and ability to act being so low, I could not help but put him on the list.

6. Ashton Kutcher

An all-round nice guy, you wouldn't expect Ashton Kutcher to be on this list because Dude, Where's My Car? and Punk'd still make you laugh to this day. The problem was when he started doing serious movies and tried the whole "Oscar-Bait Acting" thing. It went straight downhill. You know what I'm talking about—Jobs. That film was god awful and it was down to the wooden, bland, and character-less acting from Kutcher. It actually earned him a Razzie nomination so that should tell you exactly how hard everyone sighed in relief when the film was over. But, because Kutcher has proved that his serious acting isn't really there at all and he doesn't have the presence to be able to do it, I'm going to have to put him on this list.

5. Ben Affleck

Again, as with Cavill and Kutcher, this is in no way a reflection of their character—oh no, wait, yes it is. Proving to be unreliable in a role, doing over-the-top acting, and having a bad reputation have basically ruined the once squeaky clean, yet pathetic career of Ben Affleck. Now, don't get me wrong—he's alright, but I can't say that he'll be remembered for doing anything like his friend Matt Damon will. The problem with Ben Affleck mainly is his over-the-top, unbelievable acting style and his unreliable nature in a role. Alongside a lot of personal problems, he still has time to sort himself out. But for now, he's on the list.

4. Judd Apatow

He's not funny, he's not cool, he's not a good actor. Apatow is basically what you get when Adam Sandler gets unbearably bad. Judd Apatow has no range whatsoever and his "funny" streak he's been trying to perfect since the 1980s has run so low that you can tell that even he is getting bored of this. The problem I've always had with him is the question of what you're going to remember him for. His style of humour is done so much better by people like Andy Samberg—why would you bother with Apatow? You wouldn't. Apatow, it's time to step down and stop trying to stay relevant with your terrible jokes—you're not funny, you have no range, you're boring.

3. Hayden Christensen

Not many people can out bad-act Hayden Christensen. There's nothing in his acting—it's hollow and it's not exciting whatsoever. He's the only person in the world that can make Star Wars boring. Not only that but he's also managed to ruin the style of other films he's been in thanks to his boring, shallow acting. It's like he doesn't know what he's doing there and I blame him solely for the destruction of the Star Wars prequels. Not Jar Jar, not Natalie, I blame him and him alone. He made the main character the most boring thing on the screen and that is unforgivable.

2. Liam Neeson

Now I feel bad for putting him on the list because he is actually in my second favourite film of all time: Breakfast on Pluto. Unfortunately, apart from that, he's been pretty much a miss when it actually comes to doing any acting. He mainly plays the same role over and over again and I feel like he's wasting away doing it—even he's getting bored doing this. But, he knows there's nothing else he can do because he's either getting older or that he's been shoehorned into these roles by something. I feel like he's still carrying the weight of his dead wife, his comments about black people, and his various controversies over the years and this has made his acting tired and nothing like it was in Breakfast on Pluto. I'm sorry but I'm putting him on this list as a cry out that I want 2005 Liam Neeson back. I don't like this one.

1. Hugh Grant

This is totally a fully personal addition. Words cannot express how much I cannot stand Hugh Grant, which you feel is odd because of how much I love the film Cloud Atlas. He's not in it much so it doesn't count (and I swear he gets eaten by cannibals at some point so it's a win). I don't like Hugh Grant at all. His acting is cheesy, he has no range, his voice is unbearable, and if you ever want to torture me just stick on Notting Hill or anything where he has a prominent, heroic role. I have no idea why but just looking at this guy makes me feel sick. He is by far the worst actor I have ever seen in my life and I hope I don't have to look at him for longer than 5 seconds at a time across my lifetime.


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