'My Hero Academia': Season 4 Episode 8 Review

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Can we all appreciate Suneater?

'My Hero Academia': Season 4 Episode 8 Review
Yes he looks a little nervous, but you can see that little boost of confidence in his eyes!

It’s always great to get an episode highlighting an interesting character that we haven’t seen enough of. My Hero Academia focused on Tamaki, aka Suneater this week, and showed a lot of what drives him and what kind of person he is. In conclusion: Tamaki is sweet and loves his friends!

This episode was a great watch, both for the action and character development. My roommate, an avid Tamaki fan, could not stop gushing about how amazing Tamaki is the whole time, and it made for the best watching experience ever. It’s also perfect to have a Tamaki fan in your life, because they will help heap on the praise about all the love and respect he deserves. Needless to say, my apartment is a Tamaki-supportive household.

Tamaki has such a cool Quirk; he can manifest anything he eats. For example in this episode, we see him using octopus arms, bird talons, crab claws, and even ice. The plot of this episode sees him waving on the rest of the heroes on their mission while taking on three high ranking members of Overhaul’s gang. There’s a lot to unpack in this episode, because as awesome as the fighting was, the best parts delved into Tamaki’s history.

For starters, I need to appreciate the relationship between Fat Gum and Tamaki. All the pros and students doubted if they could leave Tamaki by himself to fight, but Fat Gum, his mentor, completely trusts Tamaki. He knows Tamaki has one of the strongest Quirks out of the heroes we’ve seen so far, but it’s his self-esteem that is lacking. Once Tamaki declares he can do it, Fat Gum has no reason to doubt his abilities and encourages him to have that confidence in himself. Yes to Fat Gum being the best mentor on the show!

Now, I want to talk about Mirio and Tamaki. Before I get too deep into it, I just want to say that little child Mirio was so darn cute, I had tears in my eyes. I. Love. Him.

To seriously look into it, Tamaki has always been nervous. He has massive anxiety about using his Quirk and showing it off. He struggled in class to excel, and he never wanted to show off anything because just the thought of not doing it perfectly sent him spiraling. This boy has massive anxiety, and you can’t help but want to give him a big hug and tell him he’s wonderful and that everything will be fine.

Luckily for him, he made a friend in Mirio. Mirio is everything Tamaki looks up to: he’s cheeful and inspires others to be as well. To compare it, it’s a little reminiscent of how Deku has looked up to All Might, but on a much smaller scale between classmates. Mirio approached Tamaki and was immediately excited to get to know Tamaki and his Quirk. The two grew up together, and we see a bit of this in this episode. It was done really well, and it shows just how close these two are.

The best part is easily when we find out how Tamaki got his hero name, Suneater. After being publicly embarrassed by not progressing with his Quirk, Tamaki walks home with Mirio and talks about how amazing his uplifting attitude is. Mirio’s responds by saying he’s the one who actually looks up to Tamaki. What Tamaki hasn’t realized about himself is that he’s really brave. He keeps attempting to improve his Quirk despite his anxiety, and that’s what drives Mirio. Tamaki calls Mirio “the sun” all the time, and Mirio says that if he’s the sun, then Tamaki is something better than the sun. He’s the Suneater.

I adored this. The moment did parallel All Might’s “You too can be a hero” moment to Deku is season 1, right down to the lighting of the scene. It shows the gravity of the moment for Tamaki, so when he breaks out and kicks ass, winning the battle, it’s one of the most exhilarating moments in the season so far. I’m super excited to see even more of him in the future, because his confidence is only growing. When he’s completely broken out of his shell (crab pun intended) he’s going to be one of the most powerful pro heroes ever, and he’ll be the hero that Mirio, Fat Gum, and even Kirishima know he is already.

Speaking of Kirishima…

Can I tell you how ecstatic I am for next week? Kirishima is a more recent addition to my top three students, right next to Mirio and Deku. I’ve heard he has an incredible arc this season, and he has a great backstory. I’m so ready to see this. Kirishima is awesome, and I always enjoy seeing side characters get more backstory. If this week was anything to go by, then Kirishima will have some compelling story as well. I’m already sad seeing him bloody and close to his breaking point, so while I’m excited, next week will definitely hurt me emotionally. Yay characters with traumatic experiences! I also see that Fat Gum looks like he’ll get knocked around next week, and I’m NOT ready for that. So two characters I really like are in trouble next week. What can possibly go wrong?

Sammi Curran
Sammi Curran
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