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'Man of Steel' Sequel

Casting the Villain

By Logan M. SnyderPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

Recent internet rumors claimed that Man of Steel 2 wouldn’t be happening and that Henry Cavill, the actor who’s been playing Superman in the DC universe since 2013’s Man of Steel, was stepping away from the role. That instead DC was focusing more on their female characters like Supergirl.

Thankfully Henry Cavill and his agent have denied these claims with Cavill posting the following video on his Instagram.

With Cavill coming back, I would like to talk about which of Superman’s many villains I’d like to see him go up against. If you count the recent Justice League movie, Superman has appeared in eight movies so far. The only villains he’s faced has been Lex Luthor, Doomsday, General Zod, the “Nuclear Man” in Quest for Peace, and a computer genius in Superman 3. When the Man of Steel sequel is released, I want a new villain we haven’t seen before. Some of my suggestions are listed below.

Mongul is the ruler of Warworld in the comics, an artificial planetary weapon. He can match Superman in physical strength. The problem with Mongul being Superman’s next villain is that if the fight takes place on Earth, cities would be destroyed like they were in Man of Steel with his fight against Zod. I would suggest the fight take place on Warworld. Setting this up would mean Mongul potentially kidnapping Lois Lane and Superman coming to save her alone or you introduce one or more of the Green Lanterns to join him in rescuing her.

Lobo is another villain who Superman could have a physical fight with, something that has been lacking in the majority of his films when Lex is the main villain. The difference between Lobo and Mongul though is that Lobo isn’t always a villain. Sometimes he’s more of an anti-hero. The story would be difficult if Lobo was the only villain and there wasn’t someone pulling the strings. Maybe have Lobo trying to capture Superman for someone else. At the end of the movie, whether or not Lobo succeeds in capturing Superman, they could reveal Brainiac was behind the whole thing and that would set up Brainiac as the next villain that either Superman faces alone or the Justice League teams up against.

If they wanted to bring back Lex Luthor, I’d go with Metallo as maybe his bodyguard. Give Superman a villain who has kryptonite in his chest that he can shoot at Superman and could actually beat Superman in a fight. During the movie Lex could be going around setting up the Injustice League, something he started at the end of the Justice League movie, with Metallo fighting off Superman every time he attempts to interfere. I would end it with Lex succeeding and the Injustice League preparing to take out the Justice League in the next film.

The Parasite is a villain who absorbs people’s energy and could feed on Superman and completely drain him just by touching him. Similar to the Lobo and Metallo scenarios I presented above, the Parasite would be best used as a pawn for a bigger villain, maybe someone trying to conquer Earth and they want Superman out of the picture.

A trickster from the 5th dimension, Mister Mxyzptlk would be best served if the DC universe wanted a from Superman movie where his villain wasn’t trying to conquer or destroy. He was instead just playing tricks on Superman or has riddles for him to solve. Or include him in an end credit scene that would be fun in a similar way as the race between Superman and the Flash at the end of the Justice League.

These are my suggestions for where they should take the Man of Steel Sequel when it is released. I’m tired of the same old Lex or General Zod, I’m ready for something new and refreshing.

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