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Luck Movie Review

by R. N. M. Haubrock 2 months ago in review / movie / entertainment
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First movie review just to shed some light on a film that's deserves more recognition, especially it being Skydance Media's first animated movie. Besides, who doesn't like movies? *Spoilers!

Today, I’m going to do something new: make a movie review! From a very young age, way before I discovered my love of books, I loved watching movies, especially those Disney classics. They had some kind of magic and wonder that could take you places you never thought you could go. That was until the woke mob crashed in and tried to destroy all the magic of filmmaking through their pathetic remakes to please their political propaganda. So with all that’s happening with Hollywood right now, I thought I take a look at a film that was made by one of the founding fathers of Pixar himself, John Lasseter.

For those who haven’t heard, John Lasseter was laid off from Disney for “sexual allegations” toward employees. After doing further research on the matter, it turned out that Mr. Lasseter was, as most people described him, as a jolly old bear who loved giving hugs to fans, celebrities, reporters, employees, and basically anyone he came across. Eventually, his employees got uncomfortable with the hugging and made their complaints to the company that eventually got him fired. Some reporters said otherwise that he was rude to female employees and was sexual harassing them. Either way, it got him dismissed from the House of Mouse. However, a year later he was hired at Skydance studios, the same company that brought the Star Trek remakes, the Mission Impossible franchise, and Top Gun: Maverick. According to my sources, the company wanted to join the animated rush train by having their own animated studio. But they had to either co-finance and sign multi-year partnerships with other big name companies since they weren’t ready to do so independently. There was also diversion to how they would flesh out their up-coming projects. And what better man to be the head of this animated studio and settle the flames than the guy who gave us Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, and Cars. Despite Mr. Lasseter’s apology for his behavior at Disney and promised Skydance to behave himself, the Twitter mob still found a way to criticize the company for hiring a man who “sexually assaulted” women. Either what Mr. Lasseter did was true or not, these guys don’t have the right to cyber-bully him for his past mistakes, especially if he’s trying to put it behind him and do better. The same goes for the Skydance company; it was their choice to hire him. However, I recently watched a video where an animation critic named ElectricDragon505 made a review of this movie and revealed some facts that I wasn’t aware of while doing my own research. It turned out that the movie’s plot was very different from what we got. He shows that the original plot was going to be about the two different lucks at war with each other until Mr. Lassester made last minute changes to fit his own view on the story. ElectricDragon505 even mentions that Mr. Lassester rarely showed up at meetings discussing the movie. When he did, he usually fell asleep and make the last minute changes on the last word he heard before drifting off. Pushing all this information aside, what we got from the currently ex-Disney employee is an animated film called, Luck. Might as well call him the new Don Bluth given how they both left the Disney company but with different reasons.

Luck is about an 18-year-old orphan named Sam (played by Eva Noblezada) who can’t seem to go one day without her bad luck messing everything up. But that all changes when she finds an actual lucky penny. She loses it, however, and finds that it was previously owned by a talking, Scottish black cat named Bob (Simon Pegg), who got it from the Land of Luck. It is then that Sam begins her journey to this magical place where she can hopefully turn her luck around.


The animation is beautiful but there are some scenes where it looks off but I’ll discuss that later. The Land of Luck is imaginatively creative of how everything works by luck. Even the Bad Luck World shares its creativity despite it mirroring the world of good luck. Almost makes me wish this was an actual theme park. It would be a total blast, especially playing with the gravity between the two worlds!

The characters themselves are not only relatable but fun to watch, especially Bob with his witty and sarcastic nature thanks to Simon Pegg’s brilliant voice acting. Also, it’s fun seeing him voice another Scottish character after the Star Trek remakes. Plus, he gets some character development after everyone learns that he kept a lucky penny for himself due to his own bad luck. Because of that, he learns how to benefit from bad luck and help others regardless of his own luck issues. I was a little worried that the main character, Sam, was going to be another bland, misunderstood girl that saves the day through her perfect nature. While she does have the typical Disney princess traits, she mostly reminded me of Judy Hopps from the movie, Zootopia. As both these characters have a sunny personality that no matter how many times they fall down, they always get back up with a strong determination to do what’s right as well as put others before themselves. Where Judy had to prove herself to be a police officer, Sam’s main goal is to help her friend, Hazel, who’s like a little sister, to get adopted by a family and not end up alone without a family like her. I have one nitpick on Sam but I’ll explain that in the con section. I also love how expressive she is, especially whenever her bad luck gets in the way. She also can be quite vulnerable, especially when she has to leave the orphanage to live on her own and regretting for being a burden to everyone she comes across due of her bad luck. The rest of the characters are pretty good as well; Gerry was down-right adorable as was Jeff with his love life despite giving off a certain vibe, the Dragon’s fear of bad luck is portrayed as germaphobia was pretty funny, the captain’s dry skepticism and the folk down in the Bad Luck realm are the best. Makes you wish you had these guys as your neighbors due to how friendly and lovable they are despite their disgusting features.

One of my favorite perks of the movie is how the creatures of both worlds play out due to their different cultural lucks. Such as black cats being unlucky in some areas while in Scotland they’re considered lucky. Although I wanted to see more creatures depicted through their different lucks in various countries, it was pretty cool to see them and how they aid in delivering either good or bad luck to the world.

Also, the Bad Luck creatures give out a good moral on how to counteract with bad luck as they have to deal with it every day. It’s a good lesson for kids that whenever you find something blocking your way, find a way around it. It adds that even though bad luck can bring out the worst in life, it brings people together to find the good luck. Almost like how the luck works in a yin and yang situation, which I personally like as I believe everything has balance to exist.


Going back on Sam, the only nitpick I have with her is that she’s totally selfless. That’s all fine and good, but other than that, she doesn’t have any other personalities other than her optimistic nature, her being clumsy at everything and her determination to do what’s right. I think her character would’ve worked if she just wanted the lucky penny for herself so she can finally have some good luck in her life and just used Hazel as an excuse to get what she wants. It also would’ve worked alongside Bob as they both realize that they should put aside their own needs to help others, despite how unlucky they are; therefore bringing together not only as friends but as a family.

The last minute climax and the so called “twist villain” wasn’t really necessary because it doesn’t even last that long. To be exact, it lasted 3 minutes and 30 seconds. I mean, the Dragon had a good reason for doing what she did but she can be persuaded that bad luck isn’t all bad less in five minutes, makes you wonder why bother keeping that scene in. I wouldn’t even call her a twist villain due to how quickly she switched sides. If the machines were falling apart due to the damage Sam and Bob had done, it would make sense. Maybe the climax would’ve been better if the both worlds of luck were rivals from the start and tried to eliminate each other until our heroes came in and said the both good and bad luck can co-exist. But hey, that’s just my opinion.

The lip-sync in the animation can be off at times but luckily, it doesn’t last long. In the climax, Sam somehow changes from her own clothes back to her leprechaun clothes borrowed by Gerry when visiting the Dragon. Then she switches back to her own when stopping the Dragon from putting the two good luck stones in the randomizer. Makes you wonder if Sam was changing due to the dramatic timing of the scenes.

What Could’ve Been

I believe the plot could’ve been better if it went with before Mr. Lassester came where the two worlds of luck were at war and it was effecting our world. It is then Sam got herself in the middle of the war while trying to find a lucky penny with the help of Bob. Then it could go with the final act where both Sam and Bob accidentally made it worse for the people of both good luck and bad luck where the leaders try to kill each other. It’s during this time that both our leads learn that they have to put aside their selfish needs and bring peace to both worlds before it wrecks havoc on Sam’s world.

Overall, I rather enjoyed this movie, especially with all the woke crap we’ve be given, this was a breath of fresh air. On a scale of one to five, I’m giving it three ⭐️⭐️⭐️. It has its flaws, but if you can look past the unneeded twist villain, lack of character development from our lead, and weird animated scenes, I think you’ll enjoy it just as much as I have with its creative world-building, fun characters and good moral for both kids and adults. Plus, this is the very first animated movie from Skydance studios and even though this isn’t the best film, it’s still a good start for the company to learn from and create better movies.

Speaking of which, if you want to watch this movie, you can find it on Apple TV where you can have a 7-day trail or get the membership for $4.99 a month. If you’re curious on where I found my sources on the John Lasseter case, you can find the links here to see for yourself. If you also want to see ElectricDragon505’s video where I found more about the John Lasseter case and see what he thinks of the movie, you can check that out down below as well. I wish you all a good one and stay tuned for the next review if this one goes well.


About the author

R. N. M. Haubrock

Reanne Nicole Mackenzie Haubrock was born and raised in Arizona. She's an autistic young woman with a love for reading and writing. She currently resides with her family on their farm as she blogs for fun and writes new exciting stories.

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