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Lucifer: Why Charlotte AKA The Goddess wasn't the Villain in Season 2

by Michanda J about a year ago in tv

Season 2 Had No True Villain

So my obssession lately has been Lucifer and with the quarantine going on I’ve had nothing but time to binge watch the first and second season. I’m going to start the third season soon but there was just one topic I wanted to talk about before doing so. When Lucifer discovered that his mom escaped from Hell and was on the loose on earth. The godddess quickly became the main focus of the season but it didn’t take long for his mom to reappear. Now to be honest I expected some almighty powerful being ready to tear Lucifer apart out of revenge. Instead we got a goddess stuck in a human body whose only motive was to return home to her children. Now yes she did make mistakes along the way, and she manipulated her son. But in the end was the goddess really the villain of the season. After evaluating the first and second seasons I don’t believe that the Goddess was ever a villain of the show. I believe that just like Lucifer she was just misunderstood.

All the Goddess wanted was to return to Heaven and be with her children. Now yes she did harbor a lot of anger towards God for casting her out of Heaven and into Hell, but can you blame her. In reality she was just like every other wife out there when her husband ignored her to focus on other people. I mean that’s prioritizing others over your significant other is a no no for any standard relationship. Now that doesn’t mean she was right for handling things the way she did, but once again. She handled the situation the way anyone else would’ve instead of blaming your lover for going after the people they are focusing on. While some people would want to look down on her and demand better because she’s an almighty force. Well that just isn’t fair because just like humans the Celestial beings have feelings, and sometimes base their actions upon their feelings.

The main reason the Goddess wasn’t the villain is because she shared some of the same traits as her children. Let’s start with Amendial when we first meet him he is determined to get Lucifer to go back to hell, but when his little brother makes it clear. That he will do no such thing what Amendial does he begins to plot against his brother. He goes through great lengths using the people that Lucifer cares about to try find ways to manipulate his brother to going back. Like getting close to his therapist or constantly coaxing information out of Maze. When none of those things works he decides to try and kill his own brother to get him back to hell. This plan goes so far as to bring a human back to life just for that purpose.

Amendial does realize his wrongdoings at some point and helps clean up his mess, but it changes nothing. No one really needs a crash course on how Lucifer uses and manipulates people to get what he wants. His best friend Maze says it best herself; he has the tendency to be just like his parents sometimes. All the Goddess truly wanted in the end was to be with her family again. The whole storm the gates and take over thing was just her emotions talking. What really made things worse for her is the fact that she was betrayed by her two sons. Who in the beginning supported her and promised to not take her back to hell. Not only do they turn on her and decide that they can’t open the gates to Heaven, but they also decide to send her back to the one place. She was so terrified of can anyone really blame her for reacting the way she did?

I believe that in the end that’s why Lucifer did what he did. Not just so he could avoid the pain of killing his own mother. But he realized that in the end he let his emotions get the better of him and did his mother wrong. That he was hypocrite for trying to send her back to the place he escaped from and didn’t want to rule. The Goddess was never a true villain; she was just a misunderstood Celestial being that wanted happiness after literally escaping Hell.


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