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Life of the Party: a spoiler-free review.

Is it great, good, bad, awful?

By Moonlit Sky.Published 3 years ago 3 min read

Life of the Party, a 2018 film starring Melissa McCarthy, Matt Walsh, Molly Graham, and Maya Rudolph. Directed by Ben Falcon and written by both him and Melissa McCarthy.

Must admit, when I first saw the trailer for this movie, I didn't think it was going to be all that good. Better than Tammy, but not as good as Melissa McCarthy's other hits.

The trailer attempts to show the most interesting parts to attract an audience, and it doesn’t spoil anything unlike so very many trailers do these days.

If you don't already know, Life of the Party is about a woman in her 40's (I believe), who decides to go back to school and finish her degree after her husband divorces her. Alongside her daughter, who both enter their senior year of College, one not as excited as the other.

I won't go into much detail about this story itself as it has all the usual parts you'd expect. Sex, drugs, alcohol, the occasional class, very cute guys and girls (not going to lie, Jack is one hot piece of work in my opinion), and surprisingly well-done weirdness.

Of course, it also has the bitchy “new soon-to-be-wife” who gets together with the husband during his typical male mid-life crisis. I will give credit for her not being ridiculously young, though I suppose to pull off the role she would have to be “seasoned”. Not old but has lived long enough to have a plan.

I will say that, if you are at all like me, and maybe you're admittedly more sensitive than the next person. There are two scenes that don't necessarily involve anything bad, but if you know the real-life emotions and things that happen, are a hint triggering.

Actually, if basic drugs are offensive to you or triggering, once they go to “jazz night”, you may want to skip ahead until the next morning.

The first main scene that could be iffy for some. Is the 3rd classroom scene with a presentation of sorts, and the scene 59:52 minutes in that starts in a dark room with "the roommate" as she's mostly referred to.

I am the kind of person who is easily, and sometimes instantly triggered. And I’m not going to lie, this movie almost lost my interest during one of these scenes, however it worth the entire view.

And, when given the chance to do so, after a “trigger” (I only use air quotes for myself, not the movie) I can calm down quickly enough when I realize that nothing bad is going to happen and is this case, 1. I know it's acting, and B. she seems to be perfectly happy during one of them.

So, like previously mentioned, I wasn't sure how this movie was going to be, but after seeing the whole thing. It's worth a watch.

It is evenly paced, meaning right as you think it's getting a bit boring, something dramatic happens and the entertainment amps up again. It follows the "proper" story telling, even though that isn't a rule.

If nothing else, it is worth a watch for a few small 1-2-minute scenes alone, but you need to know the whole movie to understand them fully, so it balances itself out.

Just go watch it when you have a chance. It's laugh out loud funny which I know isn't as common as we'd like to pretend with "lol" having a dozen uses now. It's inspirational while remaining quite real, with just enough over the top-ness that it's entertaining all the way through. One of her hits, in my humble opinion.

And if you've read this all the way, thank you. :)


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