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Kyle, Lola, Theo and Summer all are headed for heartbreak on ‘Y&R’

The tension is growing and when everything hits the fan. all four lives will be changed forever,

By Cheryl E PrestonPublished 4 years ago 5 min read
Kyle and Theo may come to blows

The Young and the Restless writers are taking their time in bringing the saga of Kyle, Lola. Summer, and Theo to a conclusion. There are multiple ways this situation could play out and all four young people will experience heartbreak in each one. Their lives are so intertwined that personal, romantic, and employment situations will all be on the line.. Those on the periphery will also be affected by the fallout, so let’s take a look at each of the players and see what they have to gain or lose.


Jack’s son is the golden child and the heir apparent to Jabot Cosmetics. He loves Lola but he cannot break the connection he had with his childhood friend and first wife. ”Skyle” has been playing games with each other for years and Kyle took it to another level when he married Summer to ensure she would be Lola’s organ donor. If “Kola” remains intact, it will probably come at the expense of his relationship with Theo and eventually Summer. The new cousin may be exposed. for the jerk that he trulyis and Jack will be devastated that he did not see this coming. Things could also become heated between Dina’s grandsons and one of them may be physically hurt by the other.

Should Kyle decide he loves Summer, then naturally Lola will be heartbroken. If Theo becomes her night in shining armor this will bring a lot of pain to the entire Abbott family. Jabot will be deeply hurt if the new cousin has to be fired. There is also the chance that Theo might tell Jack and Lola the truth about Zoe which would cause addictions problems.


Ms. Newman has the most to lose because she knows Theo is after Lols. This places her in a damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation. If she reveals what her ex is up to, he can always deny it and Summer will look like the trouble maker that she used to be. Both Kyle and Lola could be angry if they find out later that she knew and did not warn them what Mr. Vanderway was planning. Summer will continue to pine away for Kyle if he remains with Lola but she will probably be willing to suffer in silence.

If Kyle chooses her then Summer may seem like a home wrecker and Mariah would never let her hear the end of it. She would have the man she loves but he would come with a price, the fact that Lola has to be hurt in the process and Summer would get all the blame from most everyone in Genoa City.


Mr. Vanderway is the new relation but remains the odd man out. He wants to get the best of his cousin without considering the consequences. Should he seduce Lola it might cost his job at Jabot and his friendship with Summer, who has been trying to keep her ex I check. Thro and Kyle might even come to blows and things could turn really ugly. Kyle would be shocked if Lola cheated with his cousin and he would be hurt Summer did not tell him what was taking place.

Theo has the least to lose and could always leave Genoa City, He would be giving up his new found family and if Zlola turns him down he would be dealing with a bruised ego. Theo has the opportunity to embrace all that comes with being Dina’s grandson but is willing to throw it away for another man’s wife. Although Summer loves Kyle, she would be absolutely livid if Theo hurt him by having an affair with his wife.


Mrs. Abbott is new to these mind games and has been trying to trust Theo. She had also been attempting to get Kyle to give his cousin a chsnce. Lola would be disappointed to find out Thei wants to break up get marriage and angry at Summet should she find out that Ms. Newman was aware of it all along. Lola’s heart would break if Kyle admits he wants to be with Summer and feel used by her rival who pretended to want to be friends.

Should Theo deducr his cousin’s wife, she would no doubt feel guilty for cheating on her spouse and ashamed of her actions. Her relationship with Abby and Jack would also be at risk, Modt fans of Thr Young and the Restless believe Kyle and Summer will get back together and Wednesday’s episode may have nudged the a little by closer. Summer have Kyle a photo she found of the two of them as children. “Skyle” went down memory lane ad if Jack and Lola were not in the room with them .

Who will mess up first?

Summer seems to be maturing and has stopped playing her childish games. Theo on the other hand is determined to break up “Kola” and is rubbing it in Summer’s face. This situation a time bomb waiting to explode only viewers don’t know who will detonate it. The chess pieces are all in place waiting for someone to make a move. Theo has not been around long and is filled with animosity. Lola and Summer both love Kyle and Jack's son is not yet sure what he really wants. Stay tuned to The Young and the Restless and find out who gets out in check and who will obtain checkmate.


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Cheryl is a widow who enjoys writing about current events, soap spoilers and baby boomer nostalgia. Tips are greatly appreciated.

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