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Kabzaa Movie Review: A Gangster Drama with Technical Hiccups

Kiccha Sudeepa and Shiva Rajkumar's Cameos Provide Relief in an Otherwise Lackluster Film

By SharmiansiPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Kabzaa Movie Review

The much-anticipated film Kabzaa, directed by R Chandru and starring Upendra and Shriya Saran, has hit the screens on March 17, 2023.

Kabzaa is a period action film that tells the story of a young Indian Air Force Officer, Arkeshwara, who enters the crime world and eventually becomes a kingpin.

The film boasts of an ensemble cast, including Kiccha Sudeepa and Shiva Rajkumar in crucial cameos. However, the film fails to deliver on several fronts and leaves the audience disappointed.

Kabzaa, starring Upendra in the lead role, is a Kannada language action drama that released in theaters recently.

Kabzaa, the latest Kannada language gangster movie starring Upendra, has hit the theaters, and the audience is eagerly waiting to see if it lives up to the hype.

In this Kabzaa movie review, we will take a closer look at the performances, direction, technical aspects, and the overall verdict of the movie.

The movie has generated a lot of buzz, thanks to its impressive trailer and the presence of Upendra, who is known for his charismatic on-screen persona. However, does the movie live up to its hype? Let's find out.

Storyline of Kabzaa Movie Review:

The movie Kabzaa revolves around Arkeshwara, an Indian Air Force Officer who is in love with Madhumathi, an affluent girl. However, a group of gangsters and politicians, who are craving power, is wreaking havoc in Amarapura.

When Arkeshwara tries to rescue his love interest, he gets embroiled in the crime world and becomes the new kingpin. The film follows his journey and how it changes his life.

Plot Summary:

Kabzaa revolves around the life of a gangster named Ravi Shankar (Upendra), who rises to become the most powerful don in the city.

He faces numerous challenges from his rivals and also has to deal with the consequences of his actions. The movie tries to showcase the rise and fall of a gangster and his relationships with the people around him.


Upendra delivers a decent performance as the lead character, but there is nothing new or fresh in his portrayal. The rest of the cast is forgettable, and none of them manage to leave an impression.

Director R Chandra fails to immerse the audience in the world he creates, with terrible dubbing quality and a mishmash of gangster movie tropes making the story difficult to follow.

The editing and background score bear a strong resemblance to the blockbuster KGF, making Kabzaa feel like a second-hand embarrassment.

The second half of the film is dominated by senseless mass action that exhausts the viewer, with an ending that indicates a sequel but fails to engage the audience.

Ravi Basrur's repetitive music and decent cinematography are not enough to salvage the film's technical shortcomings.

Kiccha Sudeep and Shiva Rajkumar make brief appearances, while Murali Sharma's non-sync performance and the rest of the cast's adequate but forgettable roles do little to elevate the film.

In summary, Kabzaa comes with a massive KGF movie hangover in style, making, background score, and editing, so much so that it looks like a poor man’s version of it.

While action movie lovers may find some entertainment in the film's larger-than-life persona, its technical hiccups make it an easily avoidable fare.


Kabzaa is directed by R. Chandru, who has previously directed movies like I Love You and Mylari. While he has tried to create a larger-than-life gangster flick, the movie falls flat due to the lack of engaging storytelling and a weak screenplay.

Technical Aspects of Kabzaa Movie Review:

The music and cinematography of Kabzaa are passable, but there is nothing that stands out. The action sequences are choreographed well, but they lack the impact that one would expect from a movie of this genre.

Final Verdict

Overall, Kabzaa is a dreary and tepid rehash of the popular KGF franchise. It fails to offer anything new or engaging and is a forgettable addition to the gangster movie genre.

If you are a die-hard Upendra fan, you may find some moments to enjoy, but for the rest of the audience, Kabzaa is a miss.


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