Is YouTuber Lillee Jean promoting pedophilia to underage fans?

Controversial beauty vlogger in hot water over livestream comments about much-older boyfriend

What is Lillee Jean thinking? (photo snapshot via Google Images. Video via Diane Awesomelaser YouTube channel)

YouTube vlogger Lillee Jean Trueman is no stranger to controversy. She is most notably known for allegedly purchasing most of her Instagram following, as well as some of her YouTube fans. If you've followed this internet celebrity at all over the past few months, you're probably well-aware of the antics of her and her momager Laur Trueman. From censoring bloggers and threatening people on social media, the mother-daughter-duo is quite a team -- such a team that it's hard to tell who's doing a better job of ruining Lillee's reputation. If you thought the follower-fiasco was bad, the latest news in Lillee Jean's saga is downright shocking. Now the young YouTuber is being accused of promoting child-adult romance to the few authentic fans that she has -- many of which are presumably underage.

In a recent livestream Lillee Jean Trueman answered questions from viewers, which is something she does frequently. In this particular stream, however, the young adult beauty vlogger admits that her boyfriend is much-older than she is. The boyfriend, who she calls Pheephy, is a supposed "French Diplomat," according to Lillee and her mother. It's not entirely known if this guy really exists, since there doesn't appear to be any proof of this man's existence anywhere online -- and especially since Lillee Jean and her mother have been caught fabricating personalities and accounts at least once or twice. However, in her livestream, the YouTuber claims that she's known her boyfriend since she was nine-years-old and he was 18-years-old -- already a legal adult before she was even old enough to enter puberty. She admitted that the two began dating when she was only 14-years-old, and he was 20-years-old. This, obviously, attracted criticism from some of her followers.

When Lillee Jean was called out on this disturbing revelation, she reacted explosively, and went on an on-video diatribe about the so-called values and qualities of young girls dating older men. She even went as far as to say that it's okay for older adult men to date underage girls "as long as the girl's parents allow it."

"Uh..No. Illegal is when you report it, and uhm, it's not consent. If your parents agree to it, it's fine." She stuttered through the livestream.

She also went on to say she doesn't see a problem with 17-years-olds dating 12-year-olds, and that there's a "fine line" on what makes a child-adult relationship legal. She implied that her mother has allowed her to be friends with this adult man since she was only nine-years-old, which has left some people outraged. Social media comments about this livestream is rife with accusations that Laur Trueman has allowed an adult man to groom her child for sex.

It's clear that Lillee Jean has certainly "stepped in it," this time with her comments. However, unlike the fake follower fiasco, these comments could get her mother and her boyfriend (if he exists) in criminal trouble. The legal definition of child grooming is the act of befriending a child (as an adult) to establish "an emotional connection" with the child, so that they are more likely to be easily-influenced. Adult men who groom young female children will often work on lowering their inhibitions through providing them with illicit substances or otherwise chipping-away at any sense of morals they may already have. Unfortunately for Lillee Jean, her mother has very publicly pushed her into the public spotlight since she was very young -- and old screenshots exist of the momager referring to Lillee as being "doll-like" when she was far younger, in the search of "modeling" gigs. This has only made the young YouTuber more readily accessible to older men on the internet, but it's not entirely known how exactly she met this particular man.

To be clear, child grooming in and of itself isn't a crime. However, child grooming can involve criminal acts, and can lead to criminal acts such as adult sex with a minor and other forms of child exploitation. In Lillee Jean's livestream she admitted that her relationship with her boyfriend is sexual, but she did not say when it became sexual in nature. However, she heatedly defended sexual relationships between adult men and female children by declaring, repeatedly, to her viewers that "it's okay as long as your parents allow it."

"My parents have a 15-year age difference, and it's not weird to us at all," she said in her video, defending her relationship.

Regardless of any of the past drama surrounding Lillee Jean and her mother, this no doubt takes the cake, and could ultimately lead to a criminal investigation if it continues getting this much attention. Currently, it's not known of police in New York (where Lillee and her family resides) are aware of these disturbing details.

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